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We hear inconceivable, but cannot see the intangible. By Akiane Kramarik
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The illusion is we are only physical. By Vanna Bonta
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How alive is thought, invisible, yet without thought there is no sight. By Dejan Stojanovic
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Mystery is never more than a mirage that vanishes as we draw near to look at it. By Simone De Beauvoir
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All is but illusion and disaster. By Voltaire
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out of sight,out of mind By Homer
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How strange when an illusion dies. It's as though you've lost a child. By Judy Garland
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Oh invisible, we view thee, O world intangible, we touch thee, o world unknowable, we know thee. By Francis Thompson
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Illusions are to the soul what atmosphere is to the earth. By Virginia Woolf
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Invisible things are the only realities. By Edgar Allan Poe
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The imagination is to the effect as the shadow to the opaque body which causes the shadow. By Leonardo Da Vinci
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You are the illusion, be anything you want to be! By Marc Marcel
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Illusion (moha) is to take a beating and then forget, to take another beating and then forget again. By Dada Bhagwan
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The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike. By Delos Mckown
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God made the Illusion look Real and the Real an Illusion ! By Rumi
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Perception is the illusion that gives all matter mass, The Flight of the Eagle A.K. Luthienne By A.k. Luthienne
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Nothing, I had come to believe by the end, was more illusory than the idea of ending. By Clive Barker
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Consciousness is the one thing in this universe that cannot be an illusion By Sam Harris
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Illusion is whatever is fixed or definable, and reality is best understood as its negation ... By Northrop Frye
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Incomprehensible spirit , sometimes light , sometimes sea. By Samuel Beckett
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In a world of illusion, art is the soul shining through with the light of infinite potential. By Ka Chinery
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I see the state of all of us who live, nothing more than phantoms or a weightless shadow. By Sophocles
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It is through the imagination that the formless takes form. By Catherine Ponder
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Life is invisible. The illusion is that what we perceive is in some way not a reflection of self. Life reflects the field of attention that we're in. By Frederick Lenz
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Art is animated by invisible forces that rule the universe. By Leopold Sedar Senghor
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It is pointless to try to make an illusion real By Sunday Adelaja
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Imagination takes us to the invisible world. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I played with the image, because I think image is temporary. It's a projection. It's illusory. By Annie Lennox
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A figment of the imagination is just a harmless illusion - unless you are victim of it. By Cullen Hightower
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The illusion of our. By Cameron Conaway
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No matter what the illusion created, it is a flat canvas and it has to be organized into shapes ... By David Hockney
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Whether it's a house or the stars or the desert, what makes them beautiful is invisible. By Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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I am an illusionist - that's why I create art. By Marilyn Minter
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Art is a never-ending dance of illusions. By Bob Dylan
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Of all the phantoms fleeting in the mistOf time, though meagre all and ghostly thin;Most unsubstantial, unessential shadeWas earthly fame. By Robert Pollok
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Imagination is a sort of faint perception. By Aristotle.
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Black illusion is all I ever see. By Ozzy Osbourne
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Vision without an Action is Illusion. Action without a Vision is Confusion. By Sunny John
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The mystery lies in the irrationality by which you make appearance - if it is not irrational, you make illustration. By Francis Bacon
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Everything in the world of soul has a deep desire and longing for visible form; this is exactly where the power of the imagination lives. By John O'donohue
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O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible, As a nose on a man's face, or a weathercock on a steeple. By William Shakespeare
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You can be in a state of mind for a few seconds and forget that you were ever in any other state of mind. That's what we mean by illusion. By Frederick Lenz
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But when one believes in the reality of things, making them visible by artificial means is not quite the same as feeling that they are close at hand. By Marcel Proust
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What Albert Einstein termed optical delusion,The Indians termed Maya or Illusion. By Mohit K. Misra
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The Apparent is the Bridge to the Real By Idries Shah
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A woman should be an illusion. By Ian Fleming
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White and distant, absorbed in itself, endlessly the sky covers and uncovers, moves and remains. By Virginia Woolf
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A fierce brief fusion which dreamers call real, and realists, an illusion; an insight like the flight of birds ... By Sylvia Plath
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Inanimate objects sometimes appear endowed with a strange power of sight. A statue notices, a tower watches, the face of an edifice contemplates. By Victor Hugo
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Did not at first give vague disappointment, a confounding of reality, a disenchantment of contrast with what the mind had conceived. By Zane Grey
