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Yes, if by 'sacred' they mean 'tacky,' and by 'hill' they mean 'gift shop,' then by all means, it is one helluva sacred hill. By Natasha Wittman
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Uphill, downhill, I like that. By Peter Sagan
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A lot of us would like to move mountains, but few of us are willing to practice on small hills. By Ed Macauley
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Over the hill to the poor-house I'm trudgin' my weary way. By Will Carleton
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mansion that sits upon a hill just outside the sleepy little By Willow Wisp
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When running up a hill, it is all right to give up as many times as you wish-as long as your feet keep on moving. By Dan Millman
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We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside. By Blake Shelton
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The best people, like the best wines, come from the hills. By Edward Abbey
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Doesn't matter where you go, home is uphill By Gunnar Staalesen
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Hill sprints are good for everyone! By Kara Goucher
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The longest hill must end in a valley. By Henry Beeching
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The hills of one's youth are all mountains By Mari Sandoz
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Hills are unpleasant, so I like to get them over with as quickly as possible. By Bob Bartlett
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I'm definitely on the incline to a peak. By Fred Durst
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With enough determination, any bloody idiot can get up this hill," Hall observed. "The trick is to get back down alive. By Jon Krakauer
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What about that graveyard just down the road? Are all the Hilliards buried there?""Just the dead ones. By Sonia Gensler
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Privately, we always called 'Hill Street' 'Cop Soap.' By Steven Bochco
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The road to success is long and up hill all the way By John C. Maxwell
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Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. By Christina Rossetti
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if "over the hill" means the beginning of a person's decline, a straight woman is over the hill as soon as she's old enough to drink. By Christian Rudder
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Up the hill, sheep bleat, oblivious to human empires rising and falling. By David Mitchell
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When a young man begins to go down hill everything seems to be greased for the occasion. By Josh Billings
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Upon the highest ridge of that round hill covered with planted oaks, the shafts of the trees show in the light like the columns of a ruin. By Dorothy Wordsworth
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The noonday quiet holds the hill. By Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Clay Blaisdell Western By Stephen King
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Omaha, like Rome, is built on seven hills. By Alexander Payne
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All the best pubs are built on a hill, so you can slope in and roll out. By Benny Bellamacina
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Kids think of us as being totally over the hill. By Thurston Moore
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Up the well known creek By Margery Allingham
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This is the hill you want to die on? Really? A we-can-be-just-friends speech? By Lauren Dane
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If you die, I will bury you in the sandhills with all the other runners. By Percy Cerutty
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Up from the meadows rich with corn, Clear in the cool September morn By John Greenleaf Whittier
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We'll make a bunker hill of it. By George Pickett
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Moorcroft with a small pasture By Lorelei James
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You want to know my name? a hill, a tree. An empty drifting boat. By Hsu Hsuan
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Everest is completely out of control. It's like crack. By Aaron Huey
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Farms on the lower slopes of the mountain. As the eye moved from By Richard Preston
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It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top. By Henry Ward Beecher
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What do you mean we set the land mines on the wrong hill? By Rick Riordan
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If we all climb together, we could climb the highest hill. By Dolly Parton
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You have chosen the roughest road, but it leads straight to the hilltops. By John Bunyan
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Mountain is mountain. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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As though it had come to the top of the hill and gone over a precipice, By Roald Dahl
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In the crowded and difficult conditions of a steep hillside, houses have had to struggle to establish their territory and to survive. By Stephen Gardiner
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The grave is a very small hillock, but we can see farther from it, when standing on it, than from the highest mountain in all the world. By August Tholuck
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One who stays in the valley cannot get over the hill. By Skeeter Wilson
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StocktontoMalone By Hot Rod Hundley
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The hills climbed sunward to the sun. By Thomas Wolfe
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Doing a thing call the Hillbilly Rock, some say it came from Elvis down in Tennessee. By Marty Stuart
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Don't focus on the mountain; focus on the mountain mover! HS/el By Evinda Lepins
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Running hills breaks up your rhythm and forces your muscles to adapt to new stresses. The result? You become stronger. By Eamonn Coghlan
