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Did you smell that? Banana I guess. By Adelaja Precious
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I'm a really huge fan of papaya juice. By Andy Milonakis
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I love any kind of candy. By Kris Allen
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The weakest kind of fruit drops earliest to the ground. By William Shakespeare
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(Health 5) Carrot By Lars Petersson
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Fruit free of any bruises, not yet broken open, / With flesh so firm and smooth, it cried out to be eaten! By Charles Baudelaire
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Cinnamon Treat Green Smoothie By Cressida Elias
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Jam! I love my jam. I've just had a batch of it come through, I've been making it. By Kate Moss
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An apple is an excellent thing until you have tried a peach. By George Du Maurier
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Fruit ... it's just God showing off. "Look at all the colours I know!" By Dylan Moran
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It was silly but incredibly sweet, these people spending so much energy trying to figure me out. The answer: I don't like cherries. By Gillian Flynn
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The evening sky was awash with peach, apricot, cream: tender little ice-cream clouds in a wide orange sky. By Philip Pullman
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It had a sort of mixed flavor of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy and hot buttered toast By Lewis Carroll
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My weakness is chocolate - especially butterscotch and nut varieties. By Twiggy
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If summer had a flavor, it was pink bubble gum. By Sarah Jio
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The best trees produce the sweetest fruits. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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The tree is known by his fruit. By Matthew Mcconaughey
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Permission to buy apricots and oranges from my own trees, the ones my great grandfather planted and i kept alive in drought and war By Michelle Cohen Corasanti
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I'm weird about fruity desserts like lemony, acidic, zesty ... I don't like lemon things and orange things, really. By Chrissy Teigen
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A crier of green sauce. By Francois Rabelais
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What is sweeter than lettered ease? By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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In the morning, I wake up and find a pomegranate on my doorstep: red and perfect, round as the world itself. By Katie Cotugno
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The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise By David Fairchild
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I'm a chai tea latte monster. Anything syrupy! By Suki Waterhouse
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Now, just after sundown, when all my work was over and I was on my way to my berth, it occurred to me that I should like an apple. By Robert Louis Stevenson
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American love - like coke in green glass bottles ... they don't make it anymore. By Alan Moore
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Blueberry Muffins By America's Test Kitchen
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The tree that God plants, no winde hurts it. By George Herbert
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Piragua - cold syrup trickled over crushed ice - her favorite treat from her childhood in Viejo San Juan. By Rick Riordan
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traditional British tea. By Michael Phillip Cash
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Mama Ganache chocolate By Kelsey Timmerman
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The first pale blossom of the unripened year. By Anna Letitia Barbauld
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The first peaches of spring - the first peaches! Buy, eat, purge your bowels of the poisons of winter! By Pearl S. Buck
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The comfort of browning butter and the excitement of lemon zest. By Sarah Addison Allen
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My guilty pleasure is sugar. By Behati Prinsloo
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Peaches. Talk to me. By Jaci Burton
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I like cashew nuts. By Domhnall Gleeson
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It was a clear, apple-green By L.m. Montgomery
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Fucking hell. She tastes like sweet peaches and sunshine. By Aria Cole
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Wine, one of the noblest cordials in nature. By John Wesley
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What wine goes with Captain Crunch? By George Carlin
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I eat almonds professionally, and I can't get enough of Yerbe Mate Cranberry Synergy Kombucha! By Tessa Thompson
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I mostly eat plant-based, so give me an avocado or something, even late at night, and I'll be happy. By Nikki Reed
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This is cherries, too. (looking again) I declare I believe that's the only one. By Susan Glaspell
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Blue Juneberry, tough diamond willow. By Louise Erdrich
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Avocados, it's a food that ain't worth injuring yourself for. If it's a hassle to get into, leave it to the experts. By Karl Pilkington
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Even the most bitter fruit may contain something sweet at it's core. By Cameron Dokey
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I try to drink a bottle of water a day, and I love Kiwi Strawberry Snapple. By Kendall Jenner
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Cotton candy. Like eating a cloud of diabetes. By Dana Gould
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Apples taste sweetest when they're going. By Seneca The Younger
