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Fate is a funny character. She puts obstacles in your path to see what character ye have. Life isn't fair,life is a test. By Melissa Francis
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I believe fate is who we are and what we make of our chances. By Lisa Kleypas
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Fate has to do with events in history that are the summary and unintended results of innumerable decisions of innumerable men. By C. Wright Mills
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Fate punishes those who try to cheat it. By Julie Berry
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Fate is the raw materials of experience. They come uninvited and often unanticipated. Destiny is what a man does with these raw materials. By Howard Thurman
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Fate stalks us with depressing monotony from womb to tomb, and, when we are least expecting it, deals us a series of crushing blows from behind. By Hesketh Pearson
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Fate is a cruelly sweet fruit. By Jun Mochizuki
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Take it from me, Fate doesn't care most of the time. By Diana Wynne Jones
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Fate is the language God uses to speak to us, baby. It's up to us to listen, though. By Mia Sheridan
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Fate is what shows up and destiny is what you choose to do with it. By Nikki Rowe
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Fuck fate; the guy's a bastard. By Rachel A. Marks
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Fate is a quantity very much like TV: an unstoppable narrative, written, produced and directed by somebody else. By Zadie Smith
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Whatever limits us,we call Fate By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Your character is your fate. By Maya Plisetskaya
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I don't believe in fate. By John Wooden
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Fate occasionally touches us all in ways we don't always understand ... By Terry Goodkind
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Fate is a girl with scissors By Norah Labiner
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Fate has a way of getting what she wants, no matter how we try to avoid it. By Kresley Cole
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Fate goes ever as fate must. By Seamus Heaney
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Fate is the endless chain of causation, whereby things are; the reason or formula by which the world goes on. By Citium Zeno
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What is fate but coincidences in retrospect? By Ken Liu
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Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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You conquer fate through thought By Henry David Thoreau
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I've lived enough of my life story to know this- Fate writes the book, but you make the movie. By Robert Breault
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The problem with Fate is that its own purpose is often hidden in the path of the journeyed, whether they realized it or not. By Antoinette Turner
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Fate keeps happening. By Anita Loos
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This book is concerned with fate. I By Orhan Pamuk
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Fate is unpenetrated causes. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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How fate is stubborn and holds to habit. By Susan Abulhawa
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You are the only author of the story of your life. 'Fate' is just an excuse for all of your wrong decisions. By Adwitiya Borah
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Fate is just another word for people's choices coming to a head. Destiny, coincidence, whatever you name it. It inevitably lies in our hands. By Tiffanie Debartolo
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Destiny is a gift, something to rise to. Fate is something to make for yourself. By Tera Lynn Childs
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Play is hand-to-hand encounter with Fate. By Anatole France
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There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. By Sarah Connor
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Fate's schedule is not always naked and clear. By Rabih Alameddine
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Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get? By Jodi Picoult
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Character determines fate. By Meryl Sawyer
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Fate does not play jokes. By Gamal Abdel Nasser
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Diminish the influence of fate By Darin Strauss
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Nothing is determined by fate. We create our own fate. By Jessica Sankiewicz
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Luck is the bastard child of Fate and Destiny. By Carroll Bryant
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Fate is inexorable. By Bernard Cornwell
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Fate is by far the greatest mystery of all. By Deanna Raybourn
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From all that I heard, and overheard, fate was a grim reaper, never kind, with little respect for who was loved and needed. By V.c. Andrews
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Fate has a strange way of making plans. By David Levithan
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Does fate ever play by the rules? By Jodi Picoult
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Fate has terrible power. You cannot escape it by wealth or war. No fort will keep it out, no ships outrun it. By Sophocles
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We have lived under the edge of doom, and feel ourselves now facing the long-threatened fate. But hear this Emrys: fate is made by men, not gods. By Mary Stewart
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When you go against fate, the result can be dangerous. By Sona Charaipotra
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the wheel of fate crushes us all By Kami Garcia
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I think fate is massive, and it's never really had its place among forces we respect as having control over us. By Steven Conrad
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Destiny is what every human being creates for oneself. Fate is when you fail to create your own destiny. By Jaggi Vasudev
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Fate has a cruel sense of humor, don't you think? By Christopher Paolini
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Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant. By Seneca.
