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A different spice is the most interesting thing to me. By Nobu Matsuhisa
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Is that Nutella and bacon? By Lisi Harrison
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Tobacco is the tomb of love. By Benjamin Disraeli
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But what is coffee, but a noxious berry, Born to keep used-up Londoners awake? By Charles Stuart Calverley
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My head is pounding. I wish the mints were aspirin. By Holly Black
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Anytime the perfume of orange and lemon groves wafts in the window; the human body has to feel suffused with a languorous well-being. By Frances Mayes
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Blackberry Smoke is the real deal! By Dierks Bentley
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Nose, nose, jolly red nose,And who gave thee that jolly red nose?Nutmegs and ginger, cinammon and cloves;And they gave me this jolly red nose. By Francis Beaumont
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A lemon drop. They're a kind of Muggle sweet I'm rather fond of. By J.k. Rowling
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She smelled like vanilla spice, or pumpkin pie, or something sweet yet sinful. By Genevieve Dewey
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Honey Citrus Fruit Kabab By Lewis Carroll
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Tobacco is my favorite vegetable. By Frank Zappa
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Aromatic plants bestow no spicy fragrance while they grow; but crush'd or trodden to the ground, diffuse their balmy sweets around. By Oliver Goldsmith
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I like Sultana cookies - they are so, so, so good. I think the best in the world. By Maud Welzen
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I do not like sweets. But if I have to choose one, it has to be rasmalai. By Shreya Ghoshal
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It had a sort of mixed flavor of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy and hot buttered toast By Lewis Carroll
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Kirmizi biber has a sweet aroma and can vary in spiciness. By Yotam Ottolenghi
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the silver pepper of the stars. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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The poison dart hidden in the raisin tart. ... By Christopher Paolini
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Vanilla, as a spice, is expensive, complex and fulfilling, and those who live that life are worthy of respect. By Lee Harrington
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I love garlic, and I use it often. By Eric Ripert
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The savor of the water mint rejoiceth the heart of men. By John Gerard
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I like pineapple. It's delightful. By Sarah Drew
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A whiff of fresh mintthat tastes like strawberry pie.Your kisses tempt me. By Richelle E. Goodrich
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Cherimoya, the most delicious fruit known to men. By Mark Twain
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smoking some exotic fairy weed. By Heather Killough-Walden
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French Vanilla," Kingsley said. "What's that?" "Vanilla with a strong libido and a taste for anal." "I can see that. By Tiffany Reisz
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What were you saying about the way I smell?" "It's like hot testosterone on a fuckin' cracker, sprinkled with cinnamon." ~Mariss By Tyffani Clark Kemp
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Fennel, which is the spice for Wednesdays, the day of averages, of middle-aged people ... Fennel ... smelling of changes to come. By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Licorice is the liver of candy. By Michael O'donoghue
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Of all the exotic aromas and experiences from my sojourn in Ethiopia, it's the frankincense I miss most. By Cathleen Falsani
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Use Starbucks mints for every occasion - they're the strongest By Natalie Portman
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If alcohol is queen, then tobacco is her consort. It's a fond companion for all occasions, a loyal friend through fair weather and foul. By Luis Bunuel
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She smelled of vanilla and strawberries. She tasted of mint. It sounds like fruit salad but the effect was sweet, innocent and fresh. By A.j. Adams
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the fragrant bunches of nettle and dried lavender overhead, dusty gold By Diana Gabaldon
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Honey and spice and all things dangerous are nice. By Jessica Shirvington
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Fresher than a pillow with a mint on it By Drake
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His voice was chipper. Cinnamon hated chipper. She wrapped Chipper up in duct tape, pounded nails into it and used it to beat the crap out of Perky. By Barbra Annino
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I just like Raisin Bran - it keeps me regular. By Gretchen Wilson
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Mama Ganache chocolate By Kelsey Timmerman
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Australia smelt of apples. Ripe, green, crisp apples. A smell so sharp and sweet it made my teeth tingle. By Andrea Levy
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Garlic is the catsup of intellectuals. By John Milner
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Childhood smells of perfume and brownies. By David Leavitt
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Sweet potato fries By Jamie Mcguire
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He smoked so much marijuana that his hair smelled like a cupboard crammed with oregano; By John Irving
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They ate dishes of orange rounds floating in a liqueur of their own juice and topped with cinnamon and pulverized cloves and almonds, By Hanya Yanagihara
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He who controls the spice controls the universe. By Frank Herbert
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A wood that smells of the sea. By Nina George
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Cotton candy. Like eating a cloud of diabetes. By Dana Gould
