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Fashion breaks my heart. By Kanye West
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My disenchantment? Oh no, my dear, there are no disenchantments, merely progressions and styles of possession. To exist is to be spellbound. By Robert Coover
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I'm disappointed in you Tom Brady By Jerome Bettis
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But I ain't puttin' it in de street. Ah'm tellin' you.''Ah jus lak uh chicken. Chicken drink water, but he don't pee-pee. By Zora Neale Hurston
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The word dyting is not synonymous with the word useless By Mitch Albom
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This will not come again. Nor this. Nor this.... By Clive Barker
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remove the speck from your By Anonymous
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Aid my disillusionment, my friend! By Herman Melville
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Bitch don't kill my vibe. By Kendrick Lamar
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Don't bring negative to my door. By Maya Angelou
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Do Not Love the World By Anonymous
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nthing else bt everyone By Jeswant Gembali
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you come into my house, you disrespect my aestetic By Unknown
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Your days are numbered. By Anonymous
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Dyin' ain't much of a livin'. By Josey Wales
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just thinkin' a fine By Caroline Clemmons
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I don't love you anymore. Goodbye. By Patrick Marber
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I don't think I can do this anymore. By Simon Cowell
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oh shit it's shit By Stephen King
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Not my will, but thine, be done. By Anonymous
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Oh for the sweet humpin' love of Tink! ~ Jenks By Kim Harrison
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This. You. Are enough. By Michelle Hodkin
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World, you are beautifully drest. By William Brighty Rands
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Don't be hating on my peacock. It's just not right. - Kye By Krista Alasti
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kind of tough on you divin' and drinkin'. Got to By John Steinbeck
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You don't look so good. By Brenda Novak
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Tink's a Disney whore!- Jenks By Kim Harrison
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I'm not a huge fan of my work. By Tea Leoni
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Everyone knows a Wixen when we smell one. You smell the prettiest, a mixture of strawberries, sex and deceit. Dior should bottle it. By Beverley Price
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should know. Though By Dean Koontz
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Jade Dragon will go. By Richard Paul Evans
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You can't put this possum in a cage By George Jones
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You dig ok Pony Boy By S.e. Hinton
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Let this expiate! By Samuel Richardson
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Diddley dee I have got to pee By Chris Howard
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I foresee problems By Stephen King
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Taste is made of a thousand distastes By Paul Valery
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See me in that new thing, bums is gaggin By Nicki Minaj
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This is our story. By Jenny Han
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Death you are too familiar By Beth Havens
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Do not encourage my behaviour. By Carlos Mencia
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Why I oughta ... By The Three Stooges
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Its no longer in my dreams that I see u By Max Freesney Pierre
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Dis am life; some go up and some go down. By Malcolm Gladwell
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Uniden Homepatrol By Andrew Baze
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I find my familiarity with thee has bred contempt. By Miguel De Cervantes
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Wats yr typ?people who can spell By Laurie Halse Anderson
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Hey Susie Derkins, is that your face, or is a 'possum stuck in your collar? By Bill Watterson
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Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllldkfawawetwlcw Werrejq32rjklwfe Fuck. This. By Michelle Gable
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Quozz and yregg - makes me overwhelmingly sad, and By Anonymous
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This will never come again By Steve Hagen
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I honestly actually hate you. By Stylo Fantome
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I love youI know By George Lucas
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Fuck the begrudgers By Billy Connolly
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my parents Oedipal fakers By Lidia Yuknavitch
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I now prophesy that I will dismember my dismemberer. By Herman Melville
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I'm not impressed by your performance. By Georges St-Pierre
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Dear me no Dears, Sir ... By Aphra Behn
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I wanna DeYtH Banger in my hands... he to die! By Deyth Banger
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I wish I could love you less By Tahereh Mafi
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You should not have believ'd me, for virtue cannot soinoculate our old stock but we shall relish of it. I lov'd you not. By William Shakespeare
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I break our connection. By Tarryn Fisher
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Weep I cannot;But my heart bleeds. By William Shakespeare
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Morning without you is a dwindled dawn. By Emily Dickinson
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Dem. Tempt not too much the hatred of my spirit, For I am sick when I do look on you.212 Hel. And I am sick when I look not on you. By William Shakespeare
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Loving you no more,I just I can't I just can't be loving you no more,I love you more than I love myself By Drake
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I am not fond of disputation; I have no alternative. By Mencius
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this ain't nothin By Craig Morgan
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Done sayin I'm done playin By Drake
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The zoo cannot but disappoint. By John Berger
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i will post horrible memes if u dont stop now By Martin
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Welp I'm fucked, how am I meant to do that?! "Dilmore? By Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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My rhymes make niggas rebuild like water damage ... By Meyhem Lauren
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Time to carpe the hell out of this diem." Less By Alexandra Bracken
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Forgive what you do not approve & love me for this energetic exertion of my talent By William Blake
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You know it ain't no stoppin'All the doggs I'm droppin'It's Friday night, so everything is poppin. By Ice Cube
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I hate that mouse By Daniel Keyes
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I see so little of you these days; your presence is as rare as that of one's discarded mistress. By Charlie Chaplin
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Woord is but wynd; leff woord and tak the dede. By John Lydgate
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Get wise, youse guys! By Basil Wolverton
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Ain't fit for man nor beast By W.c. Fields
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Everything in the world displeases me: but, above all, my displeasure in everything displeases me. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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Dee De front and center girl. All hands on deck. Defcon 5. Huston we have problem! HELP!!! By Jessie Wolf
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Da.-Cole st. Clair By Maggie Stiefvater
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Here comes another By Hans Christian Andersen
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Hey guys, watch this. By Alexander St. Pierre
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Let me see no more of my harsh fate: this useless struggle. By Imre Madach
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Wit thou well that I will not live long after thy days. By Thomas Malory
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Hee that hath all can have no more By John Donne
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Forget notRegret notLive By Kim Holden
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Never repay hatered wit hatered, but with justice. By Paulo Coelho
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Oh, man. I'm shucked. I'm shucked for good. By James Dashner
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Don't you understand Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world! By J.m. Barrie
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Dihil is the Apache word for Dark. Cameron and By Roger P. Mills
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Dorcas, you already reek like a Marseilles cat house; don't wheedle Mike for more stinkum. By Robert A. Heinlein
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Even this shall pass away By Theodore Tilton
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This is for all the little Stingers By Mick Foley
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homie I'm graduated By Kanye West
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This is a game that you don't want to be in! By Triple H
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From here on in, I rag nobody By Mark Harris
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