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Desire is a beast that must be fed! By Eric Jerome Dickey
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Desire is craving enough to sacrifice for By Myles Munroe
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Desire inspires us to be our very best. By Lynn Cullen
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Desire is a tricky thing, the boiling of the body's wants, By Ada Limon
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Desire is the catalyst that enables a person with average ability to compete and win against others with more natural talent. By Zig Ziglar
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The desire that I may have no desirebis itself a desire. By R.n. Prasher
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Desire awakens only to things that are thought possible. By Rene Descartes
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Reason is no match for desire: when desire is purely and powerfully felt, it becomes a kind of reason of its own. By Eleanor Catton
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The desire that I may have no desire is itself a desire. By R.n. Prasher
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Desire, both the whispers and the shouts, is the map we have been given to find the only life worth living. By John Eldredge
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Desire is a powerful boat herding anchors and chains in the middle of the night. By Rosabetty Munoz
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Desire activates the potential that was coined within you. You cannot unleash your potential without stepping up your desire to succeed... By Assegid Habtewold
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Desire is proof of the availability ... By Robert Collier
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Desire should be allowed to roam freely. The range is endless . By Sameh Elsayed
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All desire springs from a lack, which it strives continually to fill. By Terry Eagleton
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Desire leaves us heartbroken; it wears us out. By Ellen Pompeo
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One must desire something to be alive By Margaret Deland
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Power seeking to manifest causes desire within you. By Wallace D. Wattles
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When desire dies,fear is born By Baltasar Gracian
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You need to find your OWN purpose. I cannot BUILD desire. By Jillian Michaels
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Desire creates havoc when it is the only thing between two people, or when it is what's missing. By Mignon Mclaughlin
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In youth we are plagued by desire; in later years, by the desire to feel desire. By Mignon Mclaughlin
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Desire is the strongest human emotion - desire for a hat, desire for a dress; that's what drives people to buy and want things. By Isabella Blow
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From whence cometh the pounding of desire if not from the depths of loneliness? By Martin Cosgrove
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The purpose of desire. It is for creation and destruction. It is the beginning and the end of a journey. Without desire, there is nothing. By Amish Tripathi
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Desire is the seed of potential. By Alaina Odessa
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Desire is a bonfire that burns with greater fury, asking for more fuel ... By Sathya Sai Baba
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If I had a desire, it would be to be free from desire. By Charles Manson
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Desire is the absurdity that holds open the infinity of possibility. By Wendy Farley
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Desire, Desire, Desire!!!Desire to love.Desire to seek.Desire to ask. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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DESIRE for money, and actually By Napoleon Hill
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Desire means the way to go out; desire is the path that leads you out. If your mind is still desiring, you cannot move within. By Rajneesh
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Wanting creates the space in which our highest aspirations come into being. By David Schnarch
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Desire is so much sweeter when you cant have it. By Ilsa J. Bick
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The remedy against want is to moderate your desires. By Saadi
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Need is the destiny of want. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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Pursuit of passion, By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Desire abides. It is all people have that stands proof against time. Everything else rots. By Charles Frazier
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Fictionally speaking, desire is the sugar in human food. By David Foster Wallace
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The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul ... By Solomon
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To understand desire, one needs language and flesh. By Sherry Turkle
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To have a desire means to have dependency. By Dada Bhagwan
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Desire is creation, is the magical element in that process. If there were an instrument by which to measure desire, one could foretell achievement. By Willa Cather
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Fear is the Fatal killer of Desire. By Zig Ziglar
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Desires must be simple and definite. They defeat their own purpose should they be too many, too confusing, or beyond a man's training to accomplish. By George S. Clason
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My desire turns to something heady and more sinister. Fear. By Marata Eros
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The power of desire is a divine.Desire to live by faith. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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There is something I have noticed about desire, that it opens the eyes and strikes them blind at the same time. By Jane Smiley
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Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. By Jim Rohn
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Desire creates the power. By Raymond Holliwell
