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London; a nation, not a city. By Benjamin Disraeli
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The real middle class India that has always been looking for a voice that is its very own. I write about it because I belong to it. By Chetan Bhagat
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Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else. By Yash Chopra
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I was born in Nagpur and brought up in Ahmedabad, where my father had a small factory. By Ronit Roy
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India Lima Yankee By Teresa Mummert
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The city is full of terrible actors. That is what historians never say about Madras, it is filled with hams. By Manu Joseph
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Delhi means everything to me. This city has given me everything, and I love it. By Virat Kohli
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Delhi is my emotional home. I still dream of owning a home there. By Kabir Bedi
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The future of India lies in its villages By Mahatma Gandhi
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At the Konya bus station, By Vendela Vida
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Sardonic, seriocomic saga of the plight of India's poor. By Aravind Adiga
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If there is one city apart from Mumbai where I would love to settle down, it has to be Chennai. By Ashwin Sanghi
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London, that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained. By Arthur Conan Doyle
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We lived in Bombay and we lived in Mumbai and sometimes, I lived in both of them at the same time. By Suketu Mehta
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Growing up in Delhi, one gets addicted to pollution. By Karan Mahajan
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India is my motherland. By M. F. Husain
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I saw Krishnamurti speak one time. And I thought, I'm not going to live here. By Jules Shear
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Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life By Subhasis Das
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I loved being in Bombay. It was a pretty thrilling place to walk around and explore. By Dan Futterman
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Delhi was once a paradise, Where Love held sway and reigned; But its charm lies ravished now And only ruins remain. No By William Dalrymple
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Kolkata is the relatively unexplored part of India as far as Hindi films are concerned. By Sanjay Dutt
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I love the homely atmosphere of Indore and Bhopal. People here are very warm and affectionate. By Malaika Arora Khan
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We all know you went to India, By E. Lockhart
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Itterasshai. Go and come back safely. By Amanda Sun
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Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India. By Mark Twain
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The home of the homeless all over the earth. By Alfred Billings Street
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Above all, India is the land of religion. By Swami Vivekananda
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I was born in India - but never really lived there. By Aasif Mandvi
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At its starting point in India, the birthplace of races and religions, the womb of the world. By Jules Michelet
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I spent the first five years of my life in Punjab, India, and then moved to New York. By Waris Ahluwalia
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If I wanted, I could have ruled half of Bombay. By Dev Anand
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India's way is not Europe's. India is not Calcutta and Bombay. India lives in her seven hundred thousand villages. By Mahatma Gandhi
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More dreams are realised and extinguished in Bombay than any other place in India. By Gregory David Roberts
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Asia: Four little letters, three billion little people. By Stephen Colbert
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Living in a small town [in India] was like living in a glass house! By Mallika Nawal
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I will lay my bones by the Ganges that India might know there is one who cares. By Alexander Duff
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All wisdom does not reside in Delhi. By P. Chidambaram
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India is a reservoir of alternative interpretations of what the global is, and these ways of viewing the world need to be exposed. By Bruno Latour
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Whilst the Bihar calamity damages the body, the calamity brought about by untouchability corrodes the very soul. By Mahatma Gandhi
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I come from the small town of Sialkot in Pakistan. During pre-Partition, this town had the highest literacy rate among women. By Umera Ahmad
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Time spent in India has a extraordinary effect on one. It acts as a barrier that makes the rest of the world seem unreal. By Tahir Shah
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Let new India arise out of peasants' cottage, grasping the plough, out of huts, cobbler and sweeper. By Swami Vivekananda
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The patience of poverty. In rice fields, backs bent forever. Amazing, man outoxens the oxen and still smiles. The mystery of India, say Indologists. By Gunter Grass
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A city whose living immediacy is so urgent that when I am in it I lose all sense of the past. By Kenneth Tynan
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Dhaka the city of mosques has become the city of Hindu temples. By Delwar Hossain Sayeedi
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It's because Gandhi believed in villages and because the British ruled from the cities; therefore, Nehru thought of New Delhi as an un-Indian city. By Nandan Nilekani
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Wherever I go, as long as I get a hot vegetable dish, I am okay. If I am in Gujarat, I have Gujarati food. If it's Shillong, it's northeastern. By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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Bombay is a city where gossip is treated as a commodity. By Tahir Shah
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The city is recruited from the country. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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After macrobiotics, Zen, and channeling, the "poor Vanishing Indian" is once more the subject of "deep and meaningful conversation" in the high rises. By Mary Brave Bird
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This for me was home, and for the visitors, Kashmir". By Irfan Nabi
