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I am a feminist with a capital 'F' . By Laura Benanti
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OLD FRIENDS. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net. By Andrew Lang
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I'm a big goofball, you know. Don't tell anyone that, but I'm a big goofball. In Australia we call it a dag. By Hugh Jackman
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The N.B.A. is not an easy job. As you get older, you play this game for 82 games a year, and you play 11 or 12 years, your body tends to break down. By Amar'e Stoudemire
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F.E.A.R. Stood for face everything and recover By Jennifer Weiner
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f fear is too strong, the genius is suppressed By Robert T. Kiyosaki
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Oh Ford, oh Ford! By Aldous Huxley
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I eat "NOs" for breakfast. By Jeff Henderson
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Nac Mac Feegle! The Wee Free Men! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! We willna' be fooled again! By Terry Pratchett
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Fem-i-nist Fight Club / n. Your crew, your posse, your girl gang; your unconditionally helpful professional support system; your ride-or-die homies. By Jessica Bennett
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Enuff Z'nuff is one of the most underrated bands in the world! By Steven Van Zandt
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I call these naughties - just like your Uncle sometimes... By Michael N. Wilton
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Nobody tells me f-k all! By Ozzy Osbourne
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Sweet potato fries By Jamie Mcguire
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f You received without paying; give without pay. By Anonymous
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that fucking motherfucker By Kristen Ashley
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I don't think I've ever said this before, but it's time I did. I'm in love with you Narian. By Cayla Kluver
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Naina is one of the most special films & special characters that I've played in recent times By Deepika Padukone
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In rebellion against the typical British-type dry flies, I created the Wulff series. By Lee Wulff
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Nincompoops. (Quincy, By Raven Pitts
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Woord is but wynd; leff woord and tak the dede. By John Lydgate
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L -Life I -IsF -ForE -Entertainment By Davina
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F. An F? She gulped air. An F! Failure. Failurino. Failurocity. Failtacular. Failpendous. Epic ... fail. By Olivia Cunning
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I didn't know what narcissism was until I beheld my own naricssus. By Charles Kuralt
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I'm fresh out of fucks to give. By Tucker Max
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I will NOT let the motherfuckers win. By Mark A. Tuschel
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Afrikander cattle. By Justin Cartwright
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Our nannas are losers. By Barbara Park
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Semper Fi! MotherFucker! By U.s. Marine Corps
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Nick as in my former boyfriend Nick. Ex-rat, ex-boyfriend, ex-alive if I ever got hold of him Nick. By Kim Harrison
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The very word 'Anfield' means more to me than I can describe. By Bill Shankly
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french kissesfrench frieshimtonight By C.j. Carlyon
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The na at the end of banana annoys me as much as it would you if it were bananana. By Lance Manion
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Son of a good goddamn holy motherfuck. By Laura Kaye
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Stef is officially the sexiest member of Placebo By Brian Molko
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Never Change F0r Someone! By Taylor Swift
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Mother... fucker... By V.e Schwab
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My Google-fu is strong. By China Mieville
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Neferet, you're nuttier than squirrel turds. By P.c. Cast
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We are what our considered opinion abide through us; so put up with assiduousness about what you storage. Natter are sub-. Line live; they travel far. By Swami Vivekananda
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If we can't have a great team and a winning team, then I will not be an N.B.A. owner very long. By Ross Perot Jr.
