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I Ain't Got No Quarrel With The VietCong ... No VietCong Ever Called Me Nigger. By Muhammad Ali
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Black men, you were once great; you shall be great again. Lose not courage or faith, go forward. By Marcus Garvey
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Liberate your Mind Black Child ,free your self from Mental slavery. By Nkosinathi Mehlomakulu
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The Negro comes in many colors. Dark. Black. Blacker. Blackest. Blacker than night. Black as hell. Black as tar. By James Mcbride
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If there are older black people in the audience that I can see I will not say the n-word. I know they grew up with a different meaning. By Neal Brennan
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Only black people can use controversial racial terms such as Negro. By Matthew Quick
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I am the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man. By Eric Holder
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Well who's black and what is a black person? By Pam Grier
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Young African-American males: Stop existing. It could get you killed. By Henry Rollins
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Jesus. I do not wanna be called a vampire n-word. By Andrea Portes
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You have not been placed on this earth to be the sole source of comfort for the black man's fragile ego. Page 221 By Deborrah Cooper
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Are you looking for a Negro who won't fight back? By Jackie Robinson
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They say it's the white man I should fear, But it's my own kind doin' all the killin' here. By Tupac Shakur
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Jews may be a great mystery, but niggers are understood the whole By Stephen King
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Haters call me bitch, call me faggot, call me whitey, but I am something you could never be By Marilyn Manson
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An afro is a poor man's haircut. By Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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I am a black man inside and outside and you are white men on the outside, but inside, you are Africans like me. By Olusegun Obasanjo
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Tell them to teach them that when they call you nigger to make a rhyme with trigger it makes the gun backfire By Ralph Ellison
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you niggers, is when you set in to tryin' to think," said Leander Purneau. He spoke in a friendly, jokey By James Patterson
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Hater n-ggas marry hater b-tches and have hater kids. By Tyga
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Racism is to the current era what unAmericanism was to the Fifties: a curse word that provides a handy substitute for logical thought. By Steve Sailer
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We must realise that prophetic cry of black students: Black man you are on your own! By Steven Biko
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Don't break me up - I wouldn't offend any person, be they black, Asian or whatever. By Mickey Rooney
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The white man gets all the best catchphrases! By Eddie Murphy
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Want to shut a racist white guy's mouth. Put him around Super human athletic black dudes. By Godfrey
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I admit that the black man is inferior. But what is it that makes him so? It is the ignorance in which white men compel him to live; By Harriet Jacobs
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If the white man gives you anything - just remember when he gets ready he will take it right back. We have to take for ourselves. By Fannie Lou Hamer
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[T]he worst kind of nihilist - the kind who isn't even aware he's a nihilist. By David Foster Wallace
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The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation. By Frantz Fanon
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NI! Oh no! Not ni! By Graham Chapman
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The white man, in his press, is going to identify me with 'hate.' By Malcolm X
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I was born in a Negro town. By Zora Neale Hurston
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I used to walk around saying that I'm just another black man without a college degree. By Jayson Blair
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We must prove to the world that we are all nincompoops By Emmuska Orczy
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I want to be identified with the negro; until he gets his rights, we shall never have ours. By Angelina Grimke
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There's a lot of movies about self absorbed white men and I just figured it's about time to make a movie about self absorbed black men. By Neil Drumming
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It's getting almost so bad a colored man hasn't got any country. By Louis Armstrong
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The Negro needs the white man to free him from his fears. The white man needs the Negro to free him from his guilt. By Martin Luther King Jr.
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If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin Then mister you're a better man than I By Steven Tyler
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Who ever told you a Chinaman was a coloured man? By Kurt Vonnegut
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Can't change the meaning of the "N" word. There's no endearment, love, or fellowship in its use-- just ignorance and hate. By Taj Shotwell
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The power of the white world is threatened whenever a black man refuses to accept the white world's definitions. By James Baldwin
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The less intelligent the white man is, the more stupid he thinks the black. By