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Give me a good clean death. By George R R Martin
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Death is going to die. By Philip Pullman
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Today he became a killer, or else a corpse. By Eoin Colfer
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Gone. Vanished. Nothing left. Nothing said. By Khaled Hosseini
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You're dead and you have to accept it. By Alice Sebold
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He died in the middle of our conversation. How rude ... By Hiromu Arakawa
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unfortunately passed By Jason Schappert
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I am Dead, but it's not so bad. I've learned to live with it. By Isaac Marion
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It was him or me. I chose me. But I feel dead too. By Veronica Roth
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It kills me sometimes, how people die. By Marcus Zusak
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Poor, darling fellow - he died of food. He was killed by the dinner table. By Diana Vreeland
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I died so I could live on. By Tina Lindegaard
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How Do You Live If Your Life Dies? By Samantha Towle
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the death cannot die By Hunk
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Dying is not dead. By George R R Martin
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Death's favorites don't die. By Holly Black
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Well, how did you die, then?" the old man finally asked. br>"Die?" Matthew threw back. "Are you crazy? I'm not dead. I'm just very late. By J. Tonzelli
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You're not dead. You're too goddamn annoying to be dead. By Lili St. Crow
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Things die. But they don't always stay dead. Believe me, I know. By Richelle Mead
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you're not dead-you're dormant. By Cheryl Nielsen
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I died. I died and someone made a clerical error and I am in Heaven. By Jim Butcher
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I had to go to Europe to tour and he died on the second day of the tour. By Percy Heath
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Probably she died. Consumption. Fever. Mountain lion. I don't know. By Nova Ren Suma
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Death makes sad stories of us all. By Tim Schafer
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Either he's dead or my watch has stopped. By Groucho Marx
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Death occurs in unexpected times. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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He had a dream and it shot him. By Mark Twain
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Matt died of a broken heart By Sarah Ockler
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I've just read that I am dead. Don't forget to delete me from your list of subscribers. By Rudyard Kipling
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Life simply blew through her. By Valeria Kogan
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Nothing really dies as long as it's not forgotten By L.j.smith
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Howlong did it take for a past to die? By Richard Matheson
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Unfortunately," Jessie said, "he caught a terminal case of death. By Craig Schaefer
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Anyhow, Molly died, in the way that all really good things die, fast and brutal and for no apparent reason. By David Wong
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I can't be 100 per cent sure about the whole death thing as I'm still here, By Josh Langley
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killed tonight, the one whose By Catherine Vale
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Death comes when memories are lost. By Hiroshi Yamamoto
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She cannot possibly be dead, people do not just die By John Green
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He is dead now, but he meant well. By George Carlin
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I have a piece of great and sad news to tell you: I am dead. By Jean Cocteau
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Life and Death took a break,weary from their burdensome role.Nobody lived or died that day. By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Bored .... nearly to death By Melissa Bank
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No one is dead as long as someone is still alive By John Green
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It doesn't matter that I can't remember the details any longer: death happened to her. Death happens to all of us. By Neil Gaiman
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Murdered. Michael had left a trail of bodies By Danielle Steel
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Boys like him didn't die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries. By Maggie Stiefvater
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He was deader than a shrunken head at a Hackey Sack festival. By Scott Adams
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Several fans around the world committed suicide. By Joe Williams
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Dead like slipped on a bar of soap or like Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead piping? By Nick Harkaway
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I suppose no one is truly dead when we go on loving them. By Jill Bialosky
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Soul rotted before my eyes. By Faith Hunter
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As the Self [Pure Soul], one never dies; it is only the beliefs that die. By Dada Bhagwan
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Dead. Supposedly Suicide. That's how they'll kill Michael too. Make it look like a suicide or an accident of some sort. By H.c. Deboard
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You'll have to ask him in the next life," said Sol tiredly. "He's dead. By Dan Simmons
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only dead 'cause of Ian or Esther Little By David Mitchell
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Everyone dies. It is how one lives that matters. By R.a. Salvatore
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R.I.P.Tom Conlon O'Rourke.Not Dead, just Sleeping. By Spike Milligan
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Dead. It sounds final but it's a word missing an ing. By Marlon James
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Deader than four o'clock. By Hunter Murphy
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There were so many different ways to die, and I just need to know which was his. By Jonathan Safran Foer
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And now he was dead, his soul fled down to the Sunless Country and his body lying cold in the cold mud, somewhere in the city's wake. By Philip Reeve
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She no longer existed. By Gustave Flaubert
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he had so long ceased to have any intercourse with the world, that he looked upon himself as dead. The By Alexandre Dumas
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She is dead, that is the way of mortals. But you are alive. So live By Neil Gaiman
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death had just shred a tear By Abbi Glines
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How many people have died for the Boy Who Lived? By John Tiffany
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Old habits died hard, but they died. By C.d. Reiss
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Curiosity killed the cat. By Eugene O'neill
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Everybody dies, Sally. The thing is to die well. By Tom Cruise
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I watched a man slowly ate to death. By Rose Wynters
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He has been dying for a very, very, very long time, and his span came to an end as all eras must. By Frances Hardinge
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There is no such thing as Death, really, you know, only Change. By Agatha Christie
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Everything that lived, died. By Leonard Pitts Jr.
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If they tell you that she died of sleeping pills you must know that she died of a wasting grief, of a slow bleeding at the soul. By Clifford Odets
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A person is really dead only when nobody thinks of him anymore. By Bertolt Brecht
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You live on. You never die. You live on in the hearts of people whose life you have impacted. By Manoj Arora
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She is dead. Almost certainly dead. Nearly conclusively dead. She is, at the very least, not answering her telephone. By Catherynne M Valente
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Guard your throats and hide your eyes. He's not dead, you fools. Legends never die. By A.g. Howard
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He meant to live. By George R R Martin
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My best girl is dead. By Red Smith
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I lived as best I could, and then I died. Be careful where you step: the grave is wide. By Michael R. Burch
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How could someone die so quick? By Lilly York
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How people die remains in the memory of those who live on By Cicely Saunders
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she recovered in hospital By Trevor Johnson
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Ros was dead.He had loved heroin more than it loved him. I was shocked beyond imagining; he was the first of my friends to fall. By Craig Ferguson
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Mistah Kurtz--he dead. By Joseph Conrad
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sister died of the dropsy which had long afflicted her." "That will be for a coroner to decide. By Arthur Conan Doyle
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They lived and laughed and loved and left. By James Joyce
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Birth was the death of him. By Samuel Beckett
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Better to rest in peace than rot in pieces By Bangambiki Habyarimana
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He was a dancer of death. By Richelle Mead
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She's dead, you stupid cat. She's dead. By Suzanne Collins
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Dying and dead are different words. By Maggie Stiefvater
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Life goes on. And so does death. By Michael L. Martin Jr.
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You're not dead.I'm not dead.Why? How?Dying wasn't on my list. By Alex Adams
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Was his death an essential stage in the continuation of his life? By Jonathan Safran Foer
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Death happened, and in the usual way it happens, and yet, not like anything else at all. By Hannah Kent
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Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure. By Albert Camus
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Then he half raised himself from the ground, threw his arms into the air, and fell forward in his side. He was dead. By Arthur Conan Doyle
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Of all the ways to lose a person, death is the kindest. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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