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Nothing quite like it. The feeling of film. By Charlie Chaplin
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Film is a very intimate medium. By David Morse
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Film, I think, is my medium. By Pia Zadora
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Making a film is like putting out a fire with sieve. There are so many elements, and it gets so complicated. By George Lucas
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Film allows me to ask some really big questions with the time to explore them deeply. I love the form. By Josh Radnor
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With film, you can feel confident that you're doing good work, but never know what it's going to look like. By Wood Harris
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I like to do all kinds of films. By Pam Grier
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Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out By Martin Scorsese
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Filmmakers are going to make films, just like painters are going to paint. By Richard Linklater
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We believe that the cinema's capacity for getting around, for observing and selecting from life itself can be exploited in a new and vital art form By John Grierson
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Cinema is made to film material: the body. By filming the material, the mechanical, the worker, we arrive at the spiritual. By Bruno Dumont
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What will happen if you can't say that this wasn't a film? By Deyth Banger
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Film is forever. By Angela Bassett
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What I like about film is it explores imperfections. By Mia Wasikowska
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People who are good at film have a relationship with the camera. By Fiona Shaw
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If we could tell a film, then why make a film? By Jafar Panahi
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Film is like a personal diary, a notebook or a monologue by someone who tries to justify himself before a camera. By Jean-Luc Godard
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I love film, very, very much, and I always want to go back to it. By Maggie Q
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Film in the 20th century, it's the American art form, like jazz. By Martin Scorsese
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Film is a window to the real world but a lie that makes you believe the unbelievable. By Irvin Kershner
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I love the art of filmmaking very much in all aspects. By Derek Magyar
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A film goes through so many hands, that by the time it's done, it might not resemble what you thought you were making. By Ryan Phillippe
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Film is endlessly just beyond your reach. I think that's what I love so much about it. By Mike Mills
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If you're going to break cinema, film, and movies apart, very rarely to you get the opportunity to even think that you've been a part of cinema. By Kiefer Sutherland
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Movies are an editor's medium. By Stephen Root
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You make a film you feel is as real as possible and hope people react as though it were real. By Mark Haddon
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Filmmaking is a real craft. By Sean Durkin
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Film is not an easy occupation. There's a lot of occupations that are difficult and film is one of them. By George Lucas
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Movies are a whole different ball-game, now. It's much more of a business - very scientific. By Sylvester Stallone
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I started using film as part of live theatre performance - what used to be called performance art - and I became intrigued by film. By Mike Figgis
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Movies are usually difficult, often insane, constantly challenging and always strangely amusing to make. By Yahoo Serious
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Sometimes miraculous films come into being, made by people you've never heard of, starring unknown faces, blindsiding you with creative genius. By Roger Ebert
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The cinema camera doesn't make movies; it allows movies to be made. It's the creative people who make it real to people. By Ivan Sutherland
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I like very much to do movies. By John Malkovich
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Making a film is a beautiful mystery. You go deep into the wood, and you don't want to come out of that wood. By David Lynch
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I like to do films that celebrate life. By Louie Schwartzberg
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Making a film is an incredibly technical undertaking. By Rose Byrne
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Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes. By Robert Altman
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Technology continues to bring us wondrous advances in filmmaking to improve how we view movies. By Ridley Scott
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As a result of my life on the road and the increasing number of rainy afternoons in cinemas, I began to get the idea that I might write a film. By Jeremy Lloyd
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I love film. After a yummy meal for the whole family and some truly great friends, we often go out to see something beautiful and unique. By Gwyneth Paltrow
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Film is something I've always loved since I was very young. In fact, I actually wanted to study to be a filmmaker when I was younger. By Gustavo Santaolalla
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I always say that I am a big fan of films but I am an even bigger fan of the filmmaking craft. By Fede Alvarez
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Filmmaking is a very complex form - ya know, acting, lighting, screenwriting, storytelling, music, editing - all these things have to come together. By Jay Duplass
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Once you're on the set and shooting, it's all just cinema. You have actors and cameras. By Philippe Falardeau
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A film has to be like a stone in the shoe. By Lars Von Trier
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I love making movies. By John Carpenter
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The strange thing is I never thought I'd do films, By Philip Seymour Hoffman
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Filmmaking can give you everything, but at the same time, it can take everything from you. By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
