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Eripuit coelo fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis. He snatched the lightning from the sky and the sceptre from tyrants. By Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot
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Whom has not the inspiring bowl made eloquent?[Lat., Foecundi calices quem non fecere disertum.] By Horace
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After work, she wandered around the center of Baltimore, aimlessly, interested in nothing. Was this what the novelists meant by ennui? By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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Going After Cacciato By Thomas C. Foster
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Atalanta in Calydon By F Scott Fitzgerald
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Lente, lente currite, noctis equi. Translation: Run slowly, slowly, horses of the night. By Ovid
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Come t'e' picciol fallo amaro morso! Dante. What grievous pain a little fault doth give thee! By Madeleine L'engle
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Starting today you'll be at Mr. Moretti's beckon call. By Veronica Cane
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La Closerie, in Ansouis. By Peter Mayle
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Uri...vinciri...verberari...ferroque necari.I will endure to be burned... to be bound... to be beaten... and to be killed by the sword. By Lesley Livingston
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My inamorata, you know where I'll be: where I'll always be. Waiting. For you. By Debra Anastasia
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_keTili; maSin mesame adgils mivuCenT astronomias; ras ityvi By Anonymous
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Vitam Impendere Vero (I consecrate my life to truth). By Baron De Montesquieu
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Lauricia or Aurelia? By Alyson Noel
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Vera incessu patuit dea.(The goddess indubitable was revealed in her step.) By Virgil
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Illegitimi non carborundum --don't let the bastards grind you down By Sadie Munroe
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Open my heart and you will seeGraved inside of it, "Italy". By Robert Browning
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Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra' That is, Now your blessedness appears. By Sylvain Reynard
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Ennui is the disease of hearts without feeling, and of minds without resources. By Madame Roland
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Concetta and Domenico Costa, Mariana Pontillo, the Arena family. We live. By Laurie Fabiano
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Horas non numero nisi serenas,' 'I count - no - hours but - unclouded ones, By Eleanor H. Porter
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Something is always wanting to incomplete fortune.[Lat., Curtae nescio quid semper abest rei.] By Horace
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Hic scientia finit: Knowledge Stops Here. By Donna Leon
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The more we deny ourselves, the more the gods supply our wants.[Lat., Quanto quisque sibi plura negaverit,A dis plura feret.] By Horace
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Percy pizza with extra olives. By Rick Riordan
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Un momento con una donna capricciosa vale undici anni di vita noiosa.A single moment with a fiery female is worth eleven years of a boring life. By Sarah Maclean
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Horus non numero nisi serenas (I count only the sunny hours). By William Hazlitt
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Busy idleness urges us on.[Lat., Strenua nos exercet inertia.] By Horace
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Nitimur in vetitum" "We strive after the forbidden By Ovid
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Ricorda, se hai bisogno di una mano la troverai alla fine del tuo braccio.Remember, if you need a hand you'll find it at the end of your arm. By Audrey Hepburn
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Che sanza speme vivemo in disio.That without hope we live in desire. By Dante Alighieri
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Ex Malo Bounum (good out of evil). By Saint Augustine
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Deliberando saepe perit occasio [The opportunity often slips away while we deliberate on it]. By Publilius Syrus
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Nadie me influye, todos contribuyen By Kata Valast
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I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of joining a world famous club like Inter. By Robbie Keane
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Guarda il cielo. Non troverai mai un arcobaleno se stai guardando per terra.Look up to the sky. You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down. By Charlie Chaplin
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Now is the autumn of our ennui. By Chuck Palahniuk
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Asino tu nascesti, ad asino morrai. [An ass you were born; an ass you will die.] By Rodney Bolt
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Attraversiamo (meaning "Lets cross over" in Italian) By Elizabeth Gilbert
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I don't speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino, By Jeremy Scott
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Vivutur ingenio, that damn'd motto there Seduced me first to me a wicked player. By George Farquhar
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The ungovernable passion for wealth.[Lat., Opum furiata cupido.] By Ovid
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Alea iacta est. The die has been cast. By Stephen R. Lawhead
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Festina lente may well be his motto By Bram Stoker
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In any city or town, you can find a good, rocking Italian place. The most unhealthy thing on the menu? I'll have two of those! By Hunter Hayes
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I don't know where we are, but we'll soon find our way home! Le avventure di Pinocchio By Nancy B. Brewer
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Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.) By Gaius Julius Caesar
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To eat at another's table is your ambition's height.[Lat., Bona summa putes, aliena vivere quadra.] By Juvenal
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Trust not to outward show.[Lat., Fronti nulla fides.] By Juvenal
