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his way back into me. By Kari Gregg
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The further back I look, the further forward I can see. By Winston Churchill
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Do you know what happens when you play a country song backwards? You get your wife back, your dog back and your job back. By Richard Belzer
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the strongest backs bear the heaviest burdens By Will Bly
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Now that my head has been removed from its weeklong vacation up my ass, By Emma Chase
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There is no gesture more devastating than the back turning away. By Rachel Simmons
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You've made love to my mind, now you gotta take me from behind. By Janet Jackson
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Always forwards, never backwards. By Erich Honecker
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To hell and back with you. By Cara Dee
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We're taking back the night By Karen Marie Moning
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Never admit that your back goes out more than you do By Joan Rivers
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I'll always come back to you. By Beth Revis
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I've got two backs, me - and I'm glad! Tits can be ... mwa, I know, but they're always in the bloody road. Even in bed. By Martin Amis
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I'm back, boys and girls! back from the pink padded couch palace! By Scott Mccloud
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They sayin I'm back, I agree with that. By Drake
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So you're back from outer space. By Gloria Gaynor
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Back of the sound broods the silence, back of the gift stands the giving;Back of the hand that receives thrill the sensitive nerves of receiving. By Richard Realf
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I would like a bit of me - that's how I put my back out! By Derren Brown
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If you're on your back, you're not on your feet! By Sylvia Day
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In backbends, one touches the body physically, mentally, intellectually, consciously and spiritually everywhere. By B.k.s. Iyengar
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My back is thick with scars for protesting my freedom. By Solomon Northup
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I will come back to you. And you will come back to me. Wait for me. By Glen Duncan
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No matter how you twist and turn, your ass is always in the back. By Andrew Sturm
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I'll go back and take what the people owe me. By Mike Tyson
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We see not our own backs. By Catullus
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Don't go backwards - you've already been there. By Ray Charles
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The way back will come but once. Be steadfast. By Robert Jordan
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The Bisy Backson is always going somewhere, somewhere he hasn't been. Anywhere but where he is. By Benjamin Hoff
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I returnedto confirmthere can be no return. By Anna Kamienska
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I'm working my way steadily back and I'm feeling good. By Lee Westwood
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They wanna see me pick back up, well where'd I leave it at? By Drake
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What up you guys, I'm back! By Jackson Lanzing
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back was much harder as the current was flowing at its fullest, By Tim Ebaugh
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I put the team on my back doh. By Greg Jennings
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Watch your back, but more importantly when you get out the shower, dry your back. Its a cold world out there. By Dj Khaled
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Backbends are to be felt more than expressed. The other postures can be expressed and then felt. Like in meditation each person has to feel backbends. By B.k.s. Iyengar
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Never say you're going back - SHOOT IT NOW! By Jay Maisel
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Go bring me back my daughter. By A.l. Jackson
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You've had our back more than once. We've got yours now. By Lara Adrian
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When I go forwards, you go backwards And somewhere we will meet By Thom Yorke
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The return is one of the hardest shots to make when you come back from injury. By Lindsay Davenport
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Get your ass ready. She's coming back. By Abbi Glines
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What I want back is what I was. By Sylvia Plath
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Take it back, Ed. Take it all back. By Daniel Handler
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If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but my own, By Cher
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(Back is the most-used button in Web browsers.) By Steve Krug
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Whom am I going to trust if I have to back again. By Kamisese Mara
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The justice I have received, I shall give back. By Patricia Highsmith
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I'm at an age when my back goes out more than I do. By Phyllis Diller
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Let's go back, back to the Beginning ... By Hilary Duff
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They're not coming back, By P.j. Night
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Again, I checked my rear. By Kathy Reichs
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Forward, always forward, everywhere forward. By Boniface Wimmer
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My back is too long or something because my ass is constantly hanging out. By Robert Pattinson
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truck. He backed By Mark T. Sullivan
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All the backs in the history of this game are the same when there isn't any hole to run through. By Bill Parcells
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Rangers are definitely on the back heel now By Archie Macpherson
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I'm never a believer in going back in anything. You move forward, so that's my whole mentality, you make moves to go forward not back. By Jay Sean
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Head up, chin up, shoulders back, remember the worrior queen By Rowan Coleman
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I sometimes forget a face, but I never forget a back. By Laurette Taylor
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What have you been doing to yourself? Your back is like concrete." That's not the only thing that's like concrete. By Katherine Lace
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Wish I could spin my world into reverse just to have you back again By David Guetta
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Get back on that bike. By Sarah Dessen
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An emotion: *pokes its head through the mountain of suppression I've buried it under*Me, beating it with a stick: Back! Back! By Unknown
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If you have a setback, Don't take a step back- Get ready for a comeback! By Tim Storey
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I hate that word. It's returna return to the millions of people who've never forgiven me for deserting the screen. By Billy Wilder
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Thank you for bringing me home. By Lara Adrian
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Like a wave on the ocean I will always come right back to you. By Hunter Hayes
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Karma comes back around. By Anonymous
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The back of my hand to guilt. By Patrick O'brian
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Brave hearts do not back down back off. By Sophocles
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I'll do whatever you want, whatever you need. Anything. Just take me back. By Sylvia Day
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Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. By J.b. Morton
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I will not be back after these messages By Merv Griffin
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At the same moment a cold chill traced a finger down the middle of my back. Sometimes things come back to you, that's all. Sometimes they come back. By Stephen King
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I'm broke and I'm back. By John Riggins
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In the back of your car I feel like I have traveled nowhere. By Sara Quin
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Hey, come back to me. By Alex Rosa
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Get back to where you once belonged, By John Lennon
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A Set Back is only a Set Up for a Come Up! By Antwan 'Ant' Bank$
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If you are in the same place today as you were yesterday, you are a backslider. By Smith Wigglesworth
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Make no mistake, my darling. I am coming for you. I will take you back. By Sanjida Kay
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reader is back in the By Daphne Du Maurier
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They are trying to take you back from me now, and they will - but only for a brief, little while - By Maryrose Wood
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And I look back. Alex By Lauren Oliver
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I can't," I said. "I threw my back out masturbating. By Chelsea Handler
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Before coming here I had a minor back problem and I thought whenever I play Pakistan I get a back problem. By Sachin Tendulkar
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Lord help me take the knife out of my back and not place it on my tongue. By Brenda Demoss Lanz
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Everyone back the fuck up! I am not that pretty! By Gerard Way
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I ain't looking back only forward. By Eminem
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Throw up whatever's making you sick, Darren," he said, "then get your behind back in here. By Darren Shan
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Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again just for to-night! By Elizabeth Chase Allen
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You can't go back; I can't go back either, but we can go on. By Christine Feehan
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I was proud of myself coming down that back-nine By Graeme Mcdowell
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We were dancing, lost in the godbeat and the thrash and the screamingTAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK! By Cory Doctorow
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Waitlet me back in!Waitlet me back out! By Lee Wardlaw
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Come back to me, Ava. By Jodi Ellen Malpas
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When you feel stuck in reverse, take a breath and let go. By Judith Orloff
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Who will you choose to have your back? By Bill Jensen
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If there's one thing I discovered since I came back from hiatus, it's that you can't go backwards. By Trey Anastasio
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