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I always say that when I first started, my videos were very veered towards Indian people. By Lilly Singh
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That's one more thing people don't know about Indians: We love to talk dirty. By Sherman Alexie
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I have Indian Blood in me. I have just enough white blood for you to question my honesty! By Will Rogers
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You know what I hate? Indian givers ... no, I take that back. By Emo Philips
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We Indians really should be better liars, considering how often we've been lied to. By Sherman Alexie
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The Indian temperament is so excitable, you know. By Saul Bellow
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In spite of all temptations of belonging to many nations, I've remained an Indian. By Vikram Seth
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We've always seen ourselves as Indian. We've never seen ourselves as Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Buddhists. By Azim Premji
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I'm an Asian guy growing up in London so I see myself as British, but India is part of my culture. By Dev Patel
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There is a lot of Indian connect in 'Million Dollar Arm'. It is about two Indian boys, and we even shot quite a bit of the movie in India. By Madhur Mittal
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It is a great shock at the age of five or six to find that in a world of Gary Coopers you are the Indian. By James Baldwin
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Remember that I am just a woman who is living a very abundant life. Every step I take forward is on a path paved by strong Indian women before me. By Wilma Mankiller
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Everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the power of the world always works in circles. By Black Elk
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I think in my mother tongue. That's Hindi. By Anupam Kher
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I like Indian takeaway. By Nicola Sturgeon
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Once upon a time there was a beautiful Indian maiden, of course. By Stephen Crane
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Some of you think an Indian is like a wild animal. This is a great mistake. By Chief Joseph
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I am the last Englishman to rule in India. By Jawaharlal Nehru
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People from North India are generally known to be aggressive and emotional. By Virat Kohli
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The Indian's intercourse with Nature is at least such as admits of the greatest independence of each. By Henry David Thoreau
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My career means, if you're a non-Indian writing about Indians, at least there's one Indian in your rearview mirror. By Sherman Alexie
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But nothing in India is identifiable, the mere asking of a question causes it to disappear or to merge in something else. By E. M. Forster
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We offer a new way for those people of Indian origin to make a difference in their country - and to make some money. By Will Poole
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Indian believes they ain't but two sins ... bein a coward ... and turnin agin yer own kind. By Forrest Carter
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I cannot understand how anyone can be an Indian and not be proud. By Indira Gandhi
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The thing about being an Indian person is that you feel most at home with your own people. By Winona Laduke
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It's hard to think of myself as an American, and yet I am not from India, a place where I was not born and where I have never lived. By Jhumpa Lahiri
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You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian By An Indian
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To be born in India is to arrive into the world swimming in religion. By Ravi Zacharias
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Ninety-nine percent of Indian people loved me and they still love me. By M. F. Husain
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Being Indian is not blood as much as it is culture. By Tony Hillerman
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Modern India is a product of Hindu tradition, the religion of Islam, and Western civilization. By Gurcharan Das
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Anyone who has used that comforting phrase 'a nice cup of tea' invariably means Indian tea. By George Orwell
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I have known the Indians intimately - known them in their private relations - I think I understand the Indian character pretty well. By George Crook
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I'm a pucca Indian. Bombay is my home. By Zubin Mehta
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We all know you went to India, By E. Lockhart
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The real middle class India that has always been looking for a voice that is its very own. I write about it because I belong to it. By Chetan Bhagat
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The religion of the Indian is the last thing about him that the man of another race will ever understand. By Charles Eastman
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The Indian may seem poor to we rich Westerners but in matters of the spirit it is we who are the paupers and they who are millionaires. By Mark Twain
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Cherokee's American, Ned. It don't get more American than that. By Loren D. Estleman
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It is the simplest fact of Indian life: there are too many Indians. By Paul Theroux
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I am extremely proud to have the surname Ambani. I am proud to be a Gujarati, and above all, an extremely proud Indian. By Anil Ambani
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I know I have a strong India connect. Is it Subhash Chandra Bose or my father who left my Austrian mother when I was one? - Catherine Khan By Tuhin A. Sinha
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In India we celebrate the commonality of major differences; we are a land of belonging rather than of blood. By Shashi Tharoor
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The difference between a white man and an Indian is this- A white man wants to leave money to his children. An Indian wants to leave forests. By Winona Laduke
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I am always fascinated by India. By Gary Ackerman
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The history of the white man in India really jumped up and bit me in the neck. By Roland Joffe
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India is the one place in the world where a man can do as he pleases and nobody asks why; By Rudyard Kipling
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I never knew what language they'd lapse into when fucked - Urdu or Telugu or a mix of both (only the techies came in English). By Manil Suri
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My ambition is to unfold the sources of India in the profound plane of human nature. By Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
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I am most familiar with the Gujarati language. By Narendra Modi
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It's true that I run a multi-national group but I have no interests in India. So please tell me, what should my identity be? By Lakshmi Mittal
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Take an Indian home to lunch. By Jim Morrison
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This is our festival and on this day we are all Indians. We celebrate the festival by maintaining the spirit of brotherhood. By Brinda Karat
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When I die India will be found engraved on my heart. By Queen Mary
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I go with the most interesting thing that comes my way,I don't expect it to come from India to tell you the truth, but if it did, fine by me. By Christoph Waltz
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In India an explanation is often more confusing than what prompted it. By Tahir Shah
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It's not about Indians, it's about people... the overall philosophy is to reconnect all people to nature and inevitably themselves. - Larry Stillday By Michael Meuers
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Brahmin who'd learned the tribal dialects. He refused By Jhumpa Lahiri
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In England I am not English, in India I am not Indian. I am chained to the 1,000 square miles that is Trinidad; but I will evade that fate yet. By V.s. Naipaul
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My wife Neelam is a North Indian, so she will make North Indian food, while my mother will make Bengali food. By Ronit Roy
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My dad was a Punjabi from Amritsar, and my mom is a Punjabi from Kashmir. My dad was a soldier in the Indian Army. By Akshay Kumar
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Malavika Vishwanath. Don't try to say it you'll just piss me off. By Peter Clines
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Millions of Indians are brimming with energy. By Rahul Gandhi
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After riding like a moron all over the place, observe the face of an Indian when he crashes. He is stunned. By Manu Joseph
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Don't go and cook Indian food if you never cooked Indian food, you know? By Wolfgang Puck
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For Indians, chai resolves most things, consoles for the things it can't. By Piers Moore Ede
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India is my motherland. By M. F. Husain
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Once you have felt the Indian dust, you will never be free of it. By Rumer Godden
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Laughter - that is something very sacred especially for us Indians. By John Fire Lame Deer
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India has given me everything. It has made me Vijay Mallya. By Vijay Mallya
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It's all tribal. By Bella Bloom
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She's Cherokee Indian, which is great 'cause whenever we have sex, it rains. By Jay Mohr
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Indians love to reduce the prosaic to the mystic. By Jan Morris
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Sitting down to a meal with an Indian family is different from sitting down to a meal with a British family. By Roland Joffe
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My swadeshi chiefly centers round the handspun khaddar and extends to everything that can be and is produced in India. By Mahatma Gandhi
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I remember flying with Air India to New York quite a few years ago now and I love Indian food, so the fact that I had a curry on board was fantastic. By Phil Collins
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Indian writers have appropriated English as an Indian language, and that gives a certain freshness to the way we write. By Vikas Swarup
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I am first and foremost an actress of Indian origin. By Freida Pinto
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Indians!" Sitting Bull shouted. "There are no Indians left but me! By Dee Brown
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Indians have a big problem with alcohol and drugs. I grew up with an admiration for their culture and was sensitive to their problems. By Kirstie Alley
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I love Indian food, and my favourite dish is dal rice. By Madhur Bhandarkar
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The Britisher is the top dog and the Indian the underdog in his own country. By Mahatma Gandhi
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I'm Lakota Sioux. By Chaske Spencer
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My great grandfather, Raj, was from Punjab, India. My grandmother graduated Rajasthan University. By Joe Biden
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Pukka sahib or rank outsidergentleman or bounderand it's accent, accent, all the way. By Christina Stead
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Above all, India is the land of religion. By Swami Vivekananda
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I need my fill of Indian home cooking. By Waris Ahluwalia
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The joke used to be that in every Indian home, there is the mother, father, children, grandparents, and the anthropologist. By Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
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Was born into a middle-class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras state. By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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I know somebody in every culture. By Timbaland
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To be an Indian in modern American society is in a very real sense to be unreal and ahistorical. By Vine Deloria Jr.
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'Indian policy' has now been brought down upon the American people, and the American people are the new Indians of the 21st Century. By Russell Means
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I like doing business with people in India. By Henrik Fisker
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The extraordinary thing about India is that it's such a family place. It's full of families everywhere. By Danny Boyle
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The country taken as a whole is only fit for the Indian and they had ought ... to possess it, they and their children, forever. By Paul N. Beck
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I've never yet managed to write a novel which didn't have an Indian central character. By Salman Rushdie
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Indian culture certainly gives the Indian mind, including the mind of the Indian scientist, the ability to think out of the box. By Roland Joffe
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I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. By Jan Koum
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My cultural roots are something illusive. By Ang Lee
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