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Dry August and warm, Doth harvest no harm. By Thomas Tusser
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To reap a perpetual harvest you need to sow a perpetual seed. I got a need for seed. By Rod Parsley
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You should first follow the plow if you want to dance the harvest jig. By Ken Follett
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In my belief, a harvest is also a legacy, for very often what you reap is, in the way of small miracles, more than you consciously know you have sown. By Faith Baldwin
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The harvest of this world is to the resolute, and he that is infirm of purpose is ground betwixt the upper and the nether millstone By Eric Rucker Eddison
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Only the people who are working the victory by faith will experience the joy of harvest By Sunday Adelaja
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Do not measure success by today's harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today. By Robert Louis Stevenson
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Art is recuperation from time. I lie back convalescing upon the prospect of a harvest already at hand. By R.s. Thomas
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Do not expect a harvest if you haven't sown anything! God loves people who are hardworking, who are always doing something. He helps doers By Sunday Adelaja
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Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop. By Ovid
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And the great thing about money is that it doesn't matter when you harvest it. It's an all-year crop. By Robert Harris
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Eating is an agricultural act. By Wendell Berry
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It is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest. By Albert Schweitzer
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When the world decides to stop being greedy ... there will be a harvest for the world! Amen. By Jess Glynne
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The harvest of old age is the recollection and abundance of blessing previously secured. By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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The law of the harvest is inexorable (impossible to stop or prevent) . As we sow, so shall we reap. By Hugh B. Brown
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Harvest is more abundant on untilled land. By Sunday Adelaja
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For years, I've felt an obligation to harvest an animal, since all my life I've so mindlessly consumed them. But that was from the safety of my desk. By Rosecrans Baldwin
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we should be sowing to harvest and happiness that the weather conditions are in our favor. By Jan Jansen
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Honor the hands that harvest your crops. By Dolores Huerta
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What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action. By Meister Eckhart
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If you have never planted, then you cannot expect a great harvest By Sunday Adelaja
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There is no harvest without hard work, therefore never expect chance to solve your problems of abject need for you. You must take deliberate actions! By Israelmore Ayivor
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No fruit on earth can rival the cemetery's crop By Jose Marti
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You gather apples in the sunshine, or make hay, or By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Grow it, pick it, and eat it fresh. By Risa Stephanie Bear
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If you eat, you are involved in agriculture. By Wendell Berry
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I will sow my seed. The sacred time will determine the harvest. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Can you honestly say the environment(s) you are in will yield the kind of harvest you are expecting? By Eric Thomas
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And never since harvests were ripened, / Or laborers born, / Have men gathered figs of the thistle, / Or grapes of the thorn! By Phoebe Cary
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Look to the fields white unto harvest; pray for the fields; prepare for the fields; go to the fields or support those who go. By Paul Washer
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Don't envy the harvest of the rich. Envy their planting. By Bo Sanchez
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To find perfect ripeness, catch it. By Khang Kijarro Nguyen
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Then plough deep, while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and to keep. By Benjamin Franklin
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When so rich a harvest is before us, why do we not gather it? All is in our hands if we will but use it. By Elizabeth Ann Seton
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A creative mind generates a rare seed that leads to a rare harvest. By Euginia Herlihy
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The most fertile soil does not necessarily produce the most abundant harvest. It is the use we make of our faculties which renders them valuable. By Thomas Wentworth Higginson
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It is necessary to look forward to a harvest, however distant that may be, when some fruit will be reaped, some good effected. By Charles Darwin
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The golden door of harvest for the planet, it felt so ready to be opened ... By Tahira Amir Khan
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What selfish seeds I plant along the way, black harvest today. By Steve Winwood
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Farming is a profession of hope By Brian Brett
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There is no harvest for the heart alone. The seed of love must be eternally re-sown. By Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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Let it please thee to keep in order a moderate-sized farm, that so thy garners may be full of fruits in their season. By Hesiod
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Heartless harvest of mine, I'm tired of pissin benediction.Maybe it ain't healthy, but sometimes I'd rather burn then let you help me. By Aesop Rock
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Who would have guessed it possible that waiting is sustainable. A place with its own harvest. By Kay Ryan
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The frost which kills the harvest of a year saves the harvest of a century, by destroying the weevil or the locust. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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If you don't like the crop you are reaping, check the seed you are sowing. By John C. Maxwell
