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Jesus consistently put people before rules. By Adam Hamilton
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In the poor we meet Jesus in his most distressing disguises. By Mother Teresa
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I got the best of Jesus. He got the worst of me. By Lecrae
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God - the John Doe of philosophy and religion. By Elbert Hubbard
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Jesus, Son of the Eternal God, have mercy on me. By Michael Servetus
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Jesus revealed a face of God that bothered society profoundly! (Carlos Mesters, p. 122) By Mev Puleo
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In times of suffering, don't turn inward to self-pity or outward to revenge, but turn to the lover of your soul, Jesus. By Crystal Mary Lindsey
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Jesus H. Christ on a stripper pole! By Scott Blagden
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Jesus is the most famous victim of capital punishment. By James Martin
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Jesus, Food of strong souls, strengthen me, purify me, make me godlike By Gemma Galgani
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All you shitheads need Jesus so far as I'm concerned. By Abigail Roux
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What Would Jesus Eat? By Brad Barkley
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Jesus Heals Ten Men With Leprosy By Anonymous
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Jesus fucking shit cock sucking whore in a wicker basket By Jay Mclean
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Jesus must have been a psychopath By Peter Wessel Zapffe
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Jesus makes the bitterest mouthful taste sweet. By Therese Of Lisieux
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Jesus, he meets you where you are. Jesus, he heals your secret scars. By Wayne Watson
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Jesus, Thou art all compassion, pure unbounded love Thou art; Visit us with Thy salvation, enter every trembling heart. By Charles Wesley
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Jesus is the one who brings God to us and us to God. By Pope Francis
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He whom God loveth, He beateth the hell out of. By Jamie Buckingham
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Jesus, the Son of God, is the man of sorrows, but also the man of complete joy. By Henri J.m. Nouwen
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Patience of a saint. The mind of a sinner. By Ella Frank
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The god of the world's leading religion. By Ambrose Bierce
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If we must have a Jesus let us have a legitimate Jesus. By James Joyce
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Jesus always quickens artistic and literary imagination. By Calvin Miller
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You're never more like Jesus than when you're giving. By Johnny Hunt
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The name of Jesus is as ointment poured forth; It nourishes, and illumines, and stills the anguish of the soul. By Angelus Silesius
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Jesus thrown everything off balance. By Flannery O'connor
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Jesus is what God looks like in sandals By John Dominic Crossan
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Jesus was a crackpot. By Rajneesh
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Jesus to me is honey in the mouth, music in the ear, a song in the heart, By Bernard Of Clairvaux
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Jesus Christ seeks to save lost souls. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Jesus Messiah, name above all names, blessed Redeemer, Emmanuel, the rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven, Jesus Messiah, Lord of all. By Chris Tomlin
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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Help me. Please, help me. If you really exist, you skinny jew bastard, help me kill myself. By Hubert Selby Jr.
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Jesus is the center point where God's claim and human response correlate. By Michael Frost
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Jesus Christ in a miniskirt. By Dakota Cassidy
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Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited. By Ambrose Bierce
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Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that men can understand. By S.d. Gordon
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Lord save the suffering souls. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Jesus Christ is my savior. By Rick Scott
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Salvation by the cross.[Lat., In cruce salus.] By Thomas A Kempis
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Jesus is a powerful guy in Hollywood. Not quite as powerful as Vin Diesel, but powerful. By Christian Finnegan
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God himself took this human flesh upon him. By William Barclay
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My Jesus, if you uphold me, I shall not fall. By Philip Neri
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Each one of them is Jesus in disguise. By Mother Teresa
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Christ slackens off all my chains. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Jesus took what I deserved so I could get what He deserved. By Bill Johnson
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Don't swear in the Literal Heart of Jesus. By John Green
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Jesus Christ went to the cross to magnify his ego. By Robert H. Schuller
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Jesus Christ seeks to save the lost souls. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born. By Lawrence M. Krauss
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By the hairy balls of Jesus By Hilary Mantel
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Crucified Christ, when He, mindful of mercy, said, Father, By Augustine Of Hippo
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The most important question any human being will ever face: 'Who do you say that Jesus is?' By Keith Mathison
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Makin' it happen with Jesus! The good life. By Jolake Bivins
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No Jesus, No life. Know Jesus, Know Life. By Anonymous
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Christ on a pus-dripping syphilitic camel, By Ian Tregillis
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Is Jesus a Saviour who saves you, or is he an assistant who helps you save yourself? By Darrin Patrick
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Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ just might be the best short introduction to Biblical scholarship yet. By David Bergland
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Jesus may love you, but i'm his favourite By Darynda Jones
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The mega-strategy of Jesus: make disciples. By David Platt
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Jesus is being lost in a religion bearing his name. By Erwin Mcmanus
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You have Jesus and Jesus has you or you are barren and wasted and lost! By Paul Washer
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Jesus Christ, shepherd of Judea. By Charlaine Harris
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Jesus is the model for living a life of radical love. By Glenn Hager
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Jesus has enough, is enough, and will be enough. By Louie Giglio
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Jesus Christ is God's everything for man's total need. By Richard Halverson
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God's righteousness, By Anonymous
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Failure is nothing but the kiss of Jesus. By Mother Teresa
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God is almighty. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Nobody's seen Jesus in years. By Neil Gaiman
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Jesus Christ saves the lost sheep. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Jesus was lost in his love for God. By Rumi
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Jesus has markers. By Todd Burpo
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Jesus is our Advocate before God. By Charles Stanley
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Christians are hard to tolerate; I don't know how Jesus does it By Bono
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5Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes t that Jesus is the Son of God? By Anonymous
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The messiah is right here. By Karina Halle
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Art. If you don't understand the roots of his suffering, By Thich Nhat Hanh
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Massa Jesus take care of it in His own time, His own way. By Lynn Austin
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Jesus has a special, compassionate concern for those who are broken and needy. By Sinclair B. Ferguson
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The crosses with which our path through life is strewn associate us with Jesus in the mystery of His crucifixion. By John Eudes
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That double-headed monster of damnation and salvationTime. By Samuel Beckett
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Jesus was a suicide, if you ask me. By Marsha Norman
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You are never more like Jesus than when you pray for others. Pray for this hurting world. By Max Lucado
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Jesus is persecuted in every injured saint, and He is mighty to avenge His beloved ones. By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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In the morning when I rise give me Jesus. By Jeremy Camp
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When the Savior Himself was born, there were troubled times. By Joseph B. Wirthlin
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Jesus Christ in a cockwagon. By Jesse Andrews
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Man is the carrier of God's image By Sunday Adelaja
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Jesus takes the chaos of the world upon Himself. By Mark Sayers
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Forget Jesus. Stars died so you could live. By Lawrence M. Krauss
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In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful By Anonymous
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Jesus first, others next, and yourself last spells J-O-Y. By Linda Byler
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In His thirty-three years on earth, Jesus suffered with man; on the cross He suffered for man. By Billy Graham
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Jesus is Santa Claus for Adults By Christopher Hitchens
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Jesus is the antioxidant that terminates all the free radicals (sin) in our lives. Consume more of Jesus and watch your overall health rise! By Alisa Hope Wagner
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The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he's really pissed off. By Bob Hope
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and when he shall die By William Shakespeare
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