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I wish my daughter wasn't spending time thinking of Kim Kardashian or Rihanna. By Tina Brown
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Amy Winehouse - her surname's beginning to sound like a description of her liver. By Russell Brand
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I'm a Rihanna, Beyonce kind of person. By Sophie Turner
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Whatever happened with Nick does not define you. By Rachel Higginson
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Madonna, eat your heart out, Britney Spears, eat your heart out. I would say we have diamond records coming - they're gonna sell 10-million plus. By Spencer Pratt
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I wasn't star struck, but you know you're in the game when you're eye-to-eye with Nicki Minaj. It means you made it. By Slim Jimmy
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Justin Timber-guy By Eoin Colfer
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that piece of herself. Not now, not ever. By Sarah Price
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Where's Vanessa? By Julie Ann Walker
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How can you not like Britney Spears? By Lindsay Lohan
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Letizia Gambi is a stunning vocalist By Sting
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Nesy. At last. It has to be her. Who else can make Aydan smile? Make me smile. By Christine Fonseca
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Nick, fetch my car, fetch my clothes, sweep the chimney, make my bed, watch my psychopath, fetch my slippers. By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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her again and she was going By Simply Shifters
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I am myself in spite of my memories." -Aunt Nicki By Sarah Beth Durst
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My sister, she says she knows Elvis. By Sheryl Crow
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I really love Norah Jones. By Caroline Manzo
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My heart beats her name By Michelle Hodkin
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We're into Nicole Kidmans, rather than the young girl who just got married in a tracksuit. By Bruce Oldfield
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I am a Justin Timberlake fan. By Sean Penn
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I don't know, I just got a feeling about her. You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance? By Ryan Gosling
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I'm about to make people forget about Madonna. By Pink
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Pop ya kickstand little mama I'm the Nickster. I'll pop you then I'll pop your little sister. By Nicki Minaj
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O love, how did you get here? Nick and the Candlestick By Sylvia Plath
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Janelle Monae, she has her own style, and it's specifically hers. By Zendaya
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Say my shoe game nuts so I call em cashews Every other city it's another Nicki tattoo By Nicki Minaj
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Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe. By Nicki Minaj
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Oh, my mom. She's one of my biggest fans. By Patina Miller
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If I was ever a teen idol, I'd kill myself. By Jared Leto
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I don't do celebrity. By Rhys Ifans
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I'm not going to be Rihanna. No one can be Rihanna except for Rihanna. By Celine Dion
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Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on the computer. By Ricky Gervais
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I love Gwen Stefani's style, I think she's dope. By Liz
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If you know me, and you call me Stefani, you don't really know me at all. By Lady Gaga
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Mariah Carey is kinda scary. By The Notorious B.i.g.
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Who you looking at By Darren Shan
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I am a socially akward man-dork"-Nick By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Me, my niggas and some Madonna hoes that look just like virgins but trust they down to go. By Drake
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Naomi Isabelle Knox. Lead guitarist for Amatory Riot. Twenty-three years old. Hot as hell. Mean as sin. By C.m. Stunich
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They see my fingers, they run. Dominique. Alicia. Penny.They see my fingers, they want their hair pulled. Alex. Renee. Kristin. By Craig Clevenger
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Chrysta Bell looks like a dream and Chrysta Bell sings like a dream. And the dream is coming true. By David Lynch
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But I knew Nick. He was too ugly to die. By Kim Harrison
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The younger Mary J. Blige, I would call her, she was very unaware, ignorant. By Mary J. Blige
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What in the world would I sing for if I had it all? By Dave Matthews
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I got a hit for Justin Bieber. By Lil Boosie
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Gwen Stefani's style and flow I just love. She is so cool to me! By Rita Ora
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Like that whole Nicole Richie look was SO over By Sarra Manning
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Jay-Z, he knows precisely who he's going for - 14-year-old white suburban girls. By Penn Jillette
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Britney Spears is definitely my favorite past Candie's girl; her campaigns were gorgeous. By Lea Michele
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Number one on my top five is Beyonce. By Sean Kingston
