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Sometimes a memory is a thing that can't be explained using words. By Cath Crowley
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Memory is stupid, ain't it? By Patrick Ness
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Time's the thief of memory By Stephen King
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Memory is a few lines snipped from a larger story that we are privileged to tuck away between the pages of our minds. By Craig D. Lounsbrough
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Memory should be the starting point of the present. By Dwight D. Eisenhower
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There are basically two types of memory which can either be long or short term. By Marc Collingwood
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Memory is the residue of thought By Daniel T. Willingham
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Memory is a fickle thing, a flickering light in a darkroom of possibilities. By Kent Nerburn
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Memory is a cloudy, disjointed thing - like disconnected dreams with images scattered and thrown to settle where they please. By Patti Callahan Henry
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Memory is hunger. By Ernest Hemingway,
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Memory is the binding foam of our mental life. By Abhijit Naskar
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Memory at last has what I sought. By Wislawa Szymborska
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Memory is the power to revive again in our minds those ideas which after imprinting have disappeared, or have been laid aside out of sight. By John Locke
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I've always been fascinated by the operation of memory - the way in which it is not linear but fragmented, and its ambivalence. By Penelope Lively
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Memory is a magnet. It will pull to it and hold only material nature has designed it to attract. By Jessamyn West
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I suppose memory has at least two faces, and capricious ones at that. By Darin Strauss
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It is easy to create a memory, but it is almost impossible to forget. By Debasish Mridha
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The memory seems both real and unreal, reliable and tenuous, solid and insubstantial. By Rabih Alameddine
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Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. - Cicero By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Memory is not just the imprint of the past time upon us; it is the keeper of what is meaningful for our deepest hopes and fears. By Rollo May
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My memory is good for some things and not others. By Ann Brashares
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Memory is each man's own last measure, and for some, the only achievement. By William Least Heat-Moon
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Memory - the very skin of life. By Elizabeth Hardwick
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We move so fast that memory is something we can only grasp By Ai Weiwei
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Memory is the scaffolding upon which all mental life is constructed. By Gerald Fischbach
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Memory is an illusion, nothing more. It is a fire that needs constant tending. By Ray Bradbury
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Memory is dialogic and arises not only from direct experience but from the intercourse of many minds. By Oliver Sacks
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Memory is useful because it gives us a sense of continuity. But memory is also imprisoning because it conditions us in predictable ways. By Deepak Chopra
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No memory is anything more than a personal choice. By Chuck Palahniuk
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Memory all to easily accommodates the corruption of regret. By Dana Spiotta
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Memory is weak, imagination strong. By Marty Rubin
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The computing world is very good at things that we are not. It is very good at memory. By Eric Schmidt
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It is memory that provides the heart with impetus, fuels the brain, and propels the corn plant from seed to fruit. By Joy Harjo
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All memory can do is scream for touch. By Kathy Acker
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Memory - that fiend, that cruel enemy of comfort. By Paullina Simons
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(in some cases) ... a good memory is unpardonable By Jane Austen
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Memory is the basis of every journey. By Stephen King
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Memory is an act of meaning-making. It collects the disparate pieces of our lives and distills them. By Rebecca Mcclanahan
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Memory is the scribe of the soul By Aristotle.
