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It seems that they're playing with one leg tied together. By Kenny Sansom
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The legs feed the wolf, gentlemen, By Herb Brooks
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I have good legs, and why to hide them? By Ivana Trump
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I have two doctors, my left leg and my right. By G. M. Trevelyan
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Only the legs that run are those that really have muscles! By Israelmore Ayivor
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CLUN (n.) A leg which has gone to sleep and has to be hauled around after you. By Douglas Adams
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How long should a man's legs be? Long enough to touch the ground. By J.d. Salinger
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We have learned that it is better to live with one leg than to spend your life on your knees. By Gregory A. Freeman
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You know why I'm pulling your leg? Because I can't touch it from where I am. By Gene Simmons
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As you can see, I've got legs. I can also assure you that I know how to use them. Any questions? By Nadia Scrieva
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I've had, you know, my leg chopped off. By Heather Mills
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Knees, but they evaporated as the boat picked By Lisa Scottoline
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Call it that if you like. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one. By Robert A. Heinlein
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One foote is better then two crutches. By George Herbert
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The combination of both legs leads to social harmony and material abundance. By Marshall Fritz
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Runners don't run with their legs, they run ON their legs. In reality, they run with their Arms! By Percy Cerutty
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pain that would extend down his spine into one leg or the other, like a wooden stake set aflame and thrust into him: By Hanya Yanagihara
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I wear high heels for long legs. By Georgia May Jagger
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He's got a knock on his shin there, just above the knee. By Frank Stapleton
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I was just pulling your leg and it came off in my hand. By Robert A. Heinlein
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When I'm out with a group I hide in the corner and get legless. I just make sure my friends shield me. By Samantha Mumba
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Winning is about heart, not just legs. It's got to be in the right place. By Lance Armstrong
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could put no weight on the wounded ankle at By Larry Mcmurtry
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Life is all about balance. Since I have only one leg, I understand that well. By Sandy Fussell
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I think my legs are a strong point, so I try to draw attention to them rather than the upper part of my body. By Chloe Sevigny
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I don't really like knees. By Yves Saint-Laurent
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He stood and he only had one leg. The other was like a chunk of burnt pine-log he was carrying along as a penance for some obscure sin. By Ray Bradbury
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When the legs go, the heart and the head follow quickly behind. By Don Meyer
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Taro knelt and tightened the leather laces of his prosthetic leg. Buckles and straps kept the wood attached to his ankle. By C.m. Hayden
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A dedication is a wooden leg. By Edward Young
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Except for a small strip of shin that poked out from between the top of his socks and the bottom of his pants, his legs were purely theoretical. By Tom Perrotta
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My country pays me a little blood money every month in exchange for my leg. She By Sara Pennypacker
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Put legs to your prayers By Ray Comfort
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DISARM ALL RAPISTSBut what will we doWith their legs? By Chocolate Waters
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My legs are still eagerly parting like butter for a hot knife. By Julianna Keyes
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I keep telling you, nobody wants legs like a stick insect. They want a bottom they can park in a bike in and balance a pint of beer on. By Helen Fielding
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It's just a matter of getting those legs back. By Kobe Bryant
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A pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics and a mindset to master the most epic of splits. By Jean-Claude Van Damme
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Irritation. The right lower limb was visible through a fresh cut in the plastic. By Kathy Reichs
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My legs are long but my body is too short. By Sophie Monk
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I have had two knee surgeries on my right knee: that was my jumping leg that I jumped off for years and years. By Caitlyn Jenner
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Everyone has setbacks. I'm no different. I happen to have no legs. That's pretty much the fact. By Oscar Pistorius
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Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them. By Marlene Dietrich
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one leg crossed nonchalantly over the other. By David Mccullough
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A man's legs must be long enough to reach the ground. By Abraham Lincoln
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So the legs are little short, the knees maybe knock a little but who listens? By Gertrude Berg
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Even the most beautiful legs - Marlene Dietrich's, for instance - look better when the kneecap is covered. By Edith Head
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you pinnedmy legs tothe groundwith your feetand demandedi stand up By Rupi Kaur
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Limbs of a dismembered poet. By Horace
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He slipped on the floor and this time his By David Baldacci
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They walked over to it and Brad bent down gingerly: "It's a leg all right," he said. By Shirley Jackson