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Films were never on my agenda, may be it was written in my destiny. And since I am here, I would like to give it my best try. By Ameesha Patel
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I love films, I love the way they make me feel. By Josh Bowman
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The magic of film isn't just because of the big screen, or the acoustics, but the ineffable shared experience of going to the movies. By Fernando Perez
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I'm drawn to filmmaking that can transport me. Film can immerse you, put you there. By Kathryn Bigelow
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A film has its own life and takes its own time. By Aaron Eckhart
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I've always wanted to make a film. By Brian Cox
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The wonderful thing about film is that you have something that has a beginning, middle, and end, and you have a concrete amount of time to shoot it. By Lucy Liu
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Cinema is a world of imagination. By Marjane Satrapi
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All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun By Jean-Luc Godard
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To me, film is the most complete method of storytelling. By Peter Landesman
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I always loved experimenting in film. By Isabella Rossellini
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A film is a petrified fountain of thought. By Jean Cocteau
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Films can only be made by by-passing the will of those who appear in them, using not what they do, but what they are. By Robert Bresson
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Film is this incredible medium that allows us to feel empathy for people that are very different than us and worlds completely foreign from our own. By Chris Milk
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So, not for lack of love of language, but because I feel our language is in an enormous state of humiliation, I decided to make films without words. By Godfrey Reggio
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I prefer film and that's what I think I'm gonna put my focus on. By Sasha Alexander
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I didnt go to film school, i went to films By Quentin Tarantino
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I'm interested in making films that make people think. By Erin Way
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Making films has got to be one of the hardest endeavors known to humankind. By Spike Lee
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I like the cinema of people like Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton. I am not keen on trying to reproduce reality - for that you should do documentaries. By Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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I think film, to me, as a director, is about telling a story. By Donnie Yen
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A film is the reflection of the soul of its creator, By Isabelle Huppert
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You don't make a film because the audience is ready for it. You make a film because you have questions that are in your gut. By Paul Haggis
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There's an ecstasy about doing something really good on film: the composition of a shot, the drama within the shot, the texture ... It's palpable. By William Shatner
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My films are therapy for my debilitating depression. In institutions people weave baskets. I make films. By Woody Allen
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A film should be an experience. You should feel something. It should motivate you to feel something. By Tim Reid
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Film-making is a physically hard job. By Alan Parker
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Cinematography is a writing with images in mouvement and with sounds. By Robert Bresson
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Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read ... if you don't read, you will never be a filmmaker. By Werner Herzog
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Moviemakers can be late to a subject, or afraid, but often they are brave and ahead of their time. By Barbra Streisand
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I come from a background of independent films. By Mia Wasikowska
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I'm trying to make as many films as I can. By Tony Kaye
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Film is about what you are thinking. It's about what's inside. By Dolph Lundgren
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How do you create a film that can reach millions of people and engage them in the subject? You have to take risks and try something new. By Sam Branson
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Like all art forms, film is a media as powerful as weapons of mass destruction; the only difference is that war destroys and film inspires. By Nicolas Winding Refn
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The power of good film is being there in the moment. By Alex Kotlowitz
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The best films come about through experimentation. By Nick Park
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I do enjoy film. The more I do it the more I learn. By Christine Baranski
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The only way you can learn about making films is by making them, by putting your stamp on the thing. By Stephen Frears
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I make different films now. By Martin Scorsese
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Film has always been where my heart is. By Tatiana Maslany
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I make films about working class people. By Taylor Hackford
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You make a movie and you'd like it to be appreciated, respected, embraced. By Bennett Miller
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A film that can be described in words is not really a film. By Michelangelo Antonioni
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The secret to film is that it's an illusion. By George Lucas
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Memory does not make films, it makes photographs. By Milan Kundera
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I like to make movies I like to watch. By Elle Macpherson
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We want to make movies for the big screen. We want people to go to the theater and feel like they're watching a movie. By Asif Kapadia
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Making movies can be a creative exciting project for director and rest of staff. By Philip Kaufman
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Film is a very young art that is still evolving. Soon, we shall reach a balance between content and technology. By Catherine Deneuve
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Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal. By Tom Hanks
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