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Home can be the friend you have been searching for all your life or the person you met once very briefly. By Ben Okri
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Your home is where you feel most comfortable and loved, By Chris Colfer
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Home is the place where you are most thoroughly yourself, with no pretenses. By Victoria Moran
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Home is where you are. I would go anywhere for you if you wanted me there. By Mariana Zapata
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Home is everything you can walk to. By Jerry Spinelli
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Home is where the heart unveils. By Gloria D. Gonsalves
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Home is where, when you have to go there, you probably shouldn't. By Edward Abbey
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Home is wherever we are if there's love here too By Jack Johnson
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Home is where we tie one end of the thread of life. By Martin Buxbaum
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Home is where I am. Remember that next time you decide you need to run away." I By Claire Contreras
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Home is not a place. It is a feeling. By Cecelia Ahern
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Home is here in London and always has been. By Jim Sturgess
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Mind and body have taken the journey, but the real home place is your own heart. It is infinite and so wherever you go, you are always Home. By Mooji
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Aaahh. Home. My place, my smells, my familiar rug under my feet, my kitchen, my Curran in the kitchen chair ... Wait a damn minute. By Ilona Andrews
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Home. The word still tastes like sandpaper in my mouth. But it makes Mom smile - a tired, true smile - so it's worth it. By Victoria Schwab
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The place where you continually return for love and acceptance - that's home. By Richelle E. Goodrich
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Home is a word stronger than a magician ever spoke. By Charles Dickens
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Home is the place in deepest space Where star etched memories burn,Home is that sigh for a color of skyand a will to return. By Robert A. Heinlein
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Home is not a place, but rather, the people you love By Jodi Picoult
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Home is where people love you, don't forget that. By Burnie Burns
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Home is where we have a history. By Terry Tempest Williams
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My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world. By Billy Graham
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Thank you for bringing me home. By Lara Adrian
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Home is where you can be yourself. By Adam Gidwitz
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Home is where somebody notices your absence. By Aleksandar Hemon
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Home is the place where they have to take you in By Diana Gabaldon
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Home is the place we should return to with eager spirits, the journey's end we reach with sighs of contentment. By Karen Burton Mains
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When somebody talks about home, you have to listen carefully so you know exactly which one the person is referring to. By Noviolet Bulawayo
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Your home is where your family is ... Where someone waits for you and thinks about you. By Tony Diterlizzi
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And we're finally home. By Stephanie Perkins
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This is home. The two of us. By Stephanie Perkins
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Home is precisely what Kevin has taken from me. By Lionel Shriver
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Home?' I say. It's a word that can mean anywhere and nowhere. By Lauren Destefano
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Home is the place where loneliness disappears. When we're home, we feel warm, comfortable, safe, fulfilled. By Thich Nhat Hanh
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Home is where your books are. By Kerstin Gier
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Home is a place where you can find your love. By Windy Ariestanty
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Welcomed me home. By Brittainy C. Cherry
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I'm not even sure where home is. Probably Terminal 5. There is a strange sense of calm about arriving back at Heathrow. By Alex Turner
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Home isn't where it used to be. Home is anywhere you hang your head. By Elif Shafak
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Home, more than anything, means warmth and bed. By Vivienne Westwood
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It's time to find someplace where I feel like it's home. By Jens Lekman
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For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home. By Stephanie Perkins
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Home is where somebody notices when you are no longer there. By Aleksandar Hemon
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Home! With what different sensations different people pronounce and hear that word pronounced! By Maria Edgeworth
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Seems to me home is where I am loved and safe and needed. By Karen Cushman
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Home: a place you're from, not a place you live. By Micheal Maxwell
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Home, I thought: the place where I was destined to live out my days, alone, and unloved- until I died and was eaten by my cat. By Janet Goss
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home and there it sits on the counter, going sour. By Stephen King
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Home - the nursery of the Infinite. By William Ellery Channing
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Home is the place you can go when you're whipped. By Muhammad Ali
