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Hanging is too good for him said Mr. Cruelty. By John Bunyan
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Hung be the heavens with black! Yield, day, to night! By William Shakespeare
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Where you hang your feelings is where you hang your focus. By Shannon L. Alder
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Upon such slender threads as these do the fates of mortals hang By Voltaire
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I will not leave you until I have seen you hanged. By Moliere
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Let's refer to it as Saturday, rather than the day of my hanging, shall we? By Julie Anne Long
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A man destined to hang can never drown By Regina Spektor
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Trees hang their branches By Allen Ginsberg
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Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is power. By Gregory Corso
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The rope longed-for her beloved, the ceiling hook. The suspended body; a harbinger of good news. Love was lost. Love was found. By Chirag Tulsiani
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Breaking News: I am still standing! By Milan Jed
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a flayed body untangledstring by string and hungto the wall, an agonized bannerdisplayed for the same reasonflags are. By Margaret Atwood
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A girl that's born for hangin' ain't likely to be drowned. By L.a. Meyer
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If a man dies when you hang him, keep hanging him until he gets used to it. By Spike Milligan
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All human things Of dearest value hang on slender strings. By Edmund Waller
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We must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately. By Benjamin Franklin
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Anywhere you hang yourself is home. By Henry Rollins
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If they want to hang me, let them. And on the scaffold I will shout Freedom for the working class! By Mother Jones
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If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately. By Benjamin Franklin
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Let life go hang, as long as these loved ones of ours are happy. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Life hangs from so slender a thread. Life is but a sigh ... By Marjane Satrapi
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The night is still waiting. By Dejan Stojanovic
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They say you can see all the beauty in the world in the way a hanged man swings. By Joe Abercrombie
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It is the loose ends with which men hang themselves. By Zelda Fitzgerald
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Hanging over what you did and what you thought, until jealousy and suspicion sucked the life out of anything you had left. By Sibel Hodge
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We will hang you, never fear, Most politely, most politely. By William Gilbert
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You touch that young woman, and I will see you hang. By Francine Rivers
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If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there'd be bodies hanging from every tree! By Sylvester Stallone
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Perhaps true hangs increased the space in one's heart, creating openness that allowed for authentic community. By Wm. Paul Young
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He who holds me by a thread is not strong; the thread is strong. By Antonio Porchia
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I'm waiting for the king to arrive By Jr
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Hanging was the worst use a man could be put to. By Henry Wotton
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Holding me, as it were, within the infinite hope of your plausibility. By Peter Davis
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A painter can hang his pictures, but a writer can only hang himself. By Edward Dahlberg
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We must hang together, gentlemen ... else, we shall most assuredly hang separately. By Benjamin Franklin
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I'm holding myself together with hands callused by strings. By Emma Trevayne
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You okay in there?" "No, I'm hanging from a closet rod. By Jodi Picoult
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Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. By William James
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Waiting is erotic By Irene Nemirovsky
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Oh hang kitty; what has she to do with it? Come, be quick. Be quick. Where is your sash? By Jane Austen
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Hang yourself, poet, in your own words. Otherwise, you are dead. By Langston Hughes
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All things human hang by a slender thread; and that which seemed to stand strong suddenly falls and sinks in ruins. By Ovid
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the question hung there like an invisible wall of flatulence By Neal Stephenson
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It was a woman. Hanging upside down. By Lucian Bane
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I'm awful sorry to bother. I can come back. I was wondering if maybe there was any special Program prayer for when you want to hang yourself. By David Foster Wallace
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Waiting at the wrong place, most like. By Donna Tartt
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Waiting for the end to come,Wishing I had strength to stand,This is not what I had planned,It's out of my control By Linkin Park
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I'm in a rut deep enough to hang posters. By Bruce Mcculloch
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The meaning is in the waiting, By R.s. Thomas
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You hung around the tattered edges of my soul, that's where you preferred to be ... By Jaeda Dewalt
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We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. By Benjamin Franklin
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Waiting on the World to Change, By John Mayer
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To be on the wire is life - the rest - is waiting. By Roy Scheider
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Horizontality is a desire to give up, to sleep. Verticality is an attempt to escape. Hanging and floating are states of ambivalence. By Louise Bourgeois
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There are so many dayswhen living stops and pulls up and sitsand waits like a train on the rails. By Charles Bukowski
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Waiting is the great vocation of the dispossessed. By Mary Gordon
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A person seated instead of standing - fate hangs on such a thread as that. By Victor Hugo
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No wire hangers! By Joan Crawford
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He that hath deserved hanging may be glad to escape with a whipping. By Thomas Brooks
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You sittin' here chained to your rockin' chair. By Hoagy Carmichael
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About to be hanged is my status quo, not a condition that requires your repair. By Christopher Moore
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It's torturous standing there in front of him, waiting - for what, I don't know. By Jenny Han
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There are so many laws that no one is safe from hanging. By Napoleon Bonaparte
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A good hanging now and then that entertains folk in the provinces and robs death of its glamour. By Jean-Paul Sartre
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Give him enough rope and he will hang himself. By Charlotte Bronte
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Nothing concentrates one's mind so much as the realization that one is going to be hanged in the morning! By Samuel Johnson
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We're like so many puppets hung on the wall, waiting for someone to come and move us or make us talk. By Luigi Pirandello
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First you find a little thread, a little thread leads you to a string, and the string leads you to a rope. And from the rope you hang by the neck. By A. I. Bezzerides
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Walking the wire is living. The rest is just waiting. By Elissa Wald
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When you knew you were going to hang, the only thing to do was grin at the noose. By Robert Jordan
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Waiting for the spell to end, as all spells must. By Angie Sage
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Waiting is a sustained effort to stay focused on God through prayer and belief. By Max Lucado
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But to be hanged - is that not unendurable? Even so, when a man feels that it is reasonable, he goes off and hangs himself. By Epictetus
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Even to be hung one should choose a fine tree. By Publilius Syrus
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We are fastened to a dying animal. By William Butler Yeats
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Life. As solid and as strong as a rock one minute, then hanging by a thread the next By Alan Titchmarsh
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We're all waiting for something. By Frank Warren
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When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on By Theodore Roosevelt
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Waiting's exhausting. By Toba Beta
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Sitting in the morning sun, I'll be sitting when the evening comes By Otis Redding
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How's it hangin' Harry? I keep trying to die, but they won't let me. Well, you can't have everything. By Nicholas Sparks
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All human things hang on a slender thread, the strongest fall with a sudden crash. By Ovid
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Waiting from heaven for the spark to fall. By Matthew Arnold
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How are you still standing?" "Because we're not yet done. By Pierce Brown
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I'm just sitting here. By Derek Davis
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He was hanging from one of the rafters in a laundry up near Frau Diller's. Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped. By Markus Zusak
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playing patience, By Leo Tolstoy
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The world hangs like a heart-shaped locket around my neck. By Pam Farrel
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is waiting, the audience is secretly aware that By Paul Joseph Gulino
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I have been hung in effigy by the gay community for a long time, from when I was on President Reagan's first AIDS commission. By Richard Devos
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Life is on the wire. The rest is just waiting. By Matt Damon
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Nothing so focuses the mind as the prospect of being hanged. By Mark Twain
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I am not waiting. I am not waiting for anyone any more. It was me I was waiting for. By Priya Parmar
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There's no free will," says the philosopher; "To hang is most unjust." "There is no free will," assents the officer; "We hang because we must. By Ambrose Bierce
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Life is what happens when you're waiting. By Stephanie Danler
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waiting for the little moments of realization to fall about the room like feathers. By Emma Chapman
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A trapped soul waits for redemption. It waits. And waits. For her to take her last breath. By Lisa Mcmann
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The waiting is the hardest part. By Tom Petty
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Well, I think we ought to let him hang there. Let him twist slowly, slowly in the wind. By John Ehrlichman
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For my soul lies dormant, restless, waiting for that moment when shackles are cast aside and it is free to fly once more. By Virginia Alison
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