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The day was so wonderful that Bonaventure thought it would taste like cherry pie if he took a bite of it. By Rita Leganski
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Oh, sweet cherry tree-how lovely your blossoms are.Spring brings joy to life. By A.k. White
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Your life should always come with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. By A.d. Posey
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What a strange thing!to be alivebeneath cherry blossoms. By Kobayashi Issa
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I don't know why I love cherries and I love pickles. I eat about two or three Claussen pickles a day. Those are just things I snack on. By Monica Denise Brown
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Cherry trees will blossom every year; But I'll disappear for good, One of these days. By Philip Whalen
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Life is a bowl of cherries just make sure you spit out the pits By Dawson C. Walton
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From all these trees, in the salads, the soup, everywhere, cherry blossoms fall. By Matsuo Basho
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Oh, and I can do something really great with my tongue and a cherry stem. By J.r. Ward
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I never see that prettiest thing- A cherry bough gone white with Spring- But what I think, How gay 'twould be To hang me from a flowering tree. By Dorothy Parker
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Ah, if in this world there were no such thing as cherry blossoms, perhaps then in springtime our hearts would be at peace. By Ariwara No Narihira
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The sweet-tart mango dribbled cool juices over her eager lips, while the plump cherries burst between her teeth. By Shveta Thakrar
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Hey, I'll give you my banana for your cherry." Pete snorted. "I bet you will ... By Dawn Flemington
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Not many players get three cracks of the cherry. By Adrian Chiles
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The mangosteen, queen of the tropical fruit. By David Fairchild
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I am not plain, or average or - God forbid - vanilla. I am peanut butter rocky road with multicolored sprinkles, hot fudge and a cherry on top. By Wendy Mass
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I never think that I am the one who must see to it that cherries grow on stalks By C. G. Jung
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There is money to be made in the market place, but under the cherry tree there is rest. By Ruskin Bond
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I'm a Canada walnut ... WHAT?! By Megan Dicharry
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You always share a higher level of trust with someone who pops your cherry. By K.f. Breene
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If you want to find Cherry-Tree Lane all you have to do is ask the Policeman at the cross-roads. By P.l. Travers
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I'd like to divide myself in order to see, among these mountains, each and every flower of every cherry tree. By Saigyo
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O cricket from your cherry cryNo one would ever guessHow quickly you must die. By Matsuo Basho
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Red Delicious apples, whose misleading name is a travesty. By Randall Munroe
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I can't, guys," I said. "Tonight I'm making a cherry pie from scratch. By Holly Bourne
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However wildlythis year's cherry blossoms bloom,I'll see themwith the plum's scentfilling my heart. By Ono No Komachi
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In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger. By Kobayashi Issa
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You can't serve up hearts like cherries jubilee. By Leonard Bailey
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I've wanted you from the moment I saw you, Cherry. Yousay what you mean and don't filter it ... By Kristen Callihan
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A fusty nut with no kernel. By William Shakespeare
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She tasted like a Chateau Margaux, perfectly rounded, slightly plumy with an aftertaste of ripe berries. By Simon Okill
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What a night, I'm telling you. Odious. Odious with cherries on top. By Victor Lodato
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I'm so sorry I hurt you, chere. By Julie Ann Walker
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Alice ventured to taste it, and finding it very nice, (it had, in fact, a sort of mixed flavour of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, By Lewis Carroll
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Wheat-Thinned Slut Monkey. By R.s. Grey
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Marie Laurencin. By Stella Gibbons
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I've got to remember to ask her if she can tie a knot in a cherry with it, too. Not that it matters. I have no use for knotted cherries. But By Lauren Blakely
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Reunited with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, I am berry, berry happy to be back working with JELL-O. By Bill Cosby
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It had a sort of mixed flavor of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy and hot buttered toast By Lewis Carroll
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It would be lovely to sleep in a wild cherry-tree all white with bloom in the moonshine By L.m. Montgomery
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Beautiful December grapes, blue as plums, every grape a little skinful of sweet, tasteless water By Colette
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It begins and ends with Mackenzie. By Megan Keith
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tastes like berries." Swinging my way over to him on my By Lilliana Anderson
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You psychotic little Georgia Peach. By J.l. Langley
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An olive, with a pit ... By Victor Feguer
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If you were a tree, what kind would you be? By Barbara Walters