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Never believe your eyes By Clive Barker
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been a loyal agent to this By Winter Renshaw
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I'm all out of fucks to give. Which By A. Zavarelli
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Smells like teen spirit. By A.g. Howard
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Nora pressed Nico By Tiffany Reisz
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What are bashed neeps?""Neeps hackit with balmagowry. By Patrick O'brian
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I have always loved Naoko, and I still loved her. But there is a decisive finality to what exists between Midori and me. By Haruki Murakami
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Finders keepers. Asshole. By Melissa Grey
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This is who the fuck I am. By Lady Gaga
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Knock-knock, motherfucker. By Jenny Lawson
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Teflon Panty Club By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Raff, what have you done to yourself? Your hair is positively blue. By Kristin Cashore
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Never ever give up By Winston S. Churchill
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flibbertigibbets - and By Hanya Yanagihara
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After tonight, Safiya fon Hasstrel would be free. By Susan Dennard
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Let the motherfucking games begin. By Gail Mchugh
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I am happy to the spokeswoman for this French youth that tomorrow will be spearhead new hope in the shape of the National Front. By Marion Marechal-Le Pen
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Renfield, my ass. What I had on my hands was a Van Helsing. By Jordan Castillo Price
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Oh! What stupids we were! cried Neb.That is precisely what I had the honor of telling you before! returned the sailor. By Jules Verne
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Everyone look around and see if you can spot the NARCS. They're the ones who look like hippies. By Robert Anton Wilson
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Thank you ... fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports. By Jimmy Fallon
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An elite confederacy of nerds. My peeps By Kathy Reichs
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God in the safe and Ford on the shelves. By Aldous Huxley
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Safi ignored him--he was clearly an idiot By Susan Dennard
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If ever an error had "F" written on it, that grounder did. By Jerry Coleman
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Sometimes a b.f.f makes you go W.T.F but without them we'd all be a little less richer in our lives . By Cecily Von Ziegesar
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Don't forget to be awesome DFTBA By John Green
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what were you thinking? By Erin Hunter
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I'm an FFH: a Formerly Fat Housewife. By Jean Nidetch
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Oh Sweet Jesus. Sweet mother fucking fuckery of fucks. By Tara Sivec
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Nal had begun to sense that his life had jumped the rails - and then right at his nadir, he'd agreed to an "avant" haircut performed by Cousin Steve. By Karen Russell
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I use the word nursing for want of a better. By Florence Nightingale
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I'm working as hard as I can to get back to Packer Nation. By Jermichael Finley
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Andross, you motherfucker. By Brent Weeks
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Swimmin in the money come and find me, NEMO. By Drake
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words / hazard all By Ronald Johnson
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I'm a Raider. Die hard Raider. By Art Shell
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First thought, best thought. By Allen Ginsberg
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Niggard prefers mistake rather than loss. By Toba Beta
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Good news, they found Nemo! The bad news is, they found him in one of Wolfgang Puck's puff pastries. By Billy Crystal
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Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes By Scott Cawthon
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If you don't succeed at first, there's no need for the F word (Failure). Pick yourself up and try, try again. By Richard Branson
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Nigga we made it. By Drake Douglas
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So instead of a bra, what do you think I wore for support, intergalactically? Gaffer's tape. By Carrie Fisher
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Sefi, what do you think? She By Pierce Brown
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I still feel like a nerd. By Judd Apatow
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What are those?" Nico called. By Rick Riordan
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Caught you looking. By Christina Lauren
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fisticuffs battle royale. By Lolah Lace
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I'm a total nerd. By Anna Chlumsky
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KEVIN: And now a word from our sponsors. Lauren?LAUREN: Thank, Kev. Can I call you Kev?KEVIN: Haha. No Lauren, by no means. By Joseph Fink
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I'm a pioneer, motherfucker. By Dena Rash Guzman
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It'strong>sstrong> not justrong>sstrong>t the strong>sstrong>mall-potatoestrong>sstrong> postrong>sstrong>t-9/11 Homeland strong>sstrong>pending that feelstrong>sstrong> a little off mistrong>sstrong>strong>sstrong>ion. It'strong>sstrong> the big-ticket strong>sstrong>tuff too. By Rachel Maddow
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board. That made no By Vannetta Chapman
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Pros before bros. By Jamie Mcguire
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And remember, "Doof me, Doof you, Doof us. By Heinz Doofenshmirtz
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Always Moving Forward By Marcel Anderson
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And I'm wondering where the lions are. By Bruce Cockburn
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