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Max: What's a period? George: It's a bullet we dodge, go get ready. By George Lopez
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Does he have a nickname?' Diana went on remorselessly. 'I mean, 'gaiphage' is so long. Can we call him phage? Or maybe just 'G'? By Michael Grant
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George Martin looks like Santa Claus, but he's got a wonderfully disturbed mind. By Sean Bean
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I can't speak for George, but I pretty damn well know we got fed up of being sidemen for Paul. By John Lennon
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They float, " it growled, "they float, Georgie, and when you're down here with me, you'll float, too - " George's By Stephen King
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George of the Jungle is a cartoon. He's a guy who swings around on a vine all day. Are you not buying that? By Brendan Fraser
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Since I met him ten years ago there hasn't been a day that I didn't think of George Burns. And I didn't think of him again today. By Joan Rivers
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George Jones was my all-time favorite singer and one of my favorite people in the world. By Dolly Parton
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George and Harold were usually responsible kids. Whenever anything bad happened, George and Harold were usually responsible. By Dav Pilkey
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Like [George] Best, there is a special fantasia about him By Fabio Capello
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Donald - ruler Donovan By Emily Macleod
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Cause I can jus' as well go away, George, an' live in a cave."You can jus' as well go to hell," said George. "Shut up now. By John Steinbeck
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GEORGE 2048: We like to think of it as one civilization. By Ray Kurzweil
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George Liquor is really the richest character I have. I'm amazed there aren't 365 episodes about him on TV already. By John Kricfalusi
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Yeah," said George. "I'll come. But listen, Curley. The poor bastard's nuts. Don't shoot 'im. He di'n't know what he was doin'. By John Steinbeck
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Its okay Ginny. Don't be upset. We'll send you a toilet seat or something. Fred and George said to Ginny By J.k. Rowling
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gin daisy, which By Erik Larson
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People are still asking me if I knew Star Wars was going to be that big of a hit. Yes, we all knew. The only one who didn't know was George. By Carrie Fisher
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George was offering her a way of life that she had never known. No more loneliness. By Elizabeth Waite
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Grand. There's a word I really hate. It's a phony. I could puke every time I hear it. By J.d. Salinger
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The thing about George Barrol is that he's always putting his own and other people's feet into things that had best be left quite free of feet. By Leslie Ford
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Gilderoy Lockhart By J.k. Rowling
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Sorry," a half-gestured apology as the man, ten years younger than George (who was thirty-seven), disappeared By Philip J. Gould
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Martha: Truth or illusion, George; you don't know the difference.George: No, but we must carry on as though we did.Martha: Amen. By Edward Albee
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If her father was Thunder, then George was Smoke - and how could you argue with someone who began to disappear as soon as you opened your mouth? By Nell Freudenberger
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doing here, George." The supportive chuff he got in return was exactly the vote of By J.r. Ward
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I am George Cockcroft. But when I come to England or Europe, where the name Luke Rhinehart is better known, then I use that name. By Luke Rhinehart
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My name is George Smoot III, and I am smarter than a fifth-grader. By George Smoot
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You know who a role model for me is? George Ballanchine. By Isaac Mizrahi
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I wanted to [share] what a gracious kind of guy George Mitchell was. By Barbara Mikulski
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Georgie was extra. She was the fourth wheel. (On something that only needed three wheels. The fourth wheel on a tricycle.) By Rainbow Rowell
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What's a gom jabbar? By Frank Herbert
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My mother was my Girl Scout leader, and George's mother was his Cub Scout leader. In fact, that's when some say her hair turned white. By Laura Bush
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George Jones is a national treasure and should be treated accordingly. A unique style so often emulated even inadvertently. By Keith Richards
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And George Brett. I think most people know that George and I have become pretty good friends over the years. By Robin Yount
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If we all could sound like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones, By Waylon Jennings
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Lord alone knows." George stood up and dropped his empty mug into the sink. "The mystery of one's children is never-ending. By Mark Haddon
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By George!" cried the inspector. "How did you ever see that?"Because I looked for it. By Arthur Conan Doyle
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And please don't call me that.I didn't call you 'that', I called you George Washington. By Trenton Lee Stewart
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I only take on hardened criminals," George said. "A woman on a rampage is way beyond my skills. By Anonymous
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We have a George Foreman grill on the bus. By Gavin Degraw
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George Clooney is a super-human, he's just such an amazing human being, he taught me how to be a better person and a better actor! By Shailene Woodley
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No, Ben. What I'm asking is: Are you the vehicle, and Georgie rides around in you? That is why Ben's the driver, right? By Jonathan Harnisch
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Nobody pulls a prank like George Clooney. By Anna Kendrick
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My name is James Guckert. Well, when you read it, it's always pronounced some other way. By Jeff Gannon
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If you spelled George Morgan wrong on Google it didn't say, "Did you mean George Morgan?" It simply replied, "Run while you still have the chance. By Tara Sivec
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... kissing George was a little like rolling in caramel after spending years surviving off rice sticks. By Aimee Bender
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My name is not 'The Best Player in Baseball.' My name is George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. By Ken Griffey Jr.