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shattered the bone and grazed the subclavian artery. I By Arthur Conan Doyle
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My parents always say I have really good legs. I've worked really hard for them. They always insist that I show my legs. By Samaire Armstrong
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Y'did some backcountry doctoring. Right brave, that was. But her thigh looks bad, and we're a day out of Salvation. By Ann Aguirre
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been lame in one foot from By Rudyard Kipling
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I have legs of iron, but to tell you the truth, they're starting to rust and buckle a bit. By Jeanne Calment
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How would you... like my legs?""Out of my way. By Lucian Bane
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Get what start the sinner may, Retribution, for all her lame leg, never quits his track. By Horace
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Shit, its 3 in the morning and ain't shit open at This time of night but legs. By Bengy Sherman
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It doesn't matter how high you lift your leg. The technique is about transparency, simplicity, making an earnest attempt. By Mikhail Baryshnikov
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A little knee time first thing in the day keeps u standing all day! By Evinda Lepins
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My feet is my only carriage. By Bob Marley
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My toe as a lethal weapon! By Azar Nafisi
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Cut my legs off but don't take away my ability to think, dream, and write By Thomas Debaggio
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Taste your legs, sire: put them into motion. By William Shakespeare
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When man wanted to make a machine that would walk he created the wheel, which does not resemble a leg. By Guillaume Apollinaire
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Everybody I know who goes out and plays a little softball, they break their leg. By Nora Ephron
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Four limbs good, six limbs bad. By James L. Cambias
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Was on my last leg, I couldn't even borrow my friend's extra peg. By Sly Stone
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Why did you cut off my toe? By Rick Riordan
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A woman's severed leg had been crammed sideways in the box, the toes of the foot bent back to fit. By Robert Galbraith
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Men's legs have a terribly lonely life - standing in the dark in your trousers all day. By Ken Dodd
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All I can say is what I've always said: If you break your leg, stop thinking about dancing and start decorating the cast. By Warren Zevon
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Ah. How's your leg where I stabbed you?" "It hurts." "Good. By Jennifer A. Nielsen
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For the wickedness of the world is so great you have to run your legs off in order to avoid having them stolen from under you. By Bertolt Brecht
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The legs feed the wolf By Herb Brooks
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His numerous legs, pitifully thin in comparison to the rest of his circumference, flickered helplessly before his eyes. By Franz Kafka
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Her graceful beautifully shaped legs like that, supply soft and By James Joyce
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A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing. By Mhalyn Campos Anonuevo
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Stand, you've been sitting much too long, there's a permanent crease in your right or wrong. By Sly Stone
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Puny human body, my ass! By Margaret Weis
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shoulders. Later, he'd By Erik Valeur
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I won't change my legs. because I'm contented with my long-legged. By Melanie Marquez
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You'll find my leg under the coffee table. By John Green
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People who deliberate fully before they take a step will spend their lives on one leg By Anthony De Mello
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I saw a man with a wooden leg and a real foot. By Steven Wright
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The attack did not succeed as well as I had hoped, no small impediment having been the loss of my right leg. By Peter Stuyvesant
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In thigh-high yellow leather boots Plump Saphonisba strides. Too bad that, just to hide her calves, Two calves have lost their hides. By X.j. Kennedy
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A bird's wing, comrades," he said, "is an organ of propulsion and not of manipulation. It should therefore be regarded as a leg. By George Orwell
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My darling father gave me some decent getaway sticks - my legs are OK. By Julie Bowen
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To stand strongly, we need three legs: Two legs and a work that will keep us busy! By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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I'm about to enter a national ass-kicking contest. With no legs. And a massive ass. By Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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What a leg. What an air. A most engaging smile. By Georgette Heyer
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The hospital, by necessity, may send a man home with one leg less: but it will not (in a creative rapture) send him home with one leg extra. By G.k. Chesterton
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You cannot fall or stumble while on your kneels By Ikechukwu Joseph
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I pimp hard on a trick, look / Fuck if ya leg broke, bitch - hop up on ya good foot By Jay-Z
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An achilles, if it doesn't heal right, there could be a danger of not playing again. By Kevin Pietersen
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A horse stumbles that hath foure legges.[A horse stumbles that has four legs.] By George Herbert
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The last thing I ever thought would ever happen to me was losing my legs. By Ron Santo
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