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[On Nijinksy:] Ah, he took my breath away! The body that man had, the controlled power, the iron fragility. He was a note of music. He was dance! By Dagmar Godowsky
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Lazy people always work harder than anyone else; they're so eager to get through and lie down again. By Dagmar Godowsky
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[On Rachmaninoff:] He was the most Russian of them all, like a cathedral in the snow. Holy, wintry, infinite, he was all the Russias. By Dagmar Godowsky
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Too late! The two saddest words in any tongue. By Dagmar Godowsky
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[When asked how many husbands she'd had:] Two of my own, my dear, and several of my friends'. By Dagmar Godowsky
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I always loved being with older people. Now they're so difficult to find. By Dagmar Godowsky
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I've always burned my bridges before me. By Dagmar Godowsky
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