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Ones oldest friend is the best. By Plautus
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This was the most emotional title of my career. I was the youngest champion, and now I'm the oldest. By Kelly Slater
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The youngest child in any family is always a jokemaker, because a joke is the only way he can enter into an adult conversation. By Kurt Vonnegut
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Besides me, Pigpen is the youngest guy in here and then there's Eli. By Katie Mcgarry
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I am not afraid; for though I am the youngest, I'm the tallest. By Jane Austen
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I'm a third generation superstar. By Randy Orton
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I was the eldest child, so I know how it feels to have attention shared with a sibling. By Suriya
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I've always thought young. By Bill Raftery
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The Elder is called Dee, first-born, of the Yarbrough lineage, whose landname is VaWaco. By Mary Doria Russell
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? By Lauren Bradshaw
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Fourth. Henry, Prince of Wales, By William Shakespeare
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third or fourth. By James Patterson
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I'm the worst at favourites! I don't have one - I love all my children, I love them all equally. By David Longstreth
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Although the last, not least. By William Shakespeare
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Whether I am the younger son or the elder son, God's only desire is to bring me home. By Henri J.m. Nouwen
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Second isthe first of the losers. By Enzo Ferrari
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oldest of all forms By David Mccullough
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Tirza, his youngest daughter, the one who turned out best. Turned out wonderfully, both inside and out. By Arnon Grunberg
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I've been second my whole life, By Kevin Durant
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The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand. By William Shakespeare
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Children, to be illustrious is sad. By Howard Nemerov
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Julian of Norwich, By Louise Penny
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The young remember most deeply By Dan Simmons
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Oh!" said Lydia stoutly, "I am not afraid; for though I am the youngest, I'm the tallest." The rest of the evening was spent in conjecturing By Jane Austen
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Latter youngster,learn much faster. By Toba Beta
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Wendy came first, then John, then Michael. By J.m. Barrie
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A son for a son, heh. But that's a grandson ... and he never was much use. Walder Frey By George R R Martin
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It is the firstborn's burden to unravel the knots that younger brothers make. By Wally Lamb
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The first is last, and the last is first. By Joanna Southcott
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The first-born in every family is always dreaming for an imaginary older brother or sister who will look out for them. By Bill Cosby
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Third child in that suburban dream of his, now at the front By Liane Moriarty
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But there's nothing like your first {child}. They grow up so fast. By Garth Stein
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26My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways, By Anonymous
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To the best of my knowledge, my youngest reader is 10 and the oldest is 95. By Gail Carriger
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I don't have any children; I have four middle-aged people. By Dick Van Dyke
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He who is last had best laugh. By Gore Vidal
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Or sweetest Shakespeare, Fancy's child! By John Milton
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I'm an only child. By Jenna Morasca
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But fathers always thought their youngest daughters were rather special By Rona Jaffe
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I guess there was some Casper guy, like, 10 generations ago who I'm named after. I'm the 11th. My son is Casper the XII. By Casper Van Dien
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Bill Cosby 18th. By Jonny Fox
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The oldest of the arts and the youngest of the professions. By Derek Bok
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He is a writer for the ages, the ages of four to eight. By Dorothy Parker
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Sorrow is held the eldest child of sin. By John Webster
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Woman has 3 ages: Youth, Second Youth and Everlasting Youth. By Lara Biyuts
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My father had a small Estate in Nottinghamshire; I was the Third of five Sons. By Jonathan Swift
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He felt old at eleven. Amy By Gordon Korman
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The longest tenured First LOVE and Greatest TEACHER, in-fact life long, is none the other, but Mother. By Vikrmn
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Sweetest baby ever," my mother said with a sigh."You mean second sweetest, right?" I corrected. By Richelle Mead
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The first doesn't necessarily the last, but it will always be the first, and that's special. Firsts are special. By Jenny Han
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The first shall be last and the last shall be first, By Killah Priest