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Shaya's chasing Nick with her shotgun - and I'm not even kidding. I believe the last words she said to him before we left were, 'Run, Alpha-boy. By Suzanne Wright
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her. It's impossible not to. It bothers me to By Nora Roberts
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Angie . . . she's the girl I breathe for. By Corinne Michaels
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Baby she look like a star, but only on camera, only on camera, only on camera. By Drake
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Reasons why I CAN'T stop thinking about Penny...She's everything I've ever wanted By Logan Chance
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Emma Watson in white on the cover of Vogue ("The Super Star Issue"), By Robert Galbraith
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Lady Madonna lying on the bed Listen to the music playing in your head. By Paul Mccartney
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She said, 'I'm your biggest fan,' and I said, 'Who are you?' She said, 'Paris Hilton.' By Ricky Gervais
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I hate to say it, but she's trying to copy Miley [Cyrus] and Miley's trying to copy her. The era of Madonna is over. By Andrea Tantaros
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Chrissie Hynde is the blueprint for any teenage pop star wannabe looking to have some real cred. By Shawn Amos
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Jessica, who loves stories, By J.k. Rowling
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Lucky Justin Timberlake has Jessica Biel. I think she would just be the coolest girl to hang out with. By Kellan Lutz
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Bruno Mars, I'm kind of obsessed with him. By Grace Gealey
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The girl with the pictures on her skin By Lisa Unger
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Guy Ritchie, he thinks going to drama school is the worst thing in the world. By Jason Statham
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Emma, okay, enough with the singing. Mommy's getting a three-pill headache. By Jeff Abbott
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest bitch of all? By Sara Humphreys
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her - nobody but Sarah; By George Macdonald
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That girl can barely spell her name. By Tupac Shakur
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I've been working so hard, I'm about to have a Mariah Carey. By Usher
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The only person that I'm really feeling - because she has an identity of her own, even though she has listened to Mary J. Blige - is Jill Scott. By Mary J. Blige
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Who you singing for, Beautiful? By Andrea Randall
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Who's got the most heartbreaking voice? I don't know. Tough question. By J. Robbins
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I love Janet Jackson. By Sevyn Streeter
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Michele Bachmann ... I'm not going to say it. I'm not going to say it ... Tutti-frutti. I know I'm going to get in trouble! By Herman Cain
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I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga. By Tyra Banks
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I would like to pick Rihanna's brain. I love her style and what she does. By Joan Smalls
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When I was teenager, Britney Spears was it - that was the pop world that was happening, and I knew I wasn't in it. By Valerie June
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Mahalia Jackson, I grew up around the corner from in Chicago. By Nichelle Nichols
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Rosie Germaine Mole. By Sue Townsend
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Elizabeth Spencer. By Julia Glass
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This is Vee Gina. By Stevie J. Cole
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I grew up listening to Nick Drake. Without him, I would not write music - and 'Pink Moon' is my favourite LP. By Gabrielle Aplin
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR By Poppet
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Cause I'm gonna put my foot so far up their butts they're going to burp shoe leather. (Nick) By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I really like Rihanna. And I actually do like Justin Bieber. I like the Weeknd. I like Katy Perry. By Mckayla Maroney
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I'm a big Hilary Duff person! My family loves her. By Miley Cyrus
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Sometimes I feel like Nick has decided on a version of me that doesn't exist. By Gillian Flynn
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I have so many playlists full of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown. By Taylor Swift
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Nobody's gonna beat Taylor Swift in a fan-voted thing. And nobody should, by the way. By Blake Shelton
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'None of Your Business.' It's the only Salt-N-Pepa song that I regret. By Cheryl James
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I'm the gangsta Nancy Sinatra. By Lana Del Rey
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Rachel The Huffington Post By Anonymous
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Your sister Betsey Trotwood... By Charles Dickens
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I love to dance to Robyn, Nicki Minaj and Boney M. By Nomi Ruiz
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Madonna had to break through; I knew she was going to make it big, because I could see how ambitious she was, in a very genuine and sweet way. By Maripol
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If Elton John and Madonna had a baby it would be Lady Gaga. By Jon Bon Jovi
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I have N'Sync and Aerosmith and Britney Spears. I have a trifecta from hell. By Lewis Black
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That girl was a goddess and once a guy got hooked on her it was damn hard weaning off. - Drake By Victoria H. Smith
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