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Holy mother of Lord Cocoa Puffs By Lauren Oliver
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Dont believe the hype. It tastes like someone scraped off the bottom of a birdcage and stuck it on a piece of toast. By Darren Hayes
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The parsley sinking into the butter on a hot day, By Agatha Christie
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I'd like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again - but with white hair, By Carrie Fisher
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A scent of jasmine and a rasp of sand. By Jan Morris
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Bacon! Colt loved bacon. By Kindle Alexander
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Before dawn, the air smelled of lemons. By Luanne Rice
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The air smelled of box and mint and thyme and newly turned earth. Laura By Rosamunde Pilcher
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Of all smells, bread; of all tastes, salt. By George Herbert
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I'm a major breath person, so I always have gum, mints. By Allison Williams
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Quinoa and Banana Muffins By Vesela Tabakova
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You will no longer pick this sage that flavors your whole life. By Naomi Shihab Nye
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Red Delicious apples, whose misleading name is a travesty. By Randall Munroe
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I don't know if I'll find the cinnamon girl. I think I already did, but I'm still singing, who knows. By Neil Young
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Intensely craving a salad of green papaya with bird chilies that tore your mouth apart, that burned your lips, set fire to your heart. By Kim Thuy
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(Health 5) Carrot By Lars Petersson
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Does this smell like paprika or gunpowder to you? By William Ritter
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Rosewood has always been one of my favourite scents, as has the pink grapefruit and pepper we've also put in Homme. By David Beckham
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Chestnuts in stuffing tastes like someone chewed up a tree branch and then French-kissed it into your mouth. By Daniel Handler
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No scent is more sensual or more memorable to me than musk. By Narciso Rodriguez
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Sandalwood, tagara, lotus, jasmine - the fragrance of virtue is unrivalled by such kinds of perfume. By Gautama Buddha
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Whole Foods smells like the hippie I dated before Daniela - a tincture of fresh produce, ground coffee, and essential oils. The By Blake Crouch
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It smelt of coconut ice cream and sweat and the Mediterranean sea. I By Deborah Levy
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traditional British tea. By Michael Phillip Cash
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The fragrance of pine resin is frankincense poured out - a balm of stars and snow and moonlit nights By John Geddes
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I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon. By Ellen Degeneres
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Peppermint stimulates brain activity and makes you concentrate better. Put a little peppermint oil under your nose or in a candle to get the benefits. By Eric Duck
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Ill smoke anything anybody gives me, Im not particular. By Peter Falk
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Thy breath is like the steame of apple-pyes. By Robert Greene
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The humble Cumulus humilis - never hurt a soul. By Gavin Pretor-Pinney
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If we breathe the scent of goodly grass, the fragrance of spices, the aroma of good fruits, we pronounce a blessing over the pleasure. By Shmuel Yosef Agnon
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Some things never leave a person: scent of the hair of one you love, the texture of persimmons, in your palm, the ripe weight. By Li-Young Lee
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Sugar is the new tobacco. By Cynthia Kenyon
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Raisinable, which By Jancis Robinson
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A little Toffee Crunch, By Patrick Skene Catling
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pickle juice on a cookie. By Julie Sternberg
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Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram; The marigold, that goes to bed wi' the sun, and with him rise weeping. By William Shakespeare
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Delicious Pumpkin Loaf By Ann Sullivan
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Ganja is part of my every process. By David Bienenstock
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Good God! I'm out of tobacco. By Eugenio Prados
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The dust of my dreams swim spiced incense smoke. By Cameron Conaway
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As for the garden of mint, the very smell of it alone recovers and refreshes our spirits, as the taste stirs up our appetite for meat. By Pliny The Elder
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I took a fresh pack of Luckies, a mint called Sen-Sen, my old man's Trojans. By Billy Joel
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This blessed gift of smoking! By H.g.wells
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I have a candle on the bus that smells like caramel brownie. I love anything that smells like food! By Carrie Underwood
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I'm a fastidious sort of fellow, fond of watermelon and buckbrush nuts. By Edward Abbey
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I know sage, wormwood, and hyssop, but I can't smell character unless it stinks. By Edward Dahlberg
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There's nothing like a nice piece of hickory, By Clint Eastwood
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Manuka honey is magic. By Shawn Mendes
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Balsam, which she had from a Bohemian and which has the miraculous By Alexandre Dumas
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