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Street towards Covent Garden. There was By Ben Aaronovitch
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Go where we may, rest where we will,Eternal London haunts us still. By Thomas Moore
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I'll never play at Wembley again, unless I play at Wembley again. By Kevin Keegan
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Hello - what hotel is this - ? By F Scott Fitzgerald
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Can it be the old devil's house? I've heard he has a house in North London. By G.k. Chesterton
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Shropshire, the fatlands of Gloucestershire, By Kate Atkinson
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This is Manchester, we do things differently here By Tony Wilson
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I don't feel like a Londoner. By Tom Stoppard
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Where are the rough brave Britons to be found With Hearts of Oak, so much of old renowned? By Bill Vaughan
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It never rains in Manchester, but it pours By Kevin Keegan
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England is the paradise of women, the purgatory of men, and the hell of horses. By John Florio
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If you're curious, London's an amazing place. By David Bailey
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London's like a black-browed brute that gets an unholy influence over you. By Robert Smythe Hichens
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Harrenhal must be held, though, and Baelor Butthole here is the man that Cersei chose to hold it. By George R R Martin
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Derby born and bred, mate. By Lauren Socha
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coming to Hollyhill to visit my By Ann H. Gabhart
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I was surprised we were playing in Manchester and have a referee from Greater Manchester. By Brendan Rodgers
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away from Clive. By Anthea Fraser
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London's where I was brought up. It's where my heart is and where I get my inspiration, By Alexander Mcqueen
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But I've been here in Wolverhampton for two days now and that's felt pretty eternal (though I can reveal that the Pizza Hut By David Nicholls
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Don't go on holiday to Blackpool, it's fucking horrible there. By Denise Mina
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Kingsport or feel at home there. Before By L.m. Montgomery
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Liverpool Football Club is the heartland of football folklore By Brendan Rodgers
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I love London. I'm a London fanatic. That's my city. By John Boyega
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There's only one London. That's it. We are what we are. By Craig Taylor
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I may have left Liverpool but the city and club will always be part of me. By Kenny Dalglish
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Liverpool people are famous for liking clothes and fashion; they are very social and lively people, and we know that they like clothes. By Vivienne Westwood
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We may not be in Manchester but we will always be united By Morris Gleitzman
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I live in dungarees, and I love denim - I wear denim shirts a lot. By Lily James
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Walsall have given City more than one anxious moment amongst many anxious moments By Denis Law
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Home I would go But that my doors are hateful to my eyes, Fill'd and damm'd up with gaping creditors, Watchful as fowlers when their game will spring. By Thomas Otway
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Shut the door, Wales. By Beau Brummell
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Both of the Villa scorers were born in Liverpool, as was the Villa manager, who was born in Birkenhead. By David Coleman
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Goldsboro, North Carolina. By John Feinstein
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In Oppley they're smart, and in Stouch they're smarmy, but Midwich folk are just plain barmy By John Wyndham
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In the papers this morning: 'Police closing in on Ian Holloway.' Sorry, it's 'Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.' By Alan Brazil
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I come from the bottom of the ladder. I'm from Norwich. Not many people seem to know about it. By Sam Claflin
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No more coals to Newcastle, no more Hoares to Paris. By George V
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Location: Amsterdam, Where Fire Is Called Vlam By Kristin Cashore
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I love Manchester. Everyone knows that - I have said it many times. Manchester is in my heart. By Cristiano Ronaldo
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The mongrel tongue of Slaver's Bay, an ugly blend of Old Ghiscari and High Valyrian. By Anonymous
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There grows in the North Country a certain kind of youth of whom it may be said that he is born to be a Londoner. By Arnold Bennett
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The countryside they By Karl Schroeder
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amassed at Wenden and, unless they By Peter Darman
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Very nice sort of place, Oxford, I should think, for people that like that sort of place. By George Bernard Shaw
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There's only two teams in Manchester. City and City reserves!" How right he was! By Dante Friend
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here you are in Bath, and By Jane Austen
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I don't know any Londoners 'cos I'm from Manchester. By Karl Pilkington
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I love London and British women. By Matthew Morrison