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I placed a jar in Tennessee and round it was upon a hill. By Wallace Stevens
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when you get to the peak, remember the valley exists By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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mound. It towered above us in ancient, grassy splendor, the By Julie Kagawa
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This is the age in which hills can look down upon the mountains. By Jose Marti
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It's a long climb up Fools' Hill. By Marlon Brando
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Summer comes over the hill like a hairy blanket. By Donna Jo Napoli
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The little town of Stormhaven struggled up the hill, narrow clapboard houses following a zigzag of cobblestone lanes. By Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
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In my restless dreams,I see that town.Silent Hill. By Sadamu Yamashita
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As I walked up the hill to the motel, By Emily Rubin
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Garry Hill is a pleasure to be around, and his work is a rewarding reflection of my career. By Bobby Allison
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Deep down, I'm just a West Virginia hillbilly. By Brad Paisley
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If you're 28 and singing about being over the hill, you're pretending. When you're 67 and singing about it, you know what you're talking about. By Loudon Wainwright Iii
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It is through the valley that one reaches the mountain top. I need but take one step at a time until I reach the pinnacle. By Lynne Jordan
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When you first get a hill in sight, look at the top of it only once. Then imagine yourself at the bottom of the other side. By Florence Griffith Joyner
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At points in our lives, we have to choose the hills we're willing to die on. By Christa Allan
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I've been to the Mountaintop By Martin Luther King Jr.
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I've always liked hills. I see a challenge, a goal, and I feel instantly galvanized to achieve that goal. By Amby Burfoot
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Isserley walked along the path the generations of sheep-flocks had made, up the tiers of the hill. In her mind, she was already By Michel Faber
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One can hardly help another to the top of the hill without climbing there himself. By Spencer W. Kimball
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Summer grass," Jaime told his cousin. "Old Sumner Crakehall By George R R Martin
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Those who walk, run, or slide downhill eagerly would rather not think about the long, hard climb back up the hill again. By Swami Kriyananda
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If you are looking down while you are walking it is better to walk up hill the ground is nearer. By Gertrude Stein
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God, give me hills to climb, And strength for climbing! By Arthur Guiterman
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I live by a hill. I began walking it and then I began jogging it and then I began sprinting it. By Tea Leoni
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How far away from them I feel, up on this hill. It seems to me that I belong to another species. By Jean-Paul Sartre
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I respect Everest very much. By Anatoli Boukreev
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Today was a good day for Hill Air Force Base and Utah. By Rob Bishop
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Hardships are hills of mountains, which must be overcome for the highest accomplishments. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus, and by God's grace, it'll be a mountain by the time we're done, By Mark Driscoll
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He who kisses girl on hillside is not level By Confucius
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You can't help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself. By Norman Schwarzkopf
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Every mountain that every Christian ever faces, the Lord levels with sufficient grace. By Ann Voskamp
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Nature's heart beats strong amid the hills. By Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton
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You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself. By Emily Dickinson
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How could you describe a hill and snow to someone who had never felt height or wind or that feathery, magical cold? By Lois Lowry
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I'm no hillbilly singer. By Elvis Presley
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Longing for the mountains By John Muir
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Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber. By Elbert Hubbard
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The introduction of resistance in form of sand and hill is too important to be ignored. By Percy Cerutty
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the base of the cliff. All By Nora Roberts
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The mountains of today are the molehills of tomorrow. By Ellis Peters
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This mountain's of such sort that climbing it is hardest at the start; but as we rise, the slope grows less unkind. By Dante Alighieri
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I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill, By Fats Domino
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Trails need to be reconstructed. Please avoid building trails that go uphill. By Dave Barry
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The uphill climb is slow,but the downhill road is fast. By John Wooden
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high country. But since it was getting late By Shay Mara
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Mountains and Hills not meet each other but People Will. By Jan Jansen
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If you reach for the stars, you just might land on a decently sized hill. By Stuart Hill
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These tracks give to winter hill walking a distinctive pleasure. One is companioned, though not in time. By Nan Shepherd
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