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Memory is the worst lender; It lends not until it borrows. And it borrows not unless it is broke at the previous lending. By Ashfaq Saraf
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Memory is not frozen, it's very much alive, it moves, it changes. By Louis Malle
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Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories - and telling other people a somewhat different version of our stories. By Alice Munro
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Of all the faculties of the mind, memory is the first that flourishes, and the first that dies. By Charles Caleb Colton
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The Mind of a Mnemonist By Temple Grandin
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Memory, of all the powers of the mind, is the most delicate and frail. By Ben Jonson
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If technology is not a metaphor for memory, what is it? By K.k. Raghava
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The funny thing about memory is that it can't be fully trusted, and yet, in the end, it's the only truth we have. By Mindscape
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Memory is the keyword which combines past with present, past and future. By Elie Wiesel
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Memory is of no use to the remembered, only to those who remember. We build ourselves with memory and console ourselves with memory. By Laurent Binet
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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. By William Gibson
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Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lost By Kevin Arnold
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Memory is what makes us young or old. By Alfred De Musset
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Memory cannot exist without endurance of the things perceived, and the thing perceived cannot remain where it has never been. By William Harvey
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Memory selects single important images, just as the camera does. In that manner both are able to isolate the highest moments of living. By Galen Rowell
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Memory is a strange Bell - Jubilee, and Knell. By Emily Dickinson
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the currency of the future will be memory By Dean Cavanagh
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Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved. By Thomas Fuller
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Memory. My poison, my food. By Eduardo Galeano
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Everyone has their own version of a memory, By Gillian Flynn
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Memory is curated. All this paraphernalia you collect to ward off forgetting By Lauren Beukes
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Memory is a paradise out of which fate cannot drive us. By Alexandre Dumas-Fils
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Memory is a rehearsal for a show that never goes on. By Jonathan Lethem
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Memory, if it is anything at all, is unreliable. By Mira Bartok
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The memory represents to us not what we choose but what it pleases. By Michel De Montaigne
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Memory is fiction, By Keith Richards
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A person's memory is everything, really. Memory is identity. It's you. By Stephen King
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Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age. By Lactantius
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The future is created through memory. By Dacia Maraini
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The memory is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. By Taylor Mali
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Memory runs by its own itinerary, departing and arriving at stations of the past on its own schedule. By Steve Erickson
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create memories. By John C. Maxwell
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And what is memory but a rope slung across time? By Jeanette Winterson
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Memory is a drug. Memory can hold you against your strength and against your will ... By Beryl Markham
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Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin. By Barbara Kingsolver
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The memory will most likely come to me when I least expect it. When I'm in the middle of something else. By S.a. Tawks
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Memory may be mischievous but it is also remarkable, self-cleaning, creative, ultimately as magical as a prediction. By David Schmahmann
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Memory can only hold a piece of that which we lose, but it is a piece. By Craig D. Lounsbrough
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Memory, like so much else, is unreliable. Not only for what it hides and what it alters, but also for what it reveals. By Anna Funder
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Memory is a haunting. By Kim Stanley Robinson
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Memory is the most malicious cutter of all, preserving, recasting, panning in slow motion across the awful bits so that we retain every detail. By Colson Whitehead
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The charm, one might say the genius, of memory is that it is choosy, chancy and temperamental. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Memory is a great betrayer. By Anais Nin
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A memory is not the thing remembered. By Patrick Ness
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Memory is essential to who we are, and memories can be both implicit and explicit - unconscious and conscious. By Siri Hustvedt
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Memory shrinks until it fits in a fist memory shrinks without forgetting By Fady Joudah
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Memory is the fourth landscape. By Janet Fitch
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Memory is a snare, pure and simple; it alters, it subtly rearranges the past to fit the present. By Mario Vargas-Llosa
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How the mind works, by what strange paths it pursues memory. By Lance Weller
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Memory becomes not a faculty but a coconspirator, a tool for constructing the self that we show the world. By David Carr
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Without memory there are no worries. By James Cook
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Memory is the miser of the mind; forgetfulness the spendthrift. By Robert Green Ingersoll
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What we refer to confidently as memory is really a form of storytelling that goes on continually in the mind and often changes with the telling. By William Maxwell
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The only right memory, is the one that first comes to you. By Franny Billingsley
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Memory has strange power keeps full data of the past. By Kishore Bansal
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Hunger steals the memory By Louise Erdrich
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are three main types of memory in the human brain; By Ryan Cooper
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Memory is like a curse. We fall into eternity, and memory is a weight that keeps pulling us to where we can never go back to. By Jose Luis Peixoto
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Memory is quite central for me. Part of it is that I like the actual texture of writing through memory ... By Kazuo Ishiguro
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A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial. By Clifton Fadiman
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Memory is always in art, even when it works involuntarily. By Harold Bloom
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