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Gravity is of the very essence of imposture; it does not only mistake other things, but is apt perpetually almost to mistake itself. By Anthony Ashley Cooper
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Illusion is seed of instinct. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Art achieves all little things by absolute truth: but all her great things need some admixture of illusion. By Richard B. Garnett
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Linear's defeated form The intangible reality rise.' ~ Wanderer By Stella Coulson
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false consciousness: By Anonymous
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The architecture of my sister's thinking, now phantom. I fall down stairs that are nothing but air. By Jandy Nelson
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Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives next to us. Nor do we suspect the carrier. By Kris Courtney
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Between the acting of a dreadful thingAnd the first motion, all the interim isLike a phantasma or a hideous dream. By William Shakespeare
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It's what's invisible that creates what's visible. By T. Harv Eker
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Absence, the highest form of presence. By James Joyce
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How much weight can carry a thought which does not acknowledge that it is an illusion? By Sorin Cerin
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It's all real and it's all illusory: that's Awareness! By Ram Dass
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It's exactly my sense of existing - a fragment, a wisp of color. By Vladimir Nabokov
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Illusion throughout is illusion. There is no end to it, just as there is no end to imagination. By Meher Baba
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A thing which is present can be invisible, hidden by what it shows By Rene Magritte
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All what we think and know is an illusion. Nothing exists. Everything is an opinion. By Ash Vaz
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Our universe is a profound illusion! Intriguing! By Mike Nach
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When one sense perceives the hidden, the invisible world becomes apparent to the whole. By Rumi
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The most dangerous thing is illusion. By Corban Addison
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What I cannot touch, remains a memory. I am blinded by an imagined light. A remembrance of what can never be. By Ayushee Ghoshal
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Absent in body, but present in spirit. By Paul The Apostle
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Reality of things is hidden in the realm of the unseen By Hamza Yusuf
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We hear things, but we can't always see them, or, even if we do see them, we're not sure that we're seeing correctly. Hence: Invisible. By Paul Auster
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From True Emptiness The Wondrous Being Appears By Shunryu Suzuki
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If myths, dreams and illusion are to be possible, the apparent and the real must remain ambiguous in the subject as in the object. By Maurice Merleau Ponty
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The Magician makes the visible, invisible.The Scientist makes the invisible, visible.The Artist stands in between, indivisible. By Natasha Tsakos
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He was suffering from the loss of an illusion. By Rafael Sabatini
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All illusion comes and goes, but the soul remains unchanged. By Meher Baba
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I had never understood before the invisibility of a human. How what we take to be a person is in fact a spirit we can never see. By Adam Haslett
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What if all's appearance? Is not outside seeming real as substance inside? Both are facts, so leave me dreaming. By Robert Browning
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Nothing is as invisible as the obvious. By Richard Farson
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Thought is a kind of opium; it can intoxicate us, while still broad awake; it can make transparent the mountains and everything that exists. By Henri Frederic Amiel
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Immaterial as water, too vast for any mortal apprehension, the Web's outstanding qualities allow us to confuse the ungraspable with the eternal. By Alberto Manguel
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The invisible world! By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Phantoms in general are nothing more than trifling disorders of the spirit; images we cannot contain within the bounds of sleep. By Luigi Pirandello
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With true beauty, there is no illusion. By James Philip Head
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I see the invisible. I believe the incredible. I attempt the impossible. By Robert H. Schuller
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Some unexplainable things are real. By John Irving
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For a few seconds I stood there in a strange, dim place. Where the things I could see didn't exist. Where the invisible did. By Haruki Murakami
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I started to feel as though I were disappearing. Perhaps I myself was figment of my own imagination, a storm cloud, a wisp of smoke, a burning ember. By Alice Hoffman
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Reality is a formless lure, And only when we know this Do we dare to be unreal. By Maxwell Bodenheim
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All appearances are real and negatio; sophistical: All reality must be sensation. By Immanuel Kant
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The visible is only the shoreline of the magnificent ocean of the invisible. By John O'donohue
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This world may be only illusion but it's the only illusion we've got. By Edward Abbey
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The abstract artist has given material existence to many unseen worlds and tempi. By Mark Rothko
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Fix your gazes on the invisible. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel By Peter Nivio Zarlenga
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Nothing but a speck we seem In the waste of waters round, Floating, floating like a dream, Outward bound. By Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
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Only that which is absent can be imagined. By Marcel Proust
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Natural Self is the Soul and illusion is the relative self [prakruti]. By Dada Bhagwan
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