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I'm George Takei, and I'm straight ... up asking you to vote. By George Takei
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I'm related to the portrait painter George Romney. By Wavy Gravy
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George Harrison is one of the sweetest, kindest and most considerate men I know. By Al Aronowitz
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John. I would ask you what you are doing, but I fear you would actually tell me. By David Wong
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I'm George Bush. I'm the president. By Shaquille O'neal
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I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog. By John Steinbeck
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He's just a man names Gatsby. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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He had drawn a derogatory statement from George. He felt safe now. By John Steinbeck
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George Burns was the father I never had. By Bobby Darin
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This is all your fault," George said angrily to Wood. "'Get the Snitch or die trying,' what a stupid thing to tell him - By J.k. Rowling
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Relationship with George Spahn. She was in love with George, By Vincent Bugliosi
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Forty? Fifty?" Elizabeth asked. George By Rose Gordon
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Pope John Paul would be more popular if he called himself Pope John Paul George and Ringo. By Paul Krassner
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George [Steinbrenner] is a great guy, unless you have to work for him. By Lou Piniella
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I am only an average man, but by George, I work harder at it than the average man. By Theodore Roosevelt
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Stuart Davises he By Amor Towles
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I like to refer to myself as 'The George Clooney of the Lane Bryant set.' By Kevin Chapman
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The insane little dwarf, Bush. By Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
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Throughout the greater part of his life George III was a kind of 'consecrated obstruction'. By Walter Bagehot
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George Jones may be gone but his music will live on forever. What a great voice and a great friend. By Ray Stevens
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Has he been snatched up to heaven?" I queried. "They'd hardly have taken the pie too," said George. By Jerome K. Jerome
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George used to say that Granny wasn't a time-optimist, she was a time-atheist, and the only religion she believed in was Do-It-Later-Buddhism. By Fredrik Backman
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The only character I ever remember actually creating in a flash of inspiration was George Liquor. God planted that in my head in an instant. By John Kricfalusi
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hospital johnny. By Mary Catherine Gebhard
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For Gogol Ganguli- The man who gave you his name, from the man who gave you your name. By Jhumpa Lahiri
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You don't hate him.""I do," Georgie said. "His face is always wet, and the best thing he smells like is bacon bits. By Rainbow Rowell
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King of grand gesture. By Rainbow Rowell
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There was the sky, filled with flat-topped clouds, cruising like a fleet of anvils across the blue. George By Paul Harding
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The only thing I have in common with George Best is that we came from the same place, play for the same club and were discovered by the same man By Norman Whiteside
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Yeah 'ear 'ear, said George, with half a glance at Fred, the corner of whose mouth twitched. By J.k. Rowling
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G.U.R.U - Gee, you are you! By Jean Houston
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Margowegottagohomeandtell. By John Green
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My name is Gin, and I kill people. By Jennifer Estep
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George Clooney is on the program tonight. Next week at this time I will be in a hardware store watching them mix paint. By David Letterman
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His insistence, George had made reservations for a flight the next day. By Carolyn Keene
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Jason said, "Yes. Gerard T. Giraffe."What does the 'T' stand for?" 'The. By Douglas Coupland
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But I loved George in part because he believed me; because if I stood in a cold, plain room and yelled FIRE, he would walk over and ask me why. By Aimee Bender
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Jerrykins, or Pickled Gherkins. Lord Peter was not one of those born uncles who delight old nurses by their By Dorothy L. Sayers
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When we got to our hotel rooms, mosquitoes as big as George Foreman were waiting for us. They were sitting in armchairs with their legs crossed. By Mel Brooks
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I'm not the master of the sax, George Garzone is. By Michael Brecker
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psychologist Timothy By Malcolm Gladwell
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George Eliot is my only steady girlfriend. We go to bed together every night. By Peter O'toole
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I wouldn't serve a God who wouldn't speak to me.George Foreman By Davis Miller
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The Lord bless King George, convert him... and take him to heaven, as we want no more of him! By Roseanna M. White
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Yo. Salt-and-Pepper. The name is Go-Go or Mr Go-Go, okay? By Matthew Reilly
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When you talk about George Burns you're talking about a living legend ... well, a legend, anyhow. By Don Rickles
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Battlestar Galactica. By Melissa Draughn
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Jesus Christ, is everyone on something because I want some of whatever it is, Will grumbled, reaching for George's arm and looping it through his. By Christina Lauren
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Gary, hit me as hard as you can in the face when I'm showing my ID, and then, Grayson, you just walk behind me like you belong in the joint, By John Green
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The most favorite boy's name is James; the least favorite is Gzxkls. By Jasper Fforde
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And if you want people to help you, Ron," added George, throwing the paper airplane at him, "I wouldn't chuck knives at them. By J.k. Rowling
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I got niggaz lookin' for Websters like George Papadopolis' By Ras Kass
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