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Manchester has a certain reputation of being cool. By Alice Lowe
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So I'm still in my romantic stage with London, I love it as a place. By Christian Cooke
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And now the goals from Carrow Road, where the game finished 0-0. By Elton Welsby
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I come from south Wales. A place called Aberbargoed. By Luke Evans
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Doncaster will hit Villa with fire and broomstick. By John Gregory
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I spent most of my youth in Manchester, in clubs and football grounds and the Manchester Apollo. By John Simm
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Tottenham Court Road, and he left a tidy business By Arthur Conan Doyle
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Edinburgh House. He had heard that in its industrial heyday, Corby had had By Robert Galbraith
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The country life near Manchester I really love. By Ruud Van Nistelrooy
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I'm a London fanatic. That's my city. I love being from there, you don't appreciate it until you go out. By John Boyega
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The Houselands. Graveyard to the oneswho got locked out. A chill ran up London's spine. What the hellwere they doing? By Anna Silver
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Cresington Lane, There's an old public toilet with an old broken By Jason Hall
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You know what they say; if you're tired of London, you're tired of life. By Warren Ellis
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My family have been around Northumberland for five generations. By Kevin Whately
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One has not great hopes from Birmingham. I always say there is something direful in the sound. By Jane Austen
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Tyneside Ships of Steel, built by Iron Men, old skills now lost forever, hang your heads... and weep for them. By Joe Writeson
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There are stains on their knees, stains on their arses. Dirty Leeds. By David Peace
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A flat black bug, that is London. By Paul Verlaine
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Bite me, Rhys.''Where? By Michelle Rowen
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Certainly Manchester is the most wonderful city of modem times. By Benjamin Disraeli
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Real mature London,Thanks a lot By Cat Patrick
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Liverpool will always be special for me: my daughter was born here. By Luis Suarez
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Portsmouth are at Huddersfield, which is always away By Jimmy Greaves
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If I have to move on from Newcastle, hopefully it will be to somewhere else By Joe Kinnear
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I can't stand Liverpool. I can't stand the people. I can't stand anything to do with them. By Gary Neville
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I can't leave England. By Heather Mills
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London is one of the most enchanting places I've ever been on this planet. By Don Johnson
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London is mine and you fucked with that. Vault is going to pay for what it's done. By Nashoda Rose
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Is John Motson still wearing his shepherdskin coat? By Bobby Gould
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Once a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. By Samuel Johnson
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We like annoying people. It's a Manchester thing. It's a trait. We just like pissing people off. By Noel Gallagher
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Home will always be London. There's something unique about the British. It's about cheekiness. By Jaime Murray
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Remember the people in the back streets of Derby. By Arthur Christiansen
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To many, Heathrow in August is a paradigm of Hell. By Paul Johnson
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If you were in the Brondby dressing room right now, which of the Liverpool players would you be looking at? By Ray Stubbs
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Liverpool will be the most profitable investment I've ever made, By Tom Hicks
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Whose house is that, Constable? By Oscar Wilde
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London, from the architecture to the culture to the fashion to the accents, feels like it's a special place. By G-Eazy
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No one knows what it's like ... to be a dustbin ... in Shaftesbury ... with hooligans ... By Bill Hicks
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Yorkshire is so much part of me. By Susan Hill
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I know London very well. By Clemence Poesy
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Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge. By John Irving
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We must go to such towns as Bristol, York, and Norwich. By George Edmund Street
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This is the entranceTo the city of you... By Mark Doty
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The marvelous maturity of London! I would rather be dead in this town than preening my feathers in heaven. By Nicholas Monsarrat
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Paddles and floggers and whips, oh my! - Location 3816 By Sophie Oak
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It's only castles burning By Neil Young
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I am very fond indeed of it, and of all the dear old Shire; but I think I need a holiday. By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Tower of London, where they used to chop off your head if the king didn't like you. By Lauren Tarshis
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Manchester's got everything except a beach. By Ian Brown
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