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I need to devour you. By Emily Snow
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Eat this sweetish segment or spit it out. You are free. By Anthony Burgess
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Pre-Digested', that almost By E.r. Punshon
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Of course not, you silly bitch. You've been poisoned. By Donna Thorland
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I'll eat you up! By Maurice Sendak
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You don't spell it, son. You eat it. By John Hughes
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And I ate the cheesecake. By Jojo Moyes
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mashed into a casserole of wreckage that still smoked and burned. By Anonymous
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What have I eaten? Lies and smiles. By Sylvia Plath
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I didn't say EAT him! By Ransom Riggs
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The bishops eat from my hand. By Maurice Duplessis
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She bought a pretzel from a vendor and By Jill Alexander Essbaum
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Look you dead in the face Now tell me how good does it taste By Rick Ross
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Who Stole the Tarts? By Lewis Carroll
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I ate the evidence he'd been murdered. What Carl called "Kevin," I called dinner. By Jarod Kintz
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said. I gulped down some By Seth Andrew Jacob
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Dumped doesn't even begin to describe it. If you're going to use a trash metaphor, incinerated is more like it. By Rachel Cohn
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My heart has been stolen by you. By Yukiru Sugisaki
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Done to death by slanderous tongue By William Shakespeare
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Are you blind or bought? By George R R Martin
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I'm a big eater. By Michelle Kwan
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I am Ragnuk, and I am going to eat you now. By Courtney Allison Moulton
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The impossible happened. Your stomach is full. By Ashlan Thomas
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caughtoutedness. By Markus Zusak
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No thanks, I've already eaten. By Teresa Medeiros
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i swallowed the syllables of your nameand i was full. By Ava.
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I fainted ... and you ate my ass?You fed me my own ass? By Chuck Palahniuk
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I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti By Thomas Harris
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Good. I'm starving. By Suzanne Collins
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You fuck - you ate my cat! By Kendare Blake
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Who spit in your porridge? By Jodi Picoult
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she swallowed one of the cakes, By Lewis Carroll
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Gone, but not forgotten. By Phillip Margolin
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A nasty surprise in a sandwich By James Fenton
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Eat Eat said the sign By Allen Ginsberg
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Your cat ate my unicorn's breakfast. By Jen Calonita
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You put your dick in my lunch? By Christopher Moore
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Were you thinking about eating me? By Cassandra Clare
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I could fucking consume you By Christina Lauren
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Birds ate my face. By Chuck Palahniuk
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where did these people their food? i'm hungry. By Robert E. Howard
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I'm very, very questioned and cinnamoned out. By Julia Kent
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Read like a wolf eats. By Gary Paulsen
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I'm really glad my food comes murdered. By Patrice O'neal
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Eat it up asshole my vengeance will come.And you will bleed. By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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You gonna eat that? By Vincent Yanez
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Worms have crawled up your nose and eaten your wits. By George R R Martin
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It was a sh*t sandwich. By Kris Humphries
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ripped the paper By Leah Devlin
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They murdered him. By Robert Cormier
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What's gone is gone. By David Levithan
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He seemed to swallow the lie I fed him. I hope he's not still hungry. If he is, I'll give him the illusory dessert known as the American Dream. By Jarod Kintz
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You have completely invaded my soul and consumed my heart. By Melissa A. Hanson
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Be harvested. But By Brink Lindsey
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You could eat me. I'm terrified of you. By Wesley King
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Gone, but only until we get there By Jo Royston
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You have eaten a meal dangerously seasoned. [You have laid up a grief in store for yourself.] By Plautus
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Oh, her? She had raised a hand against us, and willingly entered our circle. We ate her. By Seanan Mcguire
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Umbed by disappointment and betrayal, like a child who had been awakened suddenly from a summer dream about christmas morning. By Armistead Maupin
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I am dying of hunger. By Klaus Kinski
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Can I have that last chicken sandwich? By Terry Pratchett
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...quickly, he was eaten by the shadows. By Cat Patrick
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How the fuck should I know if it's still good? Eat it. You get sick, it wasn't good. You people, you think I got microscopic fucking eyes. By Justin Halpern
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What nourishes me, destroys me By Christopher Marlowe
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I'll eat my head! By Charles Dickens
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She didn't want to eat, but I insisted. She had already By Richard Paul Evans
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I drank my liver out. By Larry Hagman
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I have been cut in two. By Anne Sexton
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What does a beautiful woman who's lost everything in a fire and who's currently asleep in my bed want as a snack? By Alexa Riley
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Today the man looked a bit . . . chewed. No, humans wouldn't say "chewed." Frazzled. Was that the human equivalent? By Anne Bishop
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Duh, I'm hungry and your wife ate everything in the fridge. By N K Pockett
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A noble hunger, long unsatisfied, met at last its proper food. By C.s. Lewis
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He'd been beaten to death with a loaf of bread. By Anonymous
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You must eat Anastasia By E.l. James
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If you don't like it, Eat me. By Rae Murphy
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There is no greater humiliation than hunger. By Vaddey Ratner
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banana. Soon the boys were eating pudding with sliced bananas on By Anne D. Mather
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There is a certain delicacy which in yielding conquers; and with a pitiful look makes one find cause to crave help one's self. By Philip Sidney
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Never in my life had I seen such a slim nothing of a figure eat like such a terror. By Haruki Murakami
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Lets go eat a God damn snack By Rex Ryan
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Someone said to me, "How's your rabbit food?" I said, "Fine." ... "How's your vulture food?" By Doug Graham
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You taste like ass. By Simon Holt
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The poor morsel of food only whetted desire. By Mark Twain
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Please,' she said, 'You're so beautiful. You may eat me if you like. I'd rather be eaten by you than fed by anyone else. By C.s. Lewis
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I've become saucy. By Emma Bunton
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She ate like a polite wolf. By Elizabeth Kostova
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The stomach does not reveal what it ate By Ikechukwu Joseph
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Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you any more. By Franz Kafka
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Hate eats the hater the way ogres eat little boys. By David Mitchell
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I love food, man! If it doesn't eat me first, I'll pretty much eat it. By Freddie Prinze Jr.
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No more kisses for you, until you have eaten ! By Suzanne Collins
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Eating people is wrong. By Michael Flanders
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A hungry stomach cannot hear. By Jean De La Fontaine
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She felt disgusting and used and like she could never trust anyone ever again, and the last thing she wanted was food. By Cecelia Ahern
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If people don't wish to be eaten then they shouldn't taste so nice By Amy Mah
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died. But he couldn't take the By Sandra Brown
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We had a delicious dinner of too much. By Lady Bird Johnson
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I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Oh. Sorry, G. Not you, of course. By Cynthia Hand
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Look at the woebegone walk of him. Eaten a bad egg. Poached eyes on ghost. By James Joyce
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You've lost your muchness. By Lewis Carroll
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