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Futilitarianism. By Arthur C. Clarke
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Liberalism doesn't speak to ideals. Radicalism does. By Jeff Sharlet
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The one thing people are the most liberal with, is their advice. By Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved. By Aristotle.
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I claim neither liberalism nor conservatism - one tends to be airheaded while the other tends to be brickheaded. By Criss Jami
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Liberalism demands that people without guns be able to tell people with guns what to do. By Stephen Holmes
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Liberalism is moral syphilis. And I'm stepping over it. By Jonathan Bowden
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Ideology-the permission to hate. By Marty Rubin
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I don't think really conservative or liberal; I think what makes sense. By Benjamin Carson
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Liberalism can only be defined negatively. It is a mere critique, not a living idea. By Francis Parker Yockey
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I am a liberal. I want everyone to be well. By Diego Della Valle
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A liberal education ... frees a man from the prison-house of his class, race, time, place, background, family and even his nation. By Robert M. Hutchins
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The program of classical liberalism, condensed into a single word, would have to read: property. By Ludwig Von Mises
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The ultimate tendency of liberalism is vegetarianism. By Norman Mailer
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Much of modern liberalism consists of people trying to get revenge on the football players they felt inferior to in school. By Steve Sailer
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In crude Marxist terms, liberals have a theory of infallible government that is constantly at war with the reality of life. By Jonah Goldberg
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The West has given us the liberal miracle of individual rights, individual responsibility, merit, and human satisfaction. By Ibn Warraq
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Liberalism itself, is, on all matters connected with Church and Education, only a kind of corporate and "respectable" ungodliness. By Henry Parry Liddon
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Liberalism denies that there is any fixed or universal human nature. By Nancy Pearcey
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My generation of the Sixties, with all our great ideals, destroyed liberalism, because of our excesses. By Camille Paglia
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Conservatism is the politics of reality By William F. Buckley Jr.
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A liberal is a noble and indispensable lunatic who tries to make a cosmos of his own head. By G.k. Chesterton
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The ultimate good in a liberal state is liberty. By Michael Ignatieff
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Ideology has shaped the very sofa on which I sit. By Mason Cooley
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I am a Liberal, yet I am a Liberal tempered by experience, reflexion, and renouncement, and I am, above all, a believer in culture. By Matthew Arnold
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The left controls academia, the culture, and the news media. By Monica Crowley
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The lunatic fringe in all reform movements. By Theodore Roosevelt
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I'm not a liberal, I'm a radical! By Mort Sahl
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I want to reclaim 'liberal.' I'm a liberal, and I think most Americans are liberals. By Al Franken
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I hate liberality - nine times out of ten it is cowardice, and the tenth time lack of principle. By Henry Addington
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Anyone who is not a liberal in his youth has no heart. Anyone who remains so as he matures has no brain! By Winston Churchill
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The Left corrupts everything it touches By Dennis Prager
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We are liberal and tolerant because we are prosperous. By Jeff Rubin
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The word liberal comes from the word free. We must cherish and honor the word free or it will cease to apply to us. By Eleanor Roosevelt
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Economic knowledge necessarily leads to liberalism By Ludwig Von Mises
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The thirst to know and understand, a large and liberal discontent. By William Watson
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Liberal dominance of important areas of America's social and political life has undermined many of the virtues that have sustained this country. By Mona Charen
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Liberals are my friends, my colleagues, my social world. By Jonathan Haidt
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Atheism, which is mere emptiness and too depressing for words, and leads to socialism. By Julian Barnes
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LIBERAL, n. A man with his mind open at both ends. By Colin Falconer
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It's interesting that when economic times were the hardest, that's when many people embraced liberalism. By Oliver Stone
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Liberalism is the right to question without being called a heretic. That's what America did for the world. By Jack Nicholson
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A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. By G. Gordon Liddy
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I grew up in a very liberal place. By Jamie Dornan
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The Liberal State is a mask behind which there is no face; it is a scaffolding behind which there is no building. By Benito Mussolini
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Liberal education reminds those members of a mass democracy who have ears to hear, of human greatness. By Leo Strauss
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The Democratic Party: Con-men elected by the ignorant and the arrogant. By John Ray
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As for myself, 'total liberal outlook on life and politics' is not an accurate description. By John Harwood
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If Communism was liberalism in a hurry, liberalism is Communism in slow motion. By Joseph Sobran
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[C]apitalism--democracy's sidekick By Laura Kelly
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Libertarianism. A simple-minded right-wing ideology ideally suited to those unable or unwilling to see past their own sociopathic self-regard. By Iain Banks
