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Not only England, but every Englishman is an island. By Novalis
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I'd never realized how changeless this changeable island was until it turned into something different than I'd ever known. By Maggie Stiefvater
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Islands are metaphors of the heart, no matter what poet says otherwise. By Jeanette Winterson
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I just need to go to like an island or something, By Andre Johnson
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No one is an island. All these entities that drive economic development are interconnected in one sense or another. By Romesh Wadhwani
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Whoever said that thing about how no man is an island probably doesn't live on one. By Tim Hall
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A bird, music and food -desert island items By Michael Johnson
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Hung Island, Georgia, By Robyn Peterman
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In the life of each of us there is a place remote and islanded, and given to endless regret or secret happiness. By Sarah Orne Jewett
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I think anything I do will have an island feel, but I don't want it to be just that; I don't want to be put in a box. By Tessanne Chin
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An island of surety in a changing world. By Bill Veeck
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Still lay the Island-World beneath the whisper of a Dragon's wings. By Marc Secchia
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I have to find a place to hideAn island in the seaSurrounded by a racing tideWhere I can live with me By Laurie Matthew
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Little islands are all large prisons; one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow. By Richard Francis Burton
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Maybe girls need an island to find themselves. Maybe they need a place where no one's is watching them so they can be who they really are By Libba Bray
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No man is an island.""So I'm a peninsula. Only semi-detached. By Rodney Ross
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Privacy is a rare commodity on a small island and secrets weigh heavy on their keepers By Christopher Moore
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Every island to a child is a treasure island. By P.d. James
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Love is an island in the setting sun By Paul Simon
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Hold me hostageHold me tightOn your islandDarkness will turn to light By Frank Julius
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Islands are reminders of arrivals and departures. By Gretel Ehrlich
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We may be a small island, but we are not a small people. By Edward Heath
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the Supreme Alpha Male it's my duty to protect them, so I created this island By Curvy Love Publishing
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Is there an island where people are awesome to each other with Starburst and Diet Pepsi? By Christopher Josephs
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Have any of our friends got off the Island with their families, or what must they submit to? Despotism or destruction, I fear, is their fate. By William Floyd
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There's a small island, inhabited in the South Pacific that I will try to swim to. By Peter Arnett
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Each man is an island unto itself" - Strangman By J.g. Ballard
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We are so manyand many within themselvestravel to far islands but no oneasks for their story ... By Denise Levertov
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For a small island [Great Britain], the place is remarkably diverse. By William Golding
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The fact is, we are not islands and we are far more connected than we know By Elisha
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the Isle of Wight, with occasional visits to By Mary S. Lovell
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Generally, I like all islands. There, it is easier to rule. By Albert Camus
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On an island, anything can happen. In a crime novel, it usually does. By Sharon Bolton
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I'd left Hawaii twice in my life, so I'd been on an island my whole life. I had no clue. I didn't know how to live in a city. By Maggie Q
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My first novel, 'Sacrifice,' was set on the Shetland Islands. By Sharon Bolton
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Sailing to an island unknownFailing to find your way homeyou walk under a sealeagues beneath us By Maggie Stiefvater
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A gem of an island glimmered in the bright, blue sea. Here the winged and webbed, hoofed and horned, mighty and meek, all lived in peace. By Alexis York Lumbard
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There was nothing but a lonely magnificence of sea and islands By Margaret Craven
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Reached only by boat, seaplane and, with less surety, telephone-this is Fire Island, a pile of sand beneath a pile of people. By Al Aronowitz
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Boredom can be a lethal thing on a small island. By Christopher Moore
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If you want to take the island, then burn your boats. With absolute commitment come the insights that create real victory. By Tony Robbins
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A high jeopardy of extinction comes with territory. Islands are where species go to die. By David Quammen
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When you're on a boat, it is this tiny little island where you have to be completely self-sufficient. By J. C. Chandor
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Word has traveled quickly that just because you're on island doesn't mean you have to be strandedas long as you have cash. By Doug Cooper
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But of course, no family is an island unto itself. It is always part of a larger culture: a community. By Richard C. Morais
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I know enough to know that no man is an island. By Richard Branson
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What you see is what you get. The island is imaginative enough. Creativity don't need to be wasted on naming things. By Doug Cooper
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I love the Lonely Island. I wish there was more Lonely Island movies. By Judd Apatow
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I was born in New York, but I'm of Cuban heritage. Maybe there's a little island in my blood. By Nestor Carbonell
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My island was not wild, compared to this. There are such monsters in a palace. By Foz Meadows
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An island Utopia in a modern, busy, everyday world. A land where there are neither rich nor poor. A heaven on earth - without a fence around it. By William Wrigley Jr.
