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If you want to create, you'll create... By Charles Bukowski
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The things that I make are that which a person will make. They're not meant to mimic nature. They are nothing but the result of a hand of a person. By Andy Goldsworthy
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Creating things sometimes is difficult. By Warren Littlefield
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You don't make a movie, the movie makes you. By Jean-Luc Godard
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Build, don't tellShow , don't sell By Anonymous
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I'm a fake fact factory. The things I make are the things I make up. Also, as a side business, I make love. Actually, I just made that up. By Dora J. Arod
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Our intention is that people use MakerBots to have a positive impact on the world. By Bre Pettis
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A wise man can't seriously make himself anything, only a fool makes himself anything. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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I don't have time. I make it. By Shu Yi
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Make-believe is belief in the making. By Castells, Manuel
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What I cannot create, I do not understand. By Richard Feynman
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You can either watch TV or you can make TV. By Joss Whedon
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Everyday I create myself... By Dan Brown
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I don't think anyone has made me except myself. I think I have done it on my own. By Esha Gupta
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There are more people in the world who make things than there are people who think of things to make. By Syd Mead
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He who would know the world must first manufacture it. By Immanuel Kant
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but to create a real feeling - made By Zadie Smith
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You can make something out of nothing. By Watkin Tudor Jones
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I'm a creator at heart. By Michelle Phan
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Behold this day. It is yours to make. By Black Elk
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Create something. Create something ugly. Create something beautiful. I don't care what it is. Create it. By Jill Telford
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You can make anything by writing. By C.s. Lewis
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You make me love you... By Jennifer Niven
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We make our purpose. By Carl Sagan
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You know some people say that you make watches or perfume bottles, it's all different things. By Marc Newson
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I would draw a really sharp distinction between creating and producing. I think that they're very different things. By Eleanor Catton
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Don't just consume things, create things By Barack Obama
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I don't make culture. I sell it. By Dick Clark
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The fun of living is that we have to make ourselves, after all. By Robert Henri
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Each of us has the ability to create By Sunday Adelaja
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We have to create; it is the only thing louder than destruction. By Andrea Gibson
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Create. Don't Compete. By W.chan Kim
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One day Trurl the constructor put together a machine that could build anything beginning with the letter 'n'. By Stanislaw Lem
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Don't wait for someone to enable you to make something. By Desiree Akhavan
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I dont understand how people live without creating By Samuel L. Jackson
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A creative person has to # create . By Katherine Dunham
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I want to continue making things. By Hideo Kojima
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when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create. By Why The Lucky Stiff
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Making something is HardMaking something you don't even CARE ABOUT isEVEN HARDER . By Jon Westenberg
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Opportunity is manufactured By Biz Stone
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Crafting, as the title suggests, By Harbor City Apps
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There's no 'Self made' we're all dependent. By Nick
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I have decided that we shall make and build and never give way. By Lee Kuan Yew
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I love making things for people. By Nikki Reed
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I want to make something, and I want people to know I made it. By Joey Comeau
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Today's make believe is tomorrow's creativity. By K. Lamb
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Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people. By Brion James
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One of the most important things a person can learn to do is to make something out of whatever he or she happens to have at the moment. By Fred Rogers
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Critique by creating. By Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Monsters are made By Victoria Aveyard
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If you would create something,you must be something. By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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We all are manufacturers in a way - making good, making trouble or making excuses. By H. V. Adolt
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Philosophers think, creators make! By Stephen Richards
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When you build what you need, you can also assess the quality of what you make quickly and directly, instead of by proxy. Mary By Jason Fried
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Learning to create is essential, necessary, vital & fundamental. It is the centrepiece in which you create the life that you really want By John Whitmore
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Whatever you create in your life you must first create in your imagination By Daniel Marques
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We'll make our own enough. By Rainbow Rowell
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Everything I make starts very personally. By Baz Luhrmann
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Everything is made, but only people make things. I mean, how can a thing exist if it isn't made ? How can a shape be a shape if it isn't shaped ? By Rob Davis
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He who does not know how to create should not know. By Antonio Porchia
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I wanted to make something that I wanted to hear that I wasn't hearing. By Kathleen Hanna
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The key is to make it. By Dj Khaled
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I make bean stalks, I'm A builder, like yourself. By Edna St. Vincent Millay
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I wanted to make some of the really important things of my generation and some of the biggest. By Niki De St. Phalle
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Opportunities? I make opportunities. By Napoleon Bonaparte
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I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart. By Louise Hay
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Something you have to make ... It's all work, work. By Joyce Cary
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My personal mission has always been to empower people to be creative. But the Holy Grail of a tinkerer is to make something that makes something. By Bre Pettis
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That's a maker," Isidore said. "That's the way they are. Creativity in large and small ways defines their nature in everything they do. By Terry Goodkind
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Its not the love you make. It's the love you give. By Nikola Tesla
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Make more than dust. By David Levithan
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People like you must create. If you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society. By Maria Semple
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Ensure it feels like it's made by humans, for humans. By Stefan Sagmeister
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provide for you. By Sheila Newberry
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Creating something is all about problem-solving. By Philip Seymour Hoffman
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I'm an image-maker. By David Bailey
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Creating means living. By Dejan Stojanovic
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When you want to talk about who made me, you talk to me. Who made me is ME. By Muhammad Ali
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It's time to stop waiting to be asked and start creating. By Jeff Goins
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We hire people who want to make the best things in the world. By Steve Jobs
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I make clothes; women make fashion. By Azzedine Alaia
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Maker - their word for worm, By Frank Herbert
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Can't you see ... that I made it? Yeah I made it First I made you who you are, but then I made it. By Drake
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I can make just such ones if I had tools, and I could make tools if I had tools to make them with. By Eli Whitney
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You make something. You give up expressing and start inventing. By Harry Mathews
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First, I don't make love. I fuck, hard. By E.l. James
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I just want to make something that I love and people will respect. By Daveigh Chase
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Creating is about sharing ideas, sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people. By Shepard Fairey
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Ideas are cheap -- making something of them is difficult By Anne Sigismund Huff
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The way to create something great is to create something simple. By Richard Koch
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I don't make love . . I fuck . . hard By E.l. James
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To create, one must first question everything. By Eileen Gray
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[I want to build] the biggest apparel company in human history. By Kanye West
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I want to make smart television. By Michael Ironside
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Man must seek is Maker. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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One of the many possible divisions of human beings is into those who make and those who use. By Nan Fairbrother
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Producing is a thankless task akin to hotel management. Unfortunately, there are not too many good hotel managers. By David Hemmings
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I'm ready to create. By John Galliano
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We had grain but no mills, so I designed a special mill of wood so we could make flour. By Mikhail Kalashnikov
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It's time to stop producing stuff, and start producing fun. By John Sherman
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