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So much of contemporary liberalism seems to be never having grown up. By Jay Nordlinger
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A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. By Tom Wolfe
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The truth is that liberal humanism is at once largely ineffectual, and the best ideology of the 'human' that present bourgeois society can muster. By Terry Eagleton
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I am asking for Liberal Fascists, for enlightened Nazis. By H.g.wells
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Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others. By Jon Postel
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Liberal learning is both a safeguard against false ideas of freedom and a source of true ones. By Alfred Whitney Griswold
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The fatal historical mistake of liberalism is to see no enemy on the left, to consider that the enemy is always on the right. By Anonymous
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What is the difference between a parasite and a liberal? The spelling! By Ziad K. Abdelnour
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For me, liberals are people who seek to use government to promote the general welfare. By Douglas Massey
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Companionate Conservatism - Making the streets safer before people are kicked out onto them. By Dennis Miller
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Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else's money. By Carter Glass
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Discoveries made during the last hundred years have shown that liberalism is the best system to improve a country's well being. By Marc Forne Molne
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I am not a liberal, not a conservative, not a believer in gradual progress, not a monk. I should like to be a free artist and nothing more. By Anton Chekhov
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I realized that no one needed to make fun of liberalism. It was hilarious on its own. By Greg Gutfeld
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A liberal is a man who wants to use his own ideas on things in preference to generations who he knows know more than he does. By Will Rogers
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The free lunch is the essence of modern liberalism. By Charles Krauthammer
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Conservatism is not a political ideology, it is a severe form of brain damage for which there's hardly any cure. By Malachy Mccourt
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There's no ideology, only people. By Peter Tieryas
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Except for talk radio, liberals pretty much control the culture. By Bernard Goldberg
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Justine's virtue, in action, is the liberal lie in action, a good heart and an inadequate methodology. By Angela Carter
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The hand of liberality is stronger than the arm of power. By Saadi
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All political and religious systems have their root and their strength in the innate conservatism of the human mind, and its intense fear of autonomy. By Suzanne La Follette
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I'm apolitical. Where all that Conservative business came along from, I don't know. By Cilla Black
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I've always been very liberal when it comes to people thinking for themselves. By Clint Eastwood
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It does strange things to you to realize that the conservative establishment is forcing you to be a progressive liberal fighter for universal rights. By Brandon Sanderson
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armed with the discourse of counter-ideology. By Andrew V. Uroskie
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No one is responsible under liberalism. By David Horowitz
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Liberality is not giving much, but giving wisely. By Benjamin Franklin
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The fruit of liberal education is not learning, but the capacity and desire to learn, not knowledge, but power. By Charles William Eliot
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I'm a liberal, I was born a liberal, and I will be a liberal 'til the day I die. By Helen Thomas
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My family had liberal positions. By Emma Bonino
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I'm actually quite conservative. By Peta Wilson
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A liberal, it turns out, is a conservative who's been indicted. By William Landay
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a liberal who used human-rights issues to benefit and free criminals rather than think of the victim's By Eric Rickstad
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To me, the failure of liberalism - the tradition I come from - was not recognizing there has to be justice across the generations. By Richard Lamm
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A Liberal authority is someone or something that earns society's respect through making things happen that unify society and suppress its enemy. By Jonathan Haidt
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A modern liberal is someone who doesn't care what you do, as long as it's compulsory. By M. Stanton Evans
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Liberal capitalism is not perfect, but compared to the other 'isms,' it's far superior. By Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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There's no ideology, only people. And By Peter Tieryas
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Progressivism, liberalism, or whatever you want to call it has become an ideology of power. So long as liberals hold it, principles don't matter. By Jonah Goldberg
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A liberal mind is a mind that is able to imagine itself believing anything. By Max Eastman
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What if democracy does not serve liberty? This question is seldom asked in the West, where democracy is often seen as synonymous with liberalism. By Mustafa Akyol
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A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money. By Amiri Baraka
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Thanks to TV and for the convenience of TV, you can only be one of two kinds of human beings, either a liberal or a conservative. By Kurt Vonnegut
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I'm not allowed to be as liberal as I would like to be, you know? I'd do a lot more damage if I could! By Ceelo Green
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I still believe in liberalism today as much as I ever did, but, oh, there was a happy time when I believed in liberals ... By Gilbert K. Chesterton
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The Left is totalitarian in its nature By Dennis Prager
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I'm severely conservative. By Mitt Romney
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