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Uncle Acton spent the whole of his working life in India, for the simple reason that he gave up work very young. By Rosemary Sutcliff
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Here, in impoverished northern India state of Bihar, near the Nepalese border, there's not much else available commercially-- except sex. By Nicholas D. Kristof
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I will always be a Hyderabadi. By Satya Nadella
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During the past few years North East India has emerged as one of the biggest destinations for child trafficking. By Kailash Satyarthi
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I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But I am an Indian first. And Mumbai belongs to all Indians. By Sachin Tendulkar
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I've been to India, and I never thought I'd go there. By Peter Uihlein
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But nothing in India is identifiable, the mere asking of a question causes it to disappear or to merge in something else. By E. M. Forster
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You can go and see the Katihar railway station. This is the most beautiful station in Bihar, even better than the Patna junction. By Tariq Anwar
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beautiful street in the Western world. By James Lee Burke
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The choking humidity makes amphibians of us all, in Bombay, breathing water in air; you learn to live with it, and you learn to like it, or you leave. By Gregory David Roberts
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Bengal is poor not because of lack of capital but lack of ideas and vision. By Debasish Mridha
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The Indian Territory Mission, By The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
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India, which is the nursery of the great faiths of the world By Leo Tolstoy
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outside the city. Fortunately for them, By Julien Ayotte
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India's soul lived in the villages. By Maloy Krishna Dhar
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I know I have a strong India connect. Is it Subhash Chandra Bose or my father who left my Austrian mother when I was one? - Catherine Khan By Tuhin A. Sinha
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Brooklyn, New York, and By Michael J. Tougias
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In England I am not English, in India I am not Indian. I am chained to the 1,000 square miles that is Trinidad; but I will evade that fate yet. By V.s. Naipaul
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London: A place you go to get bronchitis. By Fran Lebowitz
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Paris strikes the vulgar part of us infinitely the most, but to a thinking mind London is incomparably the most delightful subject for contemplation. By Samuel Rogers
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London darkens the map like England's bowel polyp. There is a whole country up here. By David Mitchell
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The extraordinary thing about India is that it's such a family place. It's full of families everywhere. By Danny Boyle
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India is a place where colour is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in. By Kiran Millwood Hargrave
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The film 'Slumdog Millionaire' portrays the spirit you feel in India. For those who haven't been there, the film says it all. By Lynda Resnick
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India is my kid sister. By Salman Rushdie
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London, how could one ever be tired of it? By Margaret Drabble
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Was born into a middle-class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras state. By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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New York, like London, seems to be a cloacina [toilet] of all the depravities of human nature. By Thomas Jefferson
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A boil on a man's neck is more important to him than 40 floods in India By Dale Carnegie
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Where Old India and New India collide making New India By Katherine Boo
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India is one vast prison with high walls of suppression clothing her mind and her body. By Mahatma Gandhi
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India is the one place in the world where a man can do as he pleases and nobody asks why; By Rudyard Kipling
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My ancestors are Rajputs from Jaipur, a lineage of the royal family. By Kangana Ranaut
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The culture of caring and giving permeates many Indian families. In their own way, they are engaged in philanthropic pursuits. By Kumar Mangalam Birla
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For true happiness, sane enjoyment, you must look to the country, not town. Only you want one true heart beside you with which to enjoy it! By Ellen Buckingham Mathews
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Though I am an MP from Maharashtra, my heart beats for Katihar. By Tariq Anwar
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This is the line of life, this is the line of growth, and this is the line of well-being in India - to follow the track of religion. By Swami Vivekananda
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India is such a hospitable country. By Daria Werbowy
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I was born in Faridabad and I spent a major part of my growing up years in Delhi before shifting to Mumbai. Delhi-NCR is still very special to me. By Sonu Nigam
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I am always fascinated by India. By Gary Ackerman
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Coming back after seven months in Indian villages, I saw the craziness of the Western By Walter Isaacson
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I'm dying to go to India. By Dylan Penn
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London's where I was brought up. It's where my heart is and where I get my inspiration, By Alexander Mcqueen
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When I die India will be found engraved on my heart. By Queen Mary
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In India, there are lots of places that I love, but my favourite is Kashmir. By Chiranjeevi
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I was born and raised in Essex, just outside London, to a financially comfortable, well-educated Pakistani family. By Maajid Nawaz
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The close proximity in which people lived in India was in stark contrast to my independent existence in America. By Padma Lakshmi
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... where mountains are sacred & where risk & death are constant companions- the Himalayas. By Bernadette Mcdonald
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Whenever I do something, it is rooted in the Indian opportunity. By Vijay Mallya
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