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Always assume the best of people. But if a guy proves he's no good, then don't hesitate to give him what he deserves. By Adam Makos
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Don't worry," he said. "We fight our best when we're losing. By Adam Makos
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Of the twenty-eight thousand German fighter pilots to see combat in WWII, only twelve hundred survived the war. By Adam Makos
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The idea of faith is that you hope He's real. But faith beyond that is that you know He's real. And I now know that God is real. By Adam Makos
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Words can have all the power in the world or - none at all. That's up to you. By Adam Makos
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although quick to smile. By Adam Makos
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Its spinner was black and had a swirling white By Adam Makos
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Enemy flak is usually inaccurate...but when you start taking hits you'll have to call it accurate By Adam Makos
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Franz's father gave him a lesson. "Always do the right thing, even if no one sees it. By Adam Makos
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When someone calls you a 'nigger', then you feel sorry for him... You have to pity him because his mind has such a sorry way of expressing itself. By Adam Makos
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You fight by rules to keep your humanity By Adam Makos
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