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The heart has reasons that reason cannot know. By Blaise Pascal
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My heart is a stupid asshole. By Jessica Park
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The human heart is a mysterious and sometimes dark place. By Emily Yoffe
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It's such a silly little thing, the heart. By Ned Vizzini
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It is a good thing I no longer have a heart, because if I did, it would surely break. By R.l. Lafevers
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Have a heart that never hardens By Charles Dickens
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The heart has its reasons where reason knows not. By Blaise Pascal
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Our Heart is Related with the Nature, Our Thoughts for Surviving By Jan Jansen
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The heart has the ability to drive your reality, put into action by your thoughts and intuition. By Steven Redhead
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The heart is an organ of fire and you can't stop it from feeling or connecting. By J.h. Wyman
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The human heart is a wild and bruised beast and often acts accordingly. By N.m. Kelby
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The heart says what only the heart knows. By Lou Reed
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This heart requiresYour presenceTo survive By Elena Toledo
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The ocean of the body crashes against the ocean of the heart. Between them is a barrier they cannot cross. By Rumi
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The heart has no tears to give,it drops only blood, bleeding itself away in silence. By Harriet Beecher Stowe
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I'm very protective of my heart By Nicki Minaj
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The key to every human heart is love. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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The human heart clings - even to its pain. By Marie Dressler
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A good heart cannot lye By George Herbert
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The human heartIs unknowable.But in my birthplaceThe flowers still smellThe same as always. By Rumer Godden
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Hearts don't come when Reason whistles to 'em. By Margaret Deland
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The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there? By Jack Kornfield
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The heart wants to go on; that is its dharma. For unless it moves, it dies. By Rabindranath Tagore
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The heart is the anchor to all things, be it love to hate, or light to dark. By T.a. Cline
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My heart is quite the best part of me. By L. Frank Baum
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The heart is something else. Nobody knows what's going to happen,' I said By Richard Brautigan
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The heart, that secret repository where needs and fears elbowed each other continuously like uncomfortable passengers in a crowded subway car... By Stephen King
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The heart carries loads that the hands cannot. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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A strange thing, the human heart in general, and woman's heart in particular. By Mikhail Lermontov
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It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. By William Makepeace Thackeray
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The heart has its reasons that the mind knows not? By S.m. Stirling
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Hearts are like Books. You cannot understand one by flipping the pages or by reading the last chapter By Alok Jagawat
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The heart is where is where the action is By Gregg Braden
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What message is needed when heart speaks to heart? By Ramana Maharshi
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What does your heart tell you? By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Don't trust the heart, it wants your blood. By Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
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When you give love, you gain the heart. By Debasish Mridha
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The heart itself is beyond control. That is its power, and its weakness. By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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The human heart is like a night bird. Silently waiting for something, and when the time comes, it flies straight toward it. By Haruki Murakami
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The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. By Adrian Rogers
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For news of the heart, watch the face. By Camron Wright
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A heart has the ability to express its truth more than anything else. By Saaif Alam
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The Heart sees what the eyes cannot By Unknown Author 511
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What is the Heart? A flower opening ... By Rumi
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The human heart finds nowhere shelter but in human kind. By George Eliot
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For a fool would not know what to do with a heart if he had one. By L. Frank Baum
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I don't know how the heart withstands it. By Jandy Nelson
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You strive to have a good heart. But what is a heart? Just a chunk of flesh that a dog can eat. By Ha Jin
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What have you to do with hearts, except for dissection? By Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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The thing about hearts is that they always want to keep beating By Elizabeth Scott
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What we have most to fear is failure of the heart. By Sonia Johnson
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A heart that has never fallen in love is nothing but a pacemaker. By Girish Kohli
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The human heart is a healer, which heals both others and ourselves. By Swami Dhyan Giten
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The human heart is bigger than the world. By Carlos Bulosan
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The state of our heart is very important in fulfilling our destiny By Sunday Adelaja
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What heart I have is yours. By Stephen King
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The Heart wants what it wants - or else it does not care By Emily Dickinson
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The heart is the window to the soul, the portal through which we can understand the desires of the spirit. By Steven Redhead
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Explosions and fighting robots and shit. What's that got to do with the heart? By Lauren Beukes
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You see, I do not want a body without a heart. By Cassandra Clare
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There are times when the heart, like the canary in the coal mine, breathes in the world's toxicity and begins to die. By Parker J. Palmer
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We give physical exercise to the body, but neglect the heart. The exercise for the heart is uplifting the destitute and the suffering. By Mata Amritanandamayi
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Every heart has a story to tell. By Cecelia Ahern
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All of the happiness we have ever known and all of the happiness we hope to find is unreachable without a heart. By John Eldredge
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The heart is what matters most of all By Kris Kristofferson
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The heart wants what it wants. By Woody Allen
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The heart can see things invisible to the eye. By T.a. Barron
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A heart is a bird which can only hear the song of kindness and love. By Debasish Mridha
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Never suffer the prejudice of the eye to determine the heart. By Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann
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A heart needs only its own voice to do what is right. By Vanna Bonta
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Our heart is like a reservoir from which our lives flow. By Chuck Smith
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Our hearts are like polished mirrors. We need to wipe it clean regularly of the dust that gathers on it. By Norhafsah Hamid
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It is the heart which dictates, which rules, which lets us live and die. By F. Sionil Jose
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What is it that you long for best, that clenches teeth and claws over the ventricles of your heart? By Benjanun Sriduangkaew
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The heart holds answers the brain refuses to see. By Rob Kall
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Heart can't feel pain or sufferings when it is in love. By Debasish Mridha
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A heart's a heavy burden. By Diane Wynne Jones
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Now for some heartwork. By Rainer Maria Rilke
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Let the heart be thy heavens. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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A heart has its multiple facets of daily music. Respect a genuine good heart. By Angelica Hopes
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The heart doesn't know how to quit, because it doesn't know how to lie. By Gregory David Roberts
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Every heart has a door; knock it gently! If the door is not opened, leave gently! By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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A divided heart offers a strange sensation. By Ann Aguirre
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The heart is a strange beast and not ruled by logic. By Maria V. Snyder
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The heart feels what the heart wants to feel. By Kelly Elliott
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The heart's not an organ but a whisper in your head ... By John Geddes
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I know the heart of life is good. By John Mayer
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The heart has such an influence over the understanding, that it is worth while to engage it in our interest. By Lord Chesterfield
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Man's Heart serves as a transmitter and receiver from person to person and from servant to Glorious God. By Muhammad Atta-Ullah Faizani
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Heart is the only thing which cannot be stolen without consent. By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Even death has a heart. By Markus Zusak
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Hearts are like horses. They come and they go against bit or spur. By Rudyard Kipling
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You can control a lot of things, but your heart is not one of them By Elizabeth Lashaun
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I cannot tell why this heart languishes in silence. It is for small needs it never asks, or knows or remembers. By Rabindranath Tagore
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What comes from the heart goes to the heart By Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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I want to tell you about your heart - you've probably been neglecting your heart - and you don't know. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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The human heart was such a complex organ, fragile and sturdy all at once. By Susan Wiggs
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The less heart, the more comfort. By Ninon De L'enclos
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Only hearts ... They're in the inside of the inside of me. By Markus Zusak
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Hearts are just like legs, I guess. They mend. By Taylor Jenkins Reid
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