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Eminem is like the godfather of the hip-hop game, By Tony Yayo
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You know that I can make hits. You know I can do all these rap records. So, I'm going to start opening up and letting you know my struggles. By Future
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My nards aren't clean Ive been partyingWith Charlie Sheen By Simon Rex
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When I first got into the rap game, I had an early dream of unifying rappers. By Ice-T
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We live in an era where it ain't about dope rhymes.When beef is online, and how big is your co-sign ... By Jon Connor
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What makes Gucci Mane Gucci Mane is like what made Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra - it's just him. He's trap's Frank Sinatra. By Harmony Korine
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ball so hard, weezy tryn to find me By Lil' Wayne
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I'm looking for a deal from one of you TV networks to give Snoop Dogg his own hood TV show where I can find America's hottest hood artists. By Snoop Dogg
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I call wild niggas together like Cyrus,And knock off more birds than the West Nile Virus. By Bumpy Knuckles
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Our nannas are losers. By Barbara Park
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All these Lil' rappers, I'm just kind of getting real irritated by it. I said, 'You know what? Drop the Lil'. Forget it. I'm Bow Wow. By Bow Wow
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Pop ya kickstand little mama I'm the Nickster. I'll pop you then I'll pop your little sister. By Nicki Minaj
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Mixtape legend, underground kings ... Looking for the right way to do the wrong things By Drake
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As long as there's a demand for gangsta rap, it will be supplied. By T.i.
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I love the hip-hop nation. By Pam Grier
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I'm a huge hip-hop fan from way back in the day. By Ed Sheeran
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NDA not only stands for National Democratic Alliance but is also the National Development Alliance. By Narendra Modi
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Me can't tell you how me know Rastafari. It is pure vision. By Bob Marley
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How many niggas want to be involved, see I was only talking Biggie, but I'll kill all of y'all. By Tupac Shakur
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love, n.I'm not even going to try. By David Levithan
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Give me dome dome da-da-da-da-da dome dome dome I aint trippin on ya money money long long long By Nicki Minaj
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Niggards are oftentimes neat. By Herman Melville
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I feel like I'm living in the dead weeds of hip-hop. I live in the graveyard of what went wrong with hip-hop. By M.i.a.
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You know who we hear about all the rappers from? The bus drivers. By Dan Auerbach
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I'm not really a rapper! By Gillian Jacobs
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Nat who is nothing like a gnat. I can promise you that. By Melissa De La Cruz
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If you're really a rapper, you can't stop rapping. By Ice-T
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It's hard being a white rapper sometimes! When that happens you just need to battle through. By Yelawolf
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Lil Wayne is the man. By Layzie Bone
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I'm not really gangsta. Not at all. I just write about them. It's fun to pretend, at least on paper. But in real life, not so much. By Terence Winter
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Beef is not what Jay said to Nas;Beef is when the working folks can't find jobs. By Mos Def
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The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken,It's all contractual and about money makin'. By Black Thought
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Any rap record from 1989 to 1999, besides [ones on] Death Row, we did promotions for it. We had our hand in everything. By Steve Rifkind
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SK La'Flare's a legend. It was me, him and Vince, and Frank would come through sometimes and s - - and he was, like, fully rapping. N - - s was on it. By Earl Sweatshirt
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One of the first albums that I remember, rap albums I remember really listening to, was LL Cool J 'Mama Said Knock You Out.' By Damian Marley
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My man slangs rocks like up the block, 143RD and Amsterdam by the smoke shop By Redman
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It is crucial that rappers have the chance to express the truth that is in their heart. By Russell Simmons
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Thug Life hit me like the Holy ghost. By Tupac Shakur
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N.Y. hip-hop is ok, but we gotta become brave again; we have to be brave enough and do something new - that's what New York is about ... New. By Nas
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I don't like rap that you can't understand. The youth is so quick and alert. By Roy Ayers
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I'm trap in marriage with gangsta rhyme and my street life. By Kjiva
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I can't give up. It's a rap thang. And I ain't goin back to the crack game. By Tupac Shakur
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Everybody in the '80s, well, we hate rap. Now, the biggest rapper in the world ... Eminem. Rap's a black thing. By Chubby Checker
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Pac said Thug Life stood for 'The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody'. By Angie Thomas
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Rap's the occupation, but one day watch I'll be Pimp of the Nation. By Kid Rock
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Welcome to AtlantaJack and hammers and voguesBack to the mackin' and jackin' the clothesAdolescents packin the fo' By Ludacris
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Rap music is amazing, it's beautiful. But the problem is the lyrics. The person who writes the lyrics - that's the problem. By Emmanuel Jal
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Bubba there zombies ... and there trying to eat me! -Nick Gautier By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I'm not really into rap. By Magnus Carlsen
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I'm a big hip hop fan. By Jonah Hill
