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i never told the truth so i can never tell a lie... By Tom Waits
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I lie as truthfully as I can. By Charles Bukowski
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You will lie to everyone you love. They will love you anyways. By Shinji Moon
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Love a lie. But a real lie, a true lie. By Adrian Barnes
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I don't really lie about anything, I have to be honest. I like to live with the truth. By Lisa Vanderpump
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Never waste a lie; you never know when you may need it. By Mark Twain
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Lies are like a treadmill with no off switch. You have to keep walking or you'll fall off. By Iris St. Clair
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Never lie in writing. By Mason Cooley
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Don't lie. Life is a puzzle and we are all unique pieces. When you lie, you make it impossible to find your true place in the grand design. By Steve Maraboli
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A lie cannot live. By Martin Luther King Jr.
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You don't have to lie if you know how to withhold the truth. By Ruskin Bond
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But I know a lie when I hear one. By Elizabeth Scott
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I'm a lying liar who lies. By Kelley York
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From now until the end of your days, you must lie. Your life depends on it, little lightning girl. By Victoria Aveyard
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The thing about lying is, it is quite exhausting - you have to remember a lot. By Rupert Everett
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could lie as well By David Baldacci
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I'm not smart enough to lie By Ronald Reagan
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One can lie, but truth is more interesting. By Enid Bagnold
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Stop lying by omission By Rachel Caine
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One of my biggest problems in life has been my inability to lie. By Billy Childish
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The best lies to tell are the ones people want to believe By Jasper Fforde
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Keep your lies short and simple. By Mason Cooley
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By telling lie you can hide the truth, but u can't reject it. By Munendra Dwivedi
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Apply the lie detector to everything. You will be amazed at how many lies you will discover. Beware tough, you may discover that you are a lie. By Bangambiki Habyarimana
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What is a lie? It's a distortion of reality, presented as reality. By James Patterson
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Lying is easy. But it's lonely. By Victoria Schwab
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Well, I do lie for a living. I'm an actor. By Sarah Wayne Callies
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Tell the truth, lies are difficult to remember. By William Cranch Bond
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Don't live a lie because everyone around you already knows it's not the truth. By Shannon Lynette
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You lie long enough and you start to get used to it. By Pittacus Lore
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For peace of mind, I will lie about any thing at any time. By Amy Hempel
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The first step toward telling the truth is to tell the whole lie. By Robert Breault
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An Important thing : never lie to yourself, for real ... worst thing is when you lie to yourself, you just keep doing it and you don't know. By Nicky Kastrati
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I do not mind lying but I hate inaccuracy By Christopher Fowler
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A lie is like a cat: you need to stop it before it gets out the door or it's really hard to catch. By Charles M. Blow
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I only lie to people I care about. So try to feel honored. By Kyra Davis
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I don't lie," I lied. By Holly Black
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I know a lie when I hear one. By Adrian Mitchell
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I didn't lie! I just created fiction with my mouth! By Homer
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A lie is like a pet- you have to take care of it, or it'll turn on you and bite you in the ass. By Matthew Woodring Stover
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Sometimes you have to lie. One often has to distort a thing to catch its true spirit. By Robert J. Flaherty
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Try to live so that you can always tell the truth. By Jonathan Safran Foer
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If people around me didn't lied, I would also won't lie! By Deyth Banger
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A lie to me is a dream that might come true. By Malachy Mccourt
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I will never lie to you. By Jimmy Carter
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If you tell a lie, tell a big one. By Joseph Goebbels
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When you believe your lie, it will curse your life forever. By Robert Ahaness
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What is a lie? It is to say what is real is not real. It is to deny the existence of what exists. By Peter Nivio Zarlenga
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Never lie to people, because the people you are able to lie to, are the people who trust you. By Will Smith
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The truth can deceive as well as a lie. By Marie Rutkoski
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Lies will come back to bite you in the butt By Charlaine Harris
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Lying won't get you anything but misery. By Dean Koontz
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I don't like being lied to. By Patrick Wilson
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I'd lie for you and that's the truth. By Meat Loaf
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Not only do I lie, I take real pleasure in lying, in the transmission of magic effects. By Ricky Jay
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I didn't lie, I was writing fiction with my mouth.Homer Simpson By Matt Groening
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A lie is not a lie if you don't know you're lying. By Dima Zales
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Sometimes we need to lie to protect our happiness." I By Davonna Juroe
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That's not fair. I like lying to you. It makes my life easier. By Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Lies, my dear boy, can easily be recognized. There are two kind of them: those with short legs, and those with long noses. Your kind have long noses. By Carlo Collodi
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One must lie under certain circumstances and at all times when one can't do anything about them. By Harper Lee
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I am such a bad liar. I would like to lie, though. By Natalie Imbruglia
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When you 'lie' to me, you don't 'lie down' or lay.Even after the game you still want to play. By Munia Khan
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In the interests of Truth, I would lie. By Frances Hardinge
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If you tell a lie, always rehearse it. If it don't sound good to you, it won't sound good to anybody. By Satchel Paige
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I smile. I lie. By Ally Carter
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Why would anybody lie? The truth is always more colourful. By Jerry Hall
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Lie to yourself until it's true. By Jodi Picoult
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Why would anyone lie? The truth is always more colorful. By James Hall
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A lie is a lieeven if everyone believes it. By Anonymous
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Sometimes lies are most necessary with our friends. By Brent Weeks
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You are allowed to lie a little, but you must never mislead. By Paul Halmos
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It's not a lie. It's a gift for fiction. By David Mamet
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Sometimes you need lies to stay alive. By Mira Grant
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The key to lying skillfully is never lie to yourself. By Tammara Webber
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Live not by lies! By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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You can lie through your teeth, but your teeth don't lie By Charles Bosworth Jr.
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I tell lies somewhere else, but not here, not in front of myself. By Robert Walser
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Everybody hates lie but nobody wants to hear the truth. By Anurag Bhatt
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When you want to fool the world, tell the truth. By Otto Von Bismarck
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Lying is an art. A good lie shouldn't be embellished so much. By David Eddings
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Lying isn't something you should be proud of, but be grateful if you've gained a talent for doing it correctly. By Kate C. Conner
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Maybe it's not really lying if you barely know you're doing it. It should be true. It's the way it should be, in an ideal world. By Harriet Lane
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I am a lie who always speaks the truth. By Jean Cocteau
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I've lied all my life. I'm just now learning how to tell the truth, and I'm not going to start playing games again, especially not with you. By Collette West
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A good lie does not exist. By Duop Chak Wuol
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You will be amazed to find how easy it is to lie, even to those you love best. By Alice Hoffman
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I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me. By S.e. Hinton
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I just have an inability to lie. By Paloma Faith
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Didn't lie give you By Roderic Jeffries
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Some people say it's easy to lie. This may be true for them, but the hard part is remembering the lie because a lie has no memory. By Virginia Vayna
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It is not a lie to keep the truth to oneself. By D.c. Fontana
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The truth is? Everyone lies. Every single person. By Carrie Arcos
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I can't tell a lie - not even when I hear one. By John Kendrick Bangs
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take out your love from lies... or you will get a lot to loose. By Toge Aprilianto
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The easiest lies to tell are the ones you want to be true. By Holly Black
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If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself! By Paolo Koeljo
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If you will lie about the little things, before long you'll lie about bigger things. By Joel Osteen
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Lies are essential to humanity. They are perhaps as important as the pursuit of pleasure and moreover are dictated by that pursuit. By Marcel Proust
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I think you can never ever lie, ever. If you don't know, say, 'I don't know'. By Gore Verbinski
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