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sinookas, the tendrils of my life, By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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Kaka' (literally, paternal uncle). By Mahatma Gandhi
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Ubi amo, ibi patria. Where I love. there is my home. By Elizabeth Hunter
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You'll come back . . . won't you, Kirito? By Reki Kawahara
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I'm asking you to make me yours," I murmured. "Take me into your heart. Let me enter your soul. Give in to what we have."- - Nila By Pepper Winters
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Dimka, not you too. By Richelle Mead
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Ego non baptiso te in nomine ... but make out the rest yourself. By Herman Melville
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Sabi nila, 'When you know what you deserve, you don't look back.' By Nikki Gil
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I want my narre to mean me. By Mark Haddon
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If my life was a song the title would be 'Naima'. By Naima Adedapo
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You've destroyed me, Nila. And now it's my job to make sure they don't destroy you, too. By Pepper Winters
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Curse you Kakarrot! By Akira Toriyama
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Irix, my beloved klepto. By Debra Dunbar
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[On Nijinksy:] Ah, he took my breath away! The body that man had, the controlled power, the iron fragility. He was a note of music. He was dance! By Dagmar Godowsky
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Kiril sat up and raked a hand through his hair. In the light of dawn, Shara was still on his mind. She was a Dark, a spy sent to monitor a spy. By Donna Grant
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'Return To Nim's Island', I was so honored to be asked to play the role of Nim because I loved the original film, the 2008 film 'Nim's Island.' By Bindi Irwin
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Zendagi migzara. Life goes on. By Khaled Hosseini
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Hermann Buhl with K2. First By James M. Tabor
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I feel a blood moon rising" Neesa By C.t. Todd
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What's his name? By Anthony Marra
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kazehaya-kun has given me a lot of FIRSTS By Karuho Shiina
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Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna. By Yuna
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sounds of Suzuki, By Patricia Maclachlan
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Anekico ler aracnia"~Victory to the spider"Ki mi ypomonitikosi teleson semerie"~And today my patience ends By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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YURIT - discover it! By Stella Dunn
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Nyarlathotep ... the crawling chaos ... I am the last ... I will tell the audient void ... By H.p. Lovecraft
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...Traduttore, traditore. By Peter Manseau
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Yukio!! I swear to God I'll surpass you!! Just you watch! By Kazue Kato
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Ngari-ngari - literally By Jack London
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Nanak, the whole world is in distress. He, who believes in the Name, becomes victorious. By Guru Nanak
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My name is Kaida, and I am Nyiathan. By Laura E. Taylor
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It will be all right, Kirito. I will always be watching your back. We're the greatest forward and backup in the world. By Reki Kawahara
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Nick as in my former boyfriend Nick. Ex-rat, ex-boyfriend, ex-alive if I ever got hold of him Nick. By Kim Harrison
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. By Wynne Channing
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Dattebayo! (Do you get what I am saying?!) By Masashi Kishimoto
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I'm sorry. The Truth is....I'm an Otaku.- Serinuma Kae By Junko
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What are you? (Zarek)I'm a nymph. (Astrid)I hope you just left an important syllable off that word, princess. (Zarek) By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sapere aude. Dare to be wise. By Horace
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POKSI (Physically Okay but Socially Inept) By Jody Gehrman
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Naruto: I bet you're dying to know my name!Gaara: I couldn't care less. By Masashi Kishimoto
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Nincompoops. (Quincy, By Raven Pitts
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Black belt in Akihito. (Amanda) Any other time, I'd kiss you for that. (Kyrian) By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Krasivaya. It means beautiful, but with strength. Unique. By Ruta Sepetys
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Naruto: BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! By Masashi Kishimoto
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Naina is one of the most special films & special characters that I've played in recent times By Deepika Padukone
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Something Fane fully By Alexandra Ivy
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Getawayfrommeyoumiserablelittlecreep. By Cinda Williams Chima
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Hold on, Nobita-kun, I'll come rescue you. By Fujiko F. Fujio
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From: Zuzana Subject: Miss Radio Silence To: Karou By Laini Taylor
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Jumping Jehoshaphat. O Holy Night. By Patricia Briggs
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Semmelweis reflex. They By Peter Watts
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You won't transfer, right Keiichi?"-Rena Ryuugu By Ryukishi07