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When I shop for fruit & melons I like to hold a grape next to a cantaloupe & think of Earth next to Jupiter. Then I eat Earth. By Neil Degrasse Tyson
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I am an apple, yet i taste like a grape... Im a grapple. By Kelly Young
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The flavors of the peach and the apricot are not lost from generation to generation. Neither are they transmitted by book learning. By Ezra Pound
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Honey Citrus Fruit Kabab By Lewis Carroll
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The craving for a delicate fruit is pleasanter than the fruit itself. By Johann Gottfried Herder
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A little Toffee Crunch, By Patrick Skene Catling
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Trees with strong roots bear delicious fruits. By Srinivas Shenoy
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I'm a sweet eater. I love lemon pie and sweet potato pie. By Claude Williams
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I happen to love coconut, particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish. By Marcus Samuelsson
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Who wants avocado? By Wendy Lustbader
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I like anything that's edible ... By Niall Horan
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I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet. By Jason Lee
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Summertime in the french countryside is the smell of ripening fig trees and the taste of wild blackberries. By Vicki Archer
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There is ripe fruit over your head. By Henry David Thoreau
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I'm really into Greek yogurt, fruit and almonds. Those are my 'go-to' snacks. By Taylor Schilling
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Taste of forbidden fruit, made all the more exciting By Andrzej Sapkowski
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What grape to keep its place in the sun, taught our ancestors to make wine? By Cyril Connolly
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If chocolate is the answer ... the question is irrelevant.unknown By Kim Knott
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A grapefruit is just a lemon that saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. By Oscar Wilde
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Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, Warren, my darling. By Patricia Briggs
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Figs that drip with honey, sugar blown into curls and flowers. By Erin Morgenstern
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Love of Chocolate By Nicholas Reardon
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Too bad I prefer caramel to toffee! By J.m. Witt
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I do not like sweets. But if I have to choose one, it has to be rasmalai. By Shreya Ghoshal
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Desserts. I ordered banoffee pie. By Marian Keyes
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I go for crunchy things - I like green beans, broccoli, asparagus, celery and carrots. I'm not a fruit eater, though. By Rico Rodriguez
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A whiff of fresh mintthat tastes like strawberry pie.Your kisses tempt me. By Richelle E. Goodrich
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Sometimes I try a Mai Tai. It's so fruity. It's a little embarrassing, but I like it. By J. Cole
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Lemony fresh victory shall be mine! By Jhonen Vasquez
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In an attempt at extroversion, she had worn a tunic with large slices of watermelon depicted on the front. What had she been thinking of? By Lorrie Moore
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The sweetest apples are eaten first. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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This is unexpected ... like squirt from aggressive grapefruit. By Earl Derr Biggers
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It's Kahlua, Sage. Packed with sugar and coffee flavor. By Richelle Mead
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Of all the things I love to taste, sweetest is the kiss of love. By William, Saroyan
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I don't like fruit but I'm vegetarian, so eat a lot of veggies. By Robin Gibb
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Is the acorn better than the oak which is its fullness and completion? By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Lemons, lemonade! It all depends who's squeezing! By Karen Faris
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Are the grapes bitter or sweet? You have to taste. By Marty Rubin
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The sweet-tart mango dribbled cool juices over her eager lips, while the plump cherries burst between her teeth. By Shveta Thakrar
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This last one is greener, it must be sweeter. By Nor Sanavongsay
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Dark chocolate-covered blueberries are my favorite sweet. By Robin Wright
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I like to peel it and share it with friends. You can spread the love with an orange. By Gina Rodriguez
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Gin and tonic," Christian says. "Hendricks if you have it or Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay. By E.l. James
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I like almonds as a snack - keeps your energy up but doesn't fill you up. By Ina Garten
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Aint nuttin' but a peanut. By Ronnie Coleman
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Beautiful December grapes, blue as plums, every grape a little skinful of sweet, tasteless water By Colette
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tree with a tall thin glass of minted ice tea and a By Denise Nicholas
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ginger ¼ teaspoon pumpkin By Candice Kumai
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An olive, with a pit ... By Victor Feguer
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Sweet cherry wine, so very fine, take it on down, pass it all around. By Tommy James
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