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Levante have gone fourth in Serie A. If anyone can tell me what part of Italy Levante is in, please call. I've no idea By Alan Brazil
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Astra is perfect. By Kiera Cass
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...curiosity had the same impact on him as caffeine... (Commissario Soneri) By Valerio Varesi
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Taleenoi olngisoilechashur. By Leylah Attar
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There is nothing more foolish than a foolish laugh. Risu inepto res ineptior nulla est By Catullus
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Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum. (To such heights of evil are men driven by religion.) By Titus Lucretius Carus
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Bertolucci is extraordinary in his ability to perceive, he's a poet ... he is very easy to work for. By Marlon Brando
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Sassicaia from Tuscany, By Aubrey James
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Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino, nun se contano mai."' '"Years, lovers and glasses of wine; these things must not be counted. By Anthony Capella
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What is hid is unknown: for what is unknown there is no desire.[Lat., Quod latet ignotum est; ignoti nulla cupido.] By Ovid
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Fidarsi e bene, non fidarsi e meglio. [To trust is good, not to trust is better.] By Marisa Merico
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The love of fame usually spurs on the mind.[Lat., Ingenio stimulos subdere fama solet.] By Ovid
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I'm not Italian, I am Neapolitan! It's another thing! By Sophia Loren
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Amigo! Amigo! (Calling out to the ITALLIAN Prime minister ... ) By George W. Bush
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Aure entuluva! day shall come again! By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Bellator silvae servi. Warrior of the forest, I, the alpha, call on thee to serve in this time of need. By Andrea Cremer
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The venal herd.[Lat., Venale pecus.] By Juvenal
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boron - boro By World Translation Dictionaries
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Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been shy about how important Ferran Adria has been in my life; he is a friend, a mentor, an inspiration. By Jose Andres
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Ubi amo, ibi patria. Where I love. there is my home. By Elizabeth Hunter
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Dei sub numine viget, Under God's power she flourishes By Princeton University
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ennui - that dreaded mire of the human emotions. By Amor Towles
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Intemperance is a hydra with a hundred heads. She never stalks abroad unaccompanied with impurity, anger, and the most infamous profligacies. By Saint John Chrysostom
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Retire me to my Milan, whereEvery third thought shall be my grave. By William Shakespeare
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Habit is overcome by habit.[Lat., Consuetudo consuetudine vincitur.] By Thomas A Kempis
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E canchis amnia.Everything from shells. By Erasmus Darwin
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Decus et pretium recte petit experiens vir.The man who makes the attempt justly aims at honour and reward. By Horace
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Vitanda est improba siren desidia. (One must avoid that wicked temptress, Laziness.) By Horace
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Good-bye bilauta By Colleen Houck
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I'm bored, lalalallalalala OLLI OXEN SOMETHING!! By Bob Smith
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My office in Milan is in an old factory. I have all my companies here, including Italia Independent and Independent Ideas. By Lapo Elkann
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You've got something that I don't have. Innocence. Ur eyes express it, & I can read everything in them". #MilanoVeneziani. #ItalianPassion By Olga Goa
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I have sworn with my tongue, but my mind is unsworn.[Lat., Juravi lingua, mentem injuratem gero.] By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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To pile Pelion upon Olympus.[Lat., Pelion imposuisse Olympo.] By Horace
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There are no great enologists. Only good grapes By Michel Rolland
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The whole enchilada, kid. By Barbara Taylor Bradford
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someone in Tunis. Halabi By Jamie Fredric
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The true artist can only labor con amore. By Victor Hugo
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Ennui shortens life, and bereaves the day of its light. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Sir, you shall taste my Anno Domini. By George Farquhar
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There was a magical timelessness to Capri A special atmosphere, and a sense of history. By Kitty Pilgrim
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Of evils one should choose the least.[Lat., Ex malis eligere minima oportere.] By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Everything unknown is magnified.[Lat., Omne ignotum pro magnifico est.] By Tacitus
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You can't host an Italian film festival without Marcello Mastroianni. It just doesn't feel right. By Gia Coppola
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Noli me tangere; for Caesar's I am. By Norah Lofts
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Roberta Marieschi By Donna Leon
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The best player in the world; whenever Iniesta is on the pitch he creates a spectacle. By Samuel Eto'o
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Erchomai , I am comingVeni, I have come By Cassandra Clare
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ELANTRIS is a new BEN HUR for the fantasy genre, with a sweeping, epic storyline and closely personal characters. By Kevin J. Anderson
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The secret is that I am Italian. By Dennis Christopher
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A mind conscious of right laughs at the falsehoods of rumour.[Lat., Conscia mens recti famae mendacia risit.] By Ovid
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