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Desire turns us into ghosts By Octavio Paz
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Desire wills its perpetuation ad infinitum. By Susan Sontag
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Desire, said the Buddha, is the cause of suffering. But without desire, what delight? By Edward Abbey
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Desire doesn't want exposure, the light or the sun. Lust seeks darkness, a deep, secret heat, something buried, a treasure to find. By Selena Kitt
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Desire can't be sated, because if it is, the longing disappears and then we've failed, because desire is the state we seek. By Seth Godin
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Boredom: the desire for desires. By Leo Tolstoy
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Desire. You can't fight that; you can only fight yourself after it hits you ... By Vee Hoffman
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I have only the desire. Yet ultimately a desire is nothing but a crazy need. As By Jhumpa Lahiri
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Mad desire, when it has the most, longs for more By Ovid
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Desire is always followed by boredom. And only love can defeat boredom. Love with a capital L; we all dream of it. By Gregoire Delacourt
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Yearning wants mostly to perpetuate itself. By Mason Cooley
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Restriction generates yearning. You want what you cannot have. By Portia De Rossi
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Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creations. By Albert Einstein
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Our desires teach us who we are and who we want to become. Our desires shape our stories. By Christina Baldwin
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desires are not killed by fulfilling them By Hermann Hesse
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Hunger not to have, but to be By John Dewey
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Desire The Starting Point of All Achievement: the First Step Toward Riches By Napoleon Hill
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Reason has not tamed desire: it is as strong as ever. By Arthur Keith
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All human activity is prompted by desire. By Bertrand Russell
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Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite. By Mignon Mclaughlin
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Desire is the factor that determines what your definite purpose in life shall be. By Napoleon Hill
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Desires are but pain and torment, and enjoyment is sweet because it delivers us from them. By Giacomo Casanova
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Evolution leads the way through desire. By Deepak Chopra
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I never realised how powerful desire could be. It consumes every part of you, enhancing your senses by a million. By Colleen Hoover
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... Desire baffles knowledge and power. By Jean-Francois Lyotard
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Desire disappears as you become more and more aware. When awareness is one hundred percent, there is no desire at all. By Rajneesh
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It's hard to experience desire when you're weighted down by concern. By Esther Perel
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Our desires reveal us. They show us for who we really are. By Rick Riordan
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A burning desire is the greatest motivator of every human action. By Paul J. Meyer
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Within every desire is the mechanics of its fulfillment. By Deepak Chopra
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The essence of desire is to have no essential goal. Truly to desire, we must have recourse to people about us; we have to desire their desires. By Rene Girard
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Desire is the creator; desire is the destroyer. By Baba Hari Dass
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Our problem with desire is that we want too little. By C.s. Lewis
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God is my desire By Leo Tolstoy
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Wanting leads to more wanting. Desire has no end. By Nicola Yoon
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Desiring money kills desire. Money kills desire. By Andre Chamson
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Desire will in due time externalize itself as concrete fact. By Thomas Troward
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Desire is transformed into drive when a dream creates a passion for action By Robert Anthony
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Desire is boundless, and boundlessness frightens us. By Martha Roth
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Desire is the essence of a man. By Baruch Spinoza
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Desire, if it is to be trusted, is to be inspired by a holy vocabulary. By Jen Pollock Michel
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It's hard to feel desire when you don't feel desirable By Christine Feehan
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Desire can be as fragile as it is sudden. By Francoise Giroud
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Wants are never satiated. In fulfilling one desire, we neglect another. By Matt Tomerlin
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Paroxysms of pain and twinges of desire leach from universal sources. All human suffering buttons itself to the pang of wanting. By Kilroy J. Oldster
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For love and desire are not always as one By Cassandra Clare
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Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire. By Patti Smith
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without desire, there is only duty. By Amy Harmon
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Desire, especially strong desire (e.g., cravingness), frequently blocks our getting what we want. By David R. Hawkins
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Want, or desire, arises when you are not happy. Have you seen this? When you are very happy then there is contentment. Contentment means no want. By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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