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At the Konya bus station, By Vendela Vida
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Courage, Alexander.....Courage, Tatiana By Paullina Simons
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Kemo Sabe, kiss my ass. By Lyle Lovett
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When Niniane had disappeared, he had gone to a place he had never been to before. He had panicked. By Thea Harrison
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The Komodo Dragon By Stephen Harrison
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Like a phoenix rising through the fire, my Robbie, my Tesoro rises forward, and I hope and pray that he can take him out. By M.r. Field
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You do not know it but you are the talk of all the town.[Lat., Fabula (nec sentis) tota jactaris in urba.] By Ovid
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I will no longer confer, differ, refer, defer, prefer, or suffer. I renounce the whole tribe of fero. I embrace absolute life. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Bellator silvae servi. Warrior of the forest, I, the alpha, call on thee to serve in this time of need. By Andrea Cremer
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Ut laeve is genne pannekook By Diversen
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I don't think people know 'Nosfuratu.' By Amy Heckerling
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The Kismet soon approaches. A new dawn is on the rise. The winds of change are blowing. By Jordan Skinner
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Light shines universally on all living beings saying the Nenbutsu. Wherever they may be in the world, it welcomes all, turning away none. By Kakunyo
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The mangosteen, queen of the tropical fruit. By David Fairchild
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For fate has NO mercy...." -Goro in SOVEREIGNTY By Anjenique Hughes
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Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young! By H.p. Lovecraft
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At first encounter the Karoo may seem arid, desolate and unforgiving, but to those who know it, it is a land of secret beauty and infinite variety. By Eve Palmer
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Naanabozho was the first tribal trickster on the earth. By Gerald Vizenor
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I love Panthro, so to play him, yeah I'm very very happy. By Kevin Michael Richardson
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StocktontoMalone By Hot Rod Hundley
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Astra is perfect. By Kiera Cass
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Nocta Hemata. The Night of Passion. The Night of Abandon. By Brent Weeks
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Why?' - Nasuada'You know why' - Murtagh By Christopher Paolini
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We must name the eminent and fascinating Prince N. - once the vanquisher of female hearts all over Europe. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Talent Katerina is a dangerous thing By Ally Carter
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With the eyes of a warrior, Zelo! I learned so many moves from my older members. I do my upmost to give my best. By Zelo
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I have sworn with my tongue, but my mind is unsworn.[Lat., Juravi lingua, mentem injuratem gero.] By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Umica ka hanuHOLD THE BREATHBe patient; don't give up. By Toni Polancy
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Sir Seretse Khama, By Alexander Mccall Smith
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Wave to the haters like nanananana. By Chris Brown
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The smylere with the knyf under the cloke. By Geoffrey Chaucer
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I am a Warrior of Virtue, Nenya, the Water Warrior. Ardan is safe at last. That is all that matters. That is all that will ever matter... By Mili Fay
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I never go back on my word! That's my nindo, my ninja way! By Masashi Kishimoto
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Just when you least expect it, enkantos will always have a way of surprising you. By Arnold Arre
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Perry Johansson. By Rick Riordan
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Keep what you have got; the known evil is best.[Lat., Habeas ut nactus; nota mala res optima est.] By Plautus
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Am inteles ca un om poate avea totul neavand nimic si nimic avand totul. By Mihai Eminescu
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Maktub - (It is written)- Paul Coelho, The Alchemist By Klaus Schirmer
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Know thyself.[Lat., Ne quis nimis. (From the Greek)] By Solon
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MOST POWERFULL VASHIKARN FOR ANY PROBLEM +91-9988220712 By Astrology Horoscopes
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What is his name? By Jane Austen
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Nusrat is one of the greatest singers of our time. When his singing takes off, his voice embodies soulfulness and sprituality like no other. By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
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I kick-kick game, can't injure Nicki. That's why they nick-nicknamed me Ninja Nicki. By Nicki Minaj
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They're my nakama. By Eiichiro Oda
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Roza. You forgot my first lesson: Don't hesitate.- Dimitri Belikov (Blood Promise) By Richelle Mead
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We'll be getting rid of these people here ... First, Mr. Samir Naga ... Naga ... Naga ... Not gonna work here anymore, anyway. By Bob Porter
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Samovar is the most essential thing in Russia, especially at times of particularly awful, sudden, and eccentric catastrophes and misfortunes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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