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There's so many wack rappers out here, I don't know where to aim at. By Kirk Jones
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Love, n.I'm not going to even try. By David Levithan
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I'm a ghetto man who made good. I never forgot where I came from and who put me on top - God and Jack The Rapper. By James Brown
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I'm the lyrical vendor, hip-hop is my shop By Lil' Wayne
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There are rap groups that have a positive outlook in their art. These groups should be shown as an alternative to gangsta rap. By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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Odd Future's like a network as opposed to like a rap group. By Earl Sweatshirt
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Still here with my day jne niggas By Drake
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Hip-Hop went from selling crack to smoking it By Mos Def
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Detroit is right now a new Mecca for Hip Hop. By Obie Trice
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I don't love all hip-hop, but I do relate to stuff like early Nas, 2Pac, Biggie, and MF Doom because they're also trying to escape a scenario. By Lykke Li
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I kick-kick game, can't injure Nicki. That's why they nick-nicknamed me Ninja Nicki. By Nicki Minaj
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If there are older black people in the audience that I can see I will not say the n-word. I know they grew up with a different meaning. By Neal Brennan
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I'm serious; I don't, I don't rap. I flow; I'm a flow-er. You've got rappers, you got MCs, and then you got flow-ers, I'm a flow-er. By Method Man
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Be doin artists in like Cain did Abel, Now they money's gettin stuck to the gum under the table. By Gza
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I believe gangsta rap, as such, in its foundation is simply anti-systemic and transgressive. By Bocafloja
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Drake just stands for Do Right And Kill Everything By Drake
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The best rappers I know are, like, air-conditioner men. By Action Bronson
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I would not consider myself to be a quote unquote real New York rapper. I don't even like New York rappers. By Asap Rocky
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The na at the end of banana annoys me as much as it would you if it were bananana. By Lance Manion
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Lil B opened up the floodgates for Odd Future, and now rap has a huge Internet culture. By Earl Sweatshirt
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I bet Eazy E is turning over in his grave, to see that some of ya'll done made gangsta rap gay By Dj Quik
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When I started emceein', you had 500 maybe 1000 rappers in the whole world. Now there's 1.000.000, nahmean? By Rza
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I get high like the cloudsGather every rapper upBring em to the roofAnd watch em' fly for the Styles By Styles P
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Rapper, just puts so much connotation on who you are and what is exposed. Even if a lot of it is out-dated, people still bring a lot to it. By Donald Glover
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You don't really gotta rap no more; you can just say the verse with a swag now. By Fetty Wap
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We rappers are role models. By Kanye West
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Trippin be Trippin,yolo Be Sippin, Nigga be falling from trees By Chandler
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All the smart money got they bets on me / And all the real niggas wish the best for me By Nipsey Hussle
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Damn where my roof just go, I'm somebody that you should knowGet to shakin somethin cause that's what Drama produced it fo' By Drake
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Every time you ask yourself where hip-hop's going, ask yourself where you're going; how are you doing? By Mos Def
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Hip-hop is such a disposable art form from a business standpoint. It never treats its artists as art; it never treats its product as art. By Questlove
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Here is our rapin' cave. It's not much of a cave... and we haven't done much rapin'... but man, we've had some good times. By Jeffrey Hale
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We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is - if you ain't a gardener, you ain't gangsta. By Ron Finley
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The Weeknd is the dopeness. By Hannah Simone
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I'm my favorite rapper. By Kanye West
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Pimpin' ain't dead 'cause I be the life line. By Lil' Wayne
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Yo get a real job. Rappin doesn't pay the rent, I hate the studio cause that's where all my money went. By Tupac Shakur
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I don't even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. By Kanye West
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I love rap music. By Chumlee
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The roots of my music start from the ghetto. By Ziggy Marley
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I love Wiz Khalifa. By Taylor Swift
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We culture. Rap is the new rock 'n roll. We the rockstars. It's been like that for a minute, Hedi Slimane! By Kanye West
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Rap is poetry to music, like beatniks without beards and bongos. By David Lee Roth
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Everybody know, I don't do no promoting. I don't ever have to promote nothing, that's the beauty of Lil Wayne. By Lil' Wayne
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What does rasta mean? Righteousness. By Bob Marley
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The Nets' a stone throw from where I used to throw bricks ... So it's only right I'm still tossing 'round Knicks. By Jay-Z
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My net worth, that net works. Keep my shooters out in Brooklyn where the Nets work. By Nicki Minaj
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I don't really listen to rap; I just like to rap. By Tyler, The Creator
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I've been rapping since I was 18 years old, with a crew called Blades. By Abbie Cornish
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Since I was a kid, I'd wake up every morning hearing a voice say, 'You're the greatest rapper ever.' I'm trying to prove that voice right. By Danny Brown
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