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Delwyth, Bethan, and Eira be their names - I midwifed each one, same year. By Lois Lowry
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What do the only children do? By Ann Patchett
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Her old Grannie and subject must be the first to kiss her hand. By Queen Mary
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Even the youngest of us may be wrong sometimes. By George Bernard Shaw
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I was the seventh of nine children. When you come from that far down you have to struggle to survive. By Robert Kennedy
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King Chase Charming is the second oldest and is married to Queen Sleeping Beauty, By Chris Colfer
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I kan noght parfitly my Paternoster as the preest it syngeth,But I kan rymes of Robyn Hood and Randolf Erl of Chestre. By William Langland
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The Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in History! By Randy Orton
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Of everyone on this ship, even the frozen bodies of my parents, Elder's the only one who handed me truth and waited for me to accept it. By Beth Revis
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I'm an only child, so I don't even have nieces or nephews. By Charlie Rose
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As my mum still candidly says, I was the runt of the litter. By Nick Moran
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an only child, and her parents By Kristin Miller
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I the heir of all the ages, in the foremost files of time. By Alfred Lord Tennyson
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I'm not only the best-known daredevil on the face of the earth, I'm the oldest. By Evel Knievel
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The oldest sibling always knows things that the younger ones don't. By Mike Mills
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He marries best who puts it off until it is too late. By H.l. Mencken
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An only child is never twelve. By Enid Bagnold
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One thing that I can't avoid the fact, because I am Thaksin's youngest sister. By Yingluck Shinawatra
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If my life has got a book, I will write a word 'Super Junior' the biggest in it. By Eunhyuk
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The Best of you, are those who are the Best to their families. By Anonymous
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I have two grandchildren. By Gloria Allred
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No one in the world loved you quite the way a younger sibling did. By Laura Lippman
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I don't know much about only children. I was the middle one of three, and if ever I was alone with mum and dad, it was a rare moment. By Elizabeth Hurley
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First is first. That's the way I was brought up. Second or third are nowhere. By Alan Shearer
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Your firstborn son, Claudius, was all a man could hope for - a son better and wiser than his father. By Pierce Brown
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He was thiryt-one now, not too old, but old enough to be lonely. By Nicholas Sparks
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The son of two archeologists By Angelo Tropea
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When I was born, I was betrothed to the prince in the Immortal court. I am an Elder, a Keeper if you want to be completely accurate. By Stormy Smith
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I was the classic middle child in some ways, the one who could have been a priest in an alternate universe. By Chiwetel Ejiofor
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the vicar. "Hath this child already By M.l. Stedman
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Your daughter, your sister. She is salt to the sea, By Ruta Sepetys
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First love belongs to the young. By Chloe Thurlow
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I come from the highest class of all. I am a third-generation celebrity. By Gore Vidal
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Those who have the most wealth and the most property, their children have the first, the best, and the most. By Jesse Jackson
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You know that movie 'Dumb and Dumber'? If there's an addition of a third member, I'd get the part of 'Dumbest'. By Martin Reed
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[To the patronizing train conductor who had twice said, 'Auntie, give me your ticket':] Which of my sister's sons are you? By Mary Mcleod Bethune
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The beggarly last doit. By William Cowper
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If Pete's (Sampras) child is a girl, my son will like her; if he's a boy, my son will defeat him. By Andre Agassi
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I'm one of three brothers. By Howard Gordon
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I know well that only the rarest kind of best can be good enough for the young. By Walter De La Mare
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We are the orphans of our son. By Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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I'm the fourth best James Bond. By Roger Moore
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I'm the oldest in my family and do play piano. By David Lambert
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The wealthiest and most popular boy at the circumcision school. By Nelson Mandela
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A child's first teacher is its mother. By Peng Liyuan
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I'm 23 years old. I might just be my mother's child, but in all reality, I'm everybody's child. Nobody raised me; I was raised in this society. By Tupac Shakur
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AlmaMia was seven the night she shaved her fourteen-year-old sister's left eyebrow while the older sibling slept. By Magaly Guerrero
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