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Feares are divided in the midst. By George Herbert
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Few things focus the mind like fear. By Catherine Tate
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Fear is a powerful but conquerable emotion that is universal to all, necessary for living, ever present but constantly changing in its form. By Olarewaju Oladipo
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Fear is the foundation of all human limitations. By Benny Urquidez
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Fear is one of the worst, and most limiting, emotions in life. By Donna Brazile
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Fear is the greatest enemy of humanity, it paralyses tons and tons of people around the globe. By Euginia Herlihy
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Fear, what a strange thing fear was... By Agatha Christie
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Fear is choosing the safe course By George Bernard Shaw
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Fear is the enemy of success. By A.d. Posey
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Fear is the best deterrent of all. By B.a. Paris
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Fear is for people who don't get out very much. By Rick Steves
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Fear closes all doors to the true self, that brilliant center where the ecstasy lies. By Kenny Werner
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Fear forces you to attend to matters with the utmost grace and concentration. By P.a. Minyard
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Fear is the thought of admitted inferiority. By Elbert Hubbard
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Fear is the mother of all gods. By Lucretius
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I have no fear, I have only love By Stevie Nicks
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Fear is a part of everything you do ... You have to take great risks to get big rewards. By Greg Louganis
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Fear indicates a desire to live By Avery Williams
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Fear of a bully, fear of a volcano; the power within you does not distinguish. It does not recognize degree. By N.k. Jemisin
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Fear is a very explosive emotion, but it has a short life span. It's the sprint. The marathon is hope. By Mike Huckabee
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Fear gives people their humanity. Fear of loss. By Karina Halle
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Fear is often bred of an imagination that couldn't let something be what it actually was. By Craig D. Lounsbrough
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Fear is the will's little baby. It arises with the possibility you will lose what you desire. By Shai Tubali
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People crave fear. By Mira Grant
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Fear is the greatest incapacitator. By Jenny Holzer
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Fear is the base of what everybody does wrong in their lives. By Elaine Stritch
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Everybody's afraid of something. By Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Fear is a sprit that really can stop you from living. By Tyler Perry
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Of all base passions fear is most accurs'd. By William Shakespeare
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Fear is the thief of dreams. By Brian Krans
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Fear is born in uncertainty and nourished by pessimism. By Lois Wyse
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Sometimes fear is used as a way to control. By Val Mcdermid
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Fear leaves you sweaty and shaky and insecure enough to question everything you know to be true. By Alyson Noel
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Fear didn't suit me. By Gwenda Bond
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Fear is at the heart of most of our worst choices. By Chris Brogan
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Fear does the choosing between right and wrong. By John Denver
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Fear to do ill, and you need fear else. By Benjamin Franklin
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Fear is a shadow of false perception and unreal imaginations. By Debasish Mridha
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Fear is an illusion By Rachelle Dekker
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Fear is acceptable, as long as I don't allow it to cripple me... By K.m. Shea
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Fear is incomplete knowledge By Agatha Christie
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Fear is the highest fence. By Dudley Nichols
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Fear of night. Fear of not night. By Franz Kafka
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Fear focuses the mind. By Meryl Streep
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Fear keeps a person alive, Limited fear. By Vijay Dhameliya
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Fear is nothing but idleness of the will ... By Eliphas Levi
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Fear is a scavenger who feeds on the future; on what may be and what is possible, extending down the line of our lives. By John Scalzi
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I might have some issues with fear. By Rick Yancey
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Fear is that thing that keeps you up there on that other plateau. Fear is that thing that just keeps you closed down, and quite frankly, alone. By Andrew Shue
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fear is dangerous but fear is good By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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Fear is only good when you have a choice in things. By Anne Rice
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Fear is a poor chisel with which to carve out tomorrow. By Andy Andrews
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Fear appears from a false vision of reality. By Bokar Rinpoche
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For fear is power. By Laurell K. Hamilton
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Life lends itself to fear. By Denzel Whitaker
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You need fear to create, to live. By Tracie Bennett
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Fear is secured by a dread of punishment. By Niccolo Machiavelli
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Fear can be a big motivator. By Maria V. Snyder
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We fear the thing we want the most. By Robert Anthony
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Fear is a great motivator. By John Treacy
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We fear what we do not understand... By Dan Brown
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Fear is a noose that binds until it strangles. By Jean Toomer
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Fear has no brains; it is an idiot. By Ambrose Bierce
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Fear is something you have to throw into a corner. Constantly. Because it never goes away. By F. Lee Bailey
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Fear is the most powerful enemy of reason. By Al Gore
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Fear is the tool of a man-made devil By Napoleon Hill
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We fear which we cannot see By Tite Kubo
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Fear is the biggest motivator. By Bill Dixon
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Fear traps your mind. By Marianne De Pierres
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Fear is like a little germ in your head, allow it to grow and it takes over your all. By Kevin Focke
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I don't believe in fear - I live my life without regrets. By Sean Combs
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Fear seems to be the ruling judge. By Gail Tsukiyama
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Fear is like the steam that fires the combustion engine. You need fear to get a performance going. By Rachel Weisz
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Fear is the greatest salesman. By Robert Klein
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Fear is an excellent motivator. By Jeekeshen Chinnappen
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Many people do not want to forfeit their fears. Fear is the only tool they know. By Donald L. Hicks
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Fear is a spirit that produces a feeling. By Joyce Meyer
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fear only has the power your mind gives it. By Michelle Horst
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Fear distorts the world. Fear sees demons where only shadows dwell. By Gavin Extence
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Everyone has a fear. Some are big fears, some are small. By Brenda Minton
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At first I thought it was a fear of failure. Now I think you're afraid to succeed. By Jaci Burton
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Sometimes, we are afraid of something because we're afraid of something else. By Pascal Mercier
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Fear is the greatest predator you encounter on your journey to greatness. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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There is no worse emotion than fear. By Joe Torre
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There is a fascination with fear. It grabs our attention. By Bernard Beckett
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Fear is a powerful stimulant. By Margaret Atwood
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Fear makes people speechless By Sunday Adelaja
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Courage is a peculiar kind of fear. By Charles Kennedy
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Even fear afraid of faith. By Toba Beta
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Fear is self-awareness raised to a higher level. By Don Delillo
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Fear is not the answer, not ever. By James Patterson
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FEAR is an acronym in the English language for 'False Evidence Appearing Real'. By Neale Donald Walsch
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Fear is a tool not a weakness By Rachel Van Dyken
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We fear that which we cannot see. By Tite Kubo
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Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be. By Sabaa Tahir
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Fear is a friend who's misunderstood By John Mayer
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Because fear is insatiable, everything that is insatiable is born of fear. By Alan Cohen
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Love is beautiful fear. By Kierra Cass
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Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil. By Aristotle.
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