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Coach Hedge shouted, 'Let the movie star go, you big ugly cupcake! Or I'm gonna plant my hoof right up your ... By Rick Riordan
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You little fruitcake, you little fruitcake, I said you are a fruitcake. By Pete Stark
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Audiences in London called me the girl with the black cherry eyes. By Maureen O'hara
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Blue Juneberry, tough diamond willow. By Louise Erdrich
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When better cherries are not to be had,We needs must take the seeming best of bad. By Samuel Daniel
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Life is simple, it's either cherry red or midnight blue. By Lou Gramm
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I'll never turn down a red velvet cupcake. By Shay Mitchell
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Her one big cheat had been and always would be Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia; she simply could not see a world without it! By Julia Mills
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I like my fruitcake like I like my men. I like them to have tasty nuts, usually cum in a box, and last forever. By Mamrie Hart
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To be kissed, as never before, under the falling cherry blossoms, to bridge the gap between our breath. By Cheri Bauer
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Fucking hell. She tastes like sweet peaches and sunshine. By Aria Cole
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Cherry blossoms are more beautiful when the blood of the dead stains the flowers from grass below. By Arina Tanemura
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gin daisy, which By Erik Larson
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Inside the peach, there is a stone. By Margaret Atwood
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The greedy one gathered all the cherries, while the simple one tasted all the cherries in one. By Mark Nepo
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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, everybody loves them. But I thought this was interesting on the box, 'Konsult Kardiologist. By David Letterman
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Sugartown Sugartown Sugartown Sugartown. By Jim Lewis
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Cherk: a charming jerk. By Kim Culbertson
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I love you so fucking much, my naughty, sweet Plum. By Christina Lauren
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I'm not a fruity girl. I don't like licorice. I'm chocolate all the way. By Alysia Reiner
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cheek, the one so disfigured by that By Sandra Hill
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Mother's tits, Rhys, By Sarah J. Maas
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It's the grapefruit. By which I mean its the pink one.-Steven DeschainWizard and Glass (Dark Tower #4) By Stephen King
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I'm not a notch on a belt.""You could never be a notch, London Chantelle. You're the whole belt, sugar. By Elizabeth Safleur
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I am a grateful ... grapefruit. By Bjork
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There's nothing like a nice piece of hickory, By Clint Eastwood
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Blueberry Muffins By America's Test Kitchen
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It was always 'Cher', I never thought of myself as anything but 'Cher'. By Cher
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The blood of the guitar was Chuck Berry red. By Meat Loaf
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Bite me, faerie fruitcake. By Jim Butcher
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Red lips like a living, laughing rose. By Adela Florence Nicolson
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A first class professional nutcracker who might have done a job about a week ago; stolen some bells. By Philip Kerr
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George Jessel's newest pick-me-up which is receiving attention from the town's paragraphers is called a Bloody Mary: half tomato juice, half vodka. By Lucius Beebe
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Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut? By Jim Butcher
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The Box, shuck-face, the Box! By James Dashner
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Jenny? Just as I was considering By S.c. Stephens
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A teahouse amid the cherry blossoms, on the way to death. p136 By Donna Tartt
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The scent of sweet cherry had attracted hundreds of ants. They were crawling over it and into it, many drowning for their greed. By Clive Barker
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The ripest peach is highest on the tree. By James Whitcomb Riley
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In the city fields Contemplating cherry-trees ... Strangers are like friends By Kobayashi Issa
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Lips, like roses dropping myrrh. By George Sandys
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Sweet as cherries, bright as berries, light of my moony sky. By Catherynne M Valente
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Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground. By David Icke
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A lemon drop. They're a kind of Muggle sweet I'm rather fond of. By J.k. Rowling
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Hi, I'm Britney. I'm not wearing any socks...and I have the panties to match...What's your name? By Rachel Real
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What's a miffin?""Trippy muffin. By Abigail Roux
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Malory! You've got a chipmunk on your pussy! By Tamara Thorne
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I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs. By Joseph Addison
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StocktontoMalone By Hot Rod Hundley
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Rachel Bloom "Oh Hi Rocky! By Rocky Flintstone
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Bring on the fruitcakes, we want a fruitcake for an unlovable seat. By Matthew Parris
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There's two kind of cherries, and two kind of fairies, and two kind of mothers I'm told. By Merle Haggard
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