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Fate was cruel, but it was fate. By Edward Rutherfurd
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The concept of fate is an open insult against man's willpower! By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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If I told you, what would it change? Fate is fate, you see.Just like love is love. By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Fate. Sounds romantic.""You must not know anything about mythology, then, Mr. McQueen. In all the old myths, the Fates were the villains. By Tiffany Reisz
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Human reason needs only to will more strongly than fate, and she is fate. By Thomas Mann
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Fate! There is no fate. Between the thought and the success God is the only agent. Fate is not the ruler, but the servant of Providence. By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1St Baron Lytton
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The Fates are just: they give us but our own; Nemesis ripens what our hands have sown. By John Greenleaf Whittier
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Destiny is that which we are drawn towards and Fate is that which we run into. By Wyatt Earp
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Fate is for imbeciles; all is possible to the resolved mind. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Fate pulls you in different directions. By Clint Eastwood
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Fate was sometimes inscrutable. By Frank Herbert
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Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences. By J.k. Rowling
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I believe that fate is choices - it's not chance. By Wayne Newton
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Fate can be a dirty bitch, though By Rose Wynters
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Do you believe in fate, Ava? By Jodi Ellen Malpas
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I don't believe in fate, because I'm not spiritual, but things do seem to work out. By Rob Zombie
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Sometimes fate makes choices for us. By Heidi Heilig
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It's a breath you took too late.It's a death that's worse than fate. By Elvis Costello
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Destiny is what you make it; otherwise you are at the mercy of fate. By Steven Redhead
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Destiny made a mistake and gave my fate to someone else. By Joe Budden
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Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life. Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it. By Henry Miller
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If you believe in fate, believe in it, at least, for your good. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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fate is the ultimate preexisting condition. By Mark Leyner
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Character is fate. (Destiny). By Heraclitus
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Fate is the opportunity. Choice is what you do with it. By Karen Rose
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The word fate ... is the refuge of every self-confessed failure. By Andrew Soutar
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If there were such a thing as fate, I had been put on this earth to destroy and not to create. By Jocelynn Drake
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Sacrifice of live, sacrifice for love. Fate is gentle and harsh; she gives and she takes. By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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For the record I don't believe in Fate. I believe that the pieces have been placed. The ending hasn't been written yet. By Kendare Blake
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Fate is a hunter. Engines By Ruta Sepetys
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...fate is a bitch who won't be denied. By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Fate carries its own clock. By Pearl Bailey
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Sometimes fate just plays a strange scrabble. By Pawan Mishra
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Freedom is what we do; fate is what happens to us. By Marty Rubin
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Fate is what you make it." - Jessica By David G. Mcdaniel
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Fate determines what comes into your life,you decide what you want in your life,and your choices decide what stays in your life. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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Sometimes Fate does something so brilliant that you forget for a minute what a cruel bitch she can be. By Jayleigh Cape
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Fate had cruel timing. By Dan Brown
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Fate is a lazy man's excuse for avoiding curiosity. By Brian Farrey
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Fate is a sea without a shore, and the soul is a rock that abides. By Algernon Charles Swinburne
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Fate was the only lesson a god needed to learn. It was their only hard limit. By Kendare Blake
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Aren't we all victims of fate? By Sarah Maclean
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Fate, that bloody, vicious, fickle bitch. Sometimes she loved him, and he could do nothing wrong. And sometimes she stuck a knife in his back. By Ilona Andrews
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I embrace Fate like a lover. All my life, Fate has wished to be my lover and tried to govern me. Now I turn to submit to his embraces. By Margaret George
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We create our fate everyday By Henry Miller
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Fate always wins, for our own heart within us Imperiously furthers its designs. By Friedrich Schiller
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