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The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. By Wendy Wunder
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Home is where the love is and where the heart wants to dwell with ease. By Debasish Mridha
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Home isn't where our house is, but wherever we are understood. By Christian Morgenstern
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Home is the best place when life begins to wobble. By Elizabeth Von Arnim
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Wherever I fly from my own dear nest, I always come back, for home is the best. By Maud Lindsay
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In the mind, in the heart, I was always home. I always imagined, really, going back home. By Miriam Makeba
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Home is the place that expects the most of you, but still welcomes you at your worst. And she has always been my home, my Merminia. By Emm Cole
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Home's where you go when you run out of homes. By John Le Carre
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Home is where you feel at home and are treated well. By Dalai Lama
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Withdraw your awareness from everywhere and just let it rest within yourself, and you have arrived home. By Rajneesh
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Smells like home. By Suzanne Collins
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Home is where your teapots are. By Helen Oyeyemi
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Home is so far from home. By Emily Dickinson
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Home was finding the person whose heartbeat matched yours, then dancing to the rhythm together. By Megan Curd
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Every time I come home, it is the same great pleasure to lie down in my bed. That's when I think, 'home sweet home.' By Sigrid Agren
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Home is where your family is. Wherever you are, it's about the people you're surrounded by, not necessarily where you lay your head. By Jenji Kohan
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When you're with the person you love, you're home. By Susan Wiggs
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Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration. By Charles Dickens
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I don't have a home. I'm on the road, more or less. By Leon Redbone
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Home is where you were conditioned. By Darnell Lamont Walker
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Home is whete you are. I would go anywhere for you if you wanted me to be there. By Mariana Zapata
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If you are lucky, home is not only a place that you leave, but also a place where you someday arrive. By Kate Bolick
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Home is where my habits have a habitat By Fiona Apple
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Home. Magic. Miracles. A reason to stay. By Kristine Mccord
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Home is where i hang my toothbrush and where the cats have their commode By Lilian Jackson Braun
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Home is the place I can live with myself, without hating myself. By Peggy Lampman
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Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind. By N.k. Jemisin
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Home. What does it mean to me? Will I ever know home again? By Ellen Hopkins
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Many nights, I longed for home. But it occurred to me as I struggled for a feeling of comfort and safety: I have no idea where home is. By Liz Murray
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In thinking of home, we have to move beyond considering home as a physical address. We have to start asking what home feels like. My By Ethan Nichtern
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You're my home. I will find you. By Aleksandr Voinov
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My house feels like home when you're there. By Susan Richards Shreve
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Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest. By Robert Montgomery
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Home is the first refuge from - and last defense against - the disappointments and the terrors of life. By Dean Koontz
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Home is where we know - and are known - through accumulated experience. By Deborah Tall
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Wherever you feel peacefulness, you might call it home By Windy Ariestanty
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My home is in heaven. I'm just passing through this world. By Billy Graham
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Home was wherever they were together, and it felt good. By Kenneth Eade
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Tonight, baby, this is home. By Skye Jordan
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Hi, Honey, I'm home - forever. By Gene Perret
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I like home. It's warm and there are books. By Ilona Andrews
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Home is the one place in the world where you are safe from feeling put down or out, unentitled, or unwanted. By Cheryl Mendelson
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You are my home. Wherever you are, that's where I'm meant to be. By S.l. Naeole
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Here. There. Everywhere. Somewhere. Home. By Jennifer E. Smith
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Home is the sacred refuge of our life. By John Dryden
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Was he leaving home, or going home? By Ursula K. Le Guin
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We're home already. By John Marsden
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Home isn't a place.Home is anywhere, just as long as the people you love are there. By Kristen Ashley
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Home, there's no place else I'd rather be. For Christmas, Forever. By Melissa Mcclone
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I learned long ago that home is a word that applies to people, not places ... Didn't matter to me where I was - it mattered who I was with. By Beth Revis
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