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The secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment is - to live dangerously. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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The dead leaves fly. They're cropped and gathered to the rich barn of the earth. By Jim Crace
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To eat of the fruit of all the trees in the garden of the world, By Oscar Wilde
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Let us farm when it is clear and let us study when it rains. By Park Chung Hee
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When you plant the seeds, wait patiently to see the ripen fruits. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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The heavier crop is ever in others' fields. By Ovid
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We sow, we grow, our love in life's farm By Pawan Painjane
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Really don't choose every day from the harvest you experience but from the seeds you plant By Robert Louis Stevenson
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Your descendants shall gather your fruits. By Virgil
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The future is carved out of the present moment. Tomorrow's harvest depends upon today's ploughing and sowing. By Chinmayananda Saraswati
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Autumn is the harvest of greedy death. By Juvenal
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God's timing determines the fruit of the harvest. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. By William Blake
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We call these decadal harvests Bone Seasons. This is Bone Season XX. By Samantha Shannon
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As a farmer, you learn quick: You don't get anything that you don't work hard for. By Evan Thomas
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But he that sows lies in the end shall not lack of a harvest, and soon he may rest from toil indeed, while others reap and sow in his stead. By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Farms produce a lot more than food; they also produce a kind of landscape and a kind of community. By Michael Pollan
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If you farm wisdom you will harvest knowledge. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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Blessed be agriculture! if one does not have too much of it. By Charles Dudley Warner
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I love the farm, I love growing stuff. By Bill Kreutzmann
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All fruit grows through abiding, not striving. By Bill Johnson
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Melons, peaches, apples, almonds, dates, Uighurs waiting in the shade, waiting for jobs, waiting for a drink of water, minarets above the rooftops. By Atticus Lish
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The field of doom bears death as its harvest. By Aeschylus
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Let us cultivate our garden. By Voltaire
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Before long four dozen balls lay scattered at the base of the fence, a harvest of dirty white fruit. By Chad Harbach
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You can't expect to reap a harvest that you're not willing to plant. By Yvonne Pierre
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I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me. By Robert Breault
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Know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen. By Joel Salatin
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Every season has an end~for a harvest to begin. Embrace the process! By Prophetess Dina Rolle
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We must cultivate our garden. By Voltaire
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You can eat your seeds today or sow them for tomorrow. By C.k. Lin
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At night I read and write, and things I have never understood become clear; I reap the harvest of the rest of the year's planting By Annie Dillard
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I cultivate my flowers and burn my weeds. By Charles Haddon
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Pluck with quick hand the fruit that passes. By Ovid
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Farming is not just for growing crops, it is for the cultivation ... o f human beings! By Masanobu Fukuoka
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The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures. By Luc De Clapiers
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For I have had too muchOf apple-picking:I am overtiredOf the great harvest I myself desired. By Robert Frost
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When the sappy boughs Attire themselves with blooms, sweet rudiments Of future harvest. By John Phillips
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I feed the branches of the people. By Kanye West
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The true harvest of my life is intangible - a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched. By Henry David Thoreau
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What shelter to grow ripe is ours? What leisure to grow wise? By Matthew Arnold
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Grow deep roots to harvest rich fruit! When your roots run deep, you cannot help but bear the fruit of the Spirit. By Michael Beckwith
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The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.The Fruit Hunters By Thomas Jefferson
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The fields were fruitful, and starving men moved on the roads. By John Steinbeck
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Though he works and worries, the farmernever reaches down to where the seed turnsinto summer. The earth grants. By Rainer Maria Rilke
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The fertile land yields its fruits in the sacred time. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I'm convinced that we all harvest the fruits of our labors. By Benjamin Carson
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you have to plant things even if you don't think you'll get to see the harvest. By Anna Hess
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O heavenly Sower, plough me first, and then cast the truth into me, and let me yield Thee a bounteous harvest. By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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He who sows excellence harvests success. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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Repentance and yearning, and yearning and repentance: this is the total harvest of life. By Khurram Murad
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It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn. By B.c. Forbes
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