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God! I loove this city! By Herb Caen
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They were born in the city from people born elsewhere. By Dionne Brand
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A city whose living immediacy is so urgent that when I am in it I lose all sense of the past. By Kenneth Tynan
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New Orleans, city of roaches, city of decay, city of our family, and of happy, happy people. By Anne Rice
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Thriving metropolis. Home to dozens. By Patrick Rothfuss
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Some cities are women and must be loved; others are men and can only be admired or bargained with By Angela Carter
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The right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is a right to change ourselves by changing the city. By David Harvey
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The city knows you better than any living person because it has seen you when you are alone. By Colson Whitehead
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all the women in the city By J.c. Nelson
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Cities are an immense laboratory of trial and error, failure and success, in city building and city design. By Jane Jacobs
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The Composite City where all human potentials are spread out in a vast silent market. By William S. Burroughs
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Cities are just a physical manifestation of your interactions, our interactions, and the clustering and grouping of individuals. By Geoffrey West
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The city is a device for measuring time. By Don Delillo
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People of this world, look upon this city and see that you should not and cannot abandon this city and this people. By Ernst Reuter
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Blame the city I'm a product of it By Drake
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A city is simply a passel of people packed in a pot like pickles. By David Detzer
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This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again. By Alexander Mccall Smith
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The country is the world of the soul, the city is the world of bodies. By Baha'u'llah
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That underlay the city of Chicago. By Jim Butcher
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New York - that unnatural city where every one is an exile, none more so than the American By Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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A city should be built to give its inhabitants security and happiness By Clarence Stein
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New York is the last true city. By Toni Morrison
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This is the entranceTo the city of you... By Mark Doty
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How the city attracts all types and how the unwary must suffer from ignorance of its ways. By Cyprian Ekwensi
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Cities are platforms for sharing. By Lisa Gansky
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Cities don't change people. People don't even change people. We are who we are. By Hank Moody
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The city loves you when you're flying high and kicks you when you're down. By Sarah Jio
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My city too turnt up, Ill take a fine for that. By Masai Ujiri
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There is really one city for everyone just as there is one major love. By Dawn Powell
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A city is like a family portrait - you don't tear it up if you don't like your uncle's nose. By Jaime Lerner
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Brooklyn, New York, and By Michael J. Tougias
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The cool, grey city of love. By George Sterling
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A great city is that which has the greatest men and women. By Walt Whitman
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A city presents many different faces, and it is up to the traveller to assemble the proper composite. By David Levithan
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Good morning, the city says. Fuck you. By Marie-Helene Bertino
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The same things go on everywhere, whether you're from the city, the country or wherever. By Bubba Sparxxx
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a city that took more from them than it ever gave back By Anne-Marie Casey
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It's a strange city ... filled with things that are not obvious. By A.m. Homes
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Each one of us possesses in himself a separate and distinct city, a unique city, as we possess different aspects of the same person. By Anais Nin
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What is the city in which we sit here, but an aggregate of incongruous materials, which have obeyed the will of some man? By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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This city belongs to ghosts, to murderers, to sleepwalkers. Where are you, in what bed, in what dream? By Marguerite Yourcenar
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This is what a city is, bits and pieces that supplement each other and support each other. By Jane Jacobs
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The city of the future is a city that cares about its citizens and integrates its citizens. By Eduardo Paes
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[Los Angeles] the world's biggest third-class city ... By John D. Macdonald
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This is the city of disguises. By Jeanette Winterson
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Every city has a village in its heart. You will never understand the city, unless you first understand the village. By Gregory David Roberts
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To live in a city, one must be larger than one's environment or enjoy belonging to the crowd. By Louis L'amour
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I'm not fond of cities: the constant activity and swarms of people. By Joanne Harris
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City diversity represents accident and chaos. By Jane Jacobs
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A good city is like a good party - people stay longer than really necessary, because they are enjoying themselves, By Jan Gehl
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Once there was a city of women. By Louise Carey
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Every city is a living body. By Saint Augustine
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I use the city because it saves time, I don't have to do a lot of research on the setting. By Walter Wager
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This last month I have felt the burden of a city. Its great sorrow has pressed in on my soul. Its vice and sin have bowed me upon my knees in tears. By Oswald J. Smith
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To my city I'm the 2-3 By Drake
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I love New York City. By Li Na
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In all the cities of this yearI have longed for the other city. By Muriel Rukeyser
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I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets. By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Imagine having a city full of things that no other city had. By Bill Bryson
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Great cities are not static, they constantly change and take the world along with them. By Edward Glaeser
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I really don't like the city anymore. You get pushed and harassed and people grope you. It's too tumultuous. It's too crazy. By Maurice Sendak
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Toronto Sydney New Delhi By Jennifer Weiner
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The life of the city never lets you go, nor do you ever want it to. By Wallace Stevens
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The city was a hive from this height, the people and the yellow cabs moving about in the street below like pre-programmed insects. (Dark City Lights) By David Levien
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I've always lived in a city. By Ana Gasteyer
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Give me a map and I'll build you a city. By Michael Ondaatje
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Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life By Subhasis Das
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The only city people are those born so. By George Ade
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This is the city, and I am one of the citizens/Whatever interests the rest interests me By Walt Whitman
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When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it. By Hugh Newell Jacobsen
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The city is like a great house, and the house in its turn a small city. By Leon Battista Alberti
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I don't care much for the cities. By Boo Weekley
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This city is reward for all it will enable you to achieve and punishment for all the crimes it will force you to commit. By Colson Whitehead
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A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one. By Aristotle.
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You've lived in the city for a long time and need to feel that you have a hometown. By Gao Xingjian
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In the city, you're always looking around, observing everything. In some neighborhoods, your life can depend on it. The details change constantly. By Mark Bradford
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Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual. By Angela Carter
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Mumbai is not a city, it's life... By Subhasis Das
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THE CITY IS TOO REAL. By Patrick Bryant
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London, dirty little pool of life By Behramji Malabari
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Los Angeles: Seventy-two suburbs in search of a city. By Dorothy Parker
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New York City, city of exaggerations. Place of Herculean ascensions and perilous falls. By Kurt Wenzel
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Skyline reveals a city's purpose and character. Oxford had its dreaming spires; Manhattan its glittering towers; Edinburgh its eccentric spikes. By Alexander Mccall Smith
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Red sky at night, the city's alight. By Terry Pratchett
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You want each city to be different, not just see the same shopping malls and stores wherever you go. That's not healthy. By Greg Lake
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As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world. By Pearl S. Buck
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Big cities can have big hearts. By Mary Elise Monsell
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Cities are the crucible of civilization. By Geoffrey West
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New York City is my playground. By Bethenny Frankel
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It would be a nice place if you took all the people out of the city. By John Mcenroe
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Don't let the wicked city get you down. By Sylvia Plath
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A great American city is fighting for its life. By Marc Morial
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In the city, a lot of crime happens, a lot of violence happens from time to time. By Victor Cruz
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The best way to know a city is to eat it. By Scott Westerfeld
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New York City is my favorite city in the world. By Halston Sage
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The point of cities is multiplicity of choice. By Jane Jacobs
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Our guests have described a vast city spanning many stars, By Daniel P. Swenson
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Out here, you find out that the city fools you about how things really work. By Scott Westerfeld
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New York is not even a city, it's a congerie of rotten villages. By James M. Cain
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All the experience of the greatest city in the world could not withhold me. By Henry Williamson
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