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That's such a great thing about New York, after growing up in a place and being there for twenty plus years, there's still a whole island to discover. By Steven Strait
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Maatsuyker, the wild island south of Tasmania where it rained most days of the year and the chickens blew into the sea during storms. By M.l. Stedman
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I think we all have archipelagoes in our minds. By Ursula K. Le Guin
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A momentous but until then overlooked fact was making itself apparent: I had inadvertently brought myself with me to the island. It By Alain De Botton
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We are the Island of Misfit Toys, all broken or smashed in some way. By Corrine Jackson
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You were a stone wall, a fort in high,unreachable trees, an island, my own island, that no boat could reach. By Deb Caletti
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The hill was a stony island in a sea of green. By George R R Martin
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You own your own island?Doesn't every Greek tycoon? By Lynne Graham
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And there was a beutiful viewBut nobody could seeCause everybody on the islandWas saying Look at me! Look at me. By Laurie Anderson
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The sun, coming hard around the world: the island rises from the sea, sinks, rises, holds. By Peter Matthiessen
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And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries. By Paul Simon
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Funny, just this minute he didn't want much to get away from the island. By Agatha Christie
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Through vigilance, restraint and control the wise will construct and island that no flood will overcome. By Gautama Buddha
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No Man Is An Island; Every Book Is A World. By Gabrielle Zevin
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All men are islands, surrounded by the bottomless oceans of unthinking night. By Charles Stross
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[M]an is not an island, he is more like a spaghetti junction. By Elizabeth Cooke
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Be an island unto yourself. Take refuge in yourself and not in anything else. By Thich Nhat Hanh
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But every home is its own island with its own secrets. By Harlan Coben
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There are no countries in the world less known by the British than those selfsame British Islands. By George Borrow
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She is the only island for you in your life. From her there is no turning back for you. Only around her does the sea have color. By Victor Shklovsky
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I once owned a home on an island off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. By Joseph Monninger
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This island is a hard place to survive and I fear that it has made everything resistant to the cruel hand of death. By Jennifer Arnett
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Castaways on the shores of loneliness By Jean-Dominique Bauby
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I'm from Long Island. Strong Island. By Chris Messina
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The city of Cork - the urban center, where all the shops and bars and everything are - is actually an island, a river island. By John Jeremiah Sullivan
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Micronesia. "It was near Guam," Steve Blauner says. "A guy that sick to By David Evanier
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The island had come to seem one of those places seen from the train that belong to a life in which we shall never take part. By Arthur Ransome
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twenty miles of the sea. My By Charles Dickens
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Then some one said, "We will return no more";And all at once they sang, "Our island homeIs far beyond the wave; we will no longer roam. By Alfred Tennyson
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What I like more than anything is to visit other islands... By George Oppen
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Life rose around my island like a sea, and presently I was swimming. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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We live on a little island of the articulable, which we tend to mistake for reality itself. By Marilynne Robinson
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Old age is an island surrounded by death. By Juan Montalvo
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Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a wonderful little island with beautiful beaches, a great restaurant culture and friendly, welcoming atmosphere. By Helena Christensen
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No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. By Paulo Coelho
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It's funny, but we were living on this small island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina when I was 9. By Josh Lucas
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There are so many different worlds in Long Island. That's why it's so fascinating. Between Great Neck and Montauk, there are 10,000 worlds. By Susan Isaacs
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On the island of tears, we were subjected to every kind of humiliation, By Edna O'brien
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And there was a beautiful view,But nobody could see.'Cause everyone in the Island was saiyng,Look at me! Look at me! By Laurie Anderson
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As a New Yorker, I'm someone who lives on an island and looks across to America. By Laurie Anderson
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No man is an island,' said John Donne. I feel we are all islands -- in a common sea. By Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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I don't feel like I need to be on an island to be enjoying myself and relaxing. By Jon M. Chu
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Love was not an easy thing to find on this island. But it sure was an easy thing to lose By Aishabella Sheikh
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What a splendid king you'd make of a desert island - you and you alone. By Sophocles
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A nice pop star would do you nice on one of those deserted islands. By Tom Felton
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The truth is that a lost empire, lost power and lost wealth provide perfect circumstances for living happily and contentedly in our enchanted island. By Malcolm Muggeridge
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It wasn't Ginger's Island, it was Gilligan's Island. By Sherwood Schwartz
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Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped On Deserted Island For 7 Years By Anonymous
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There is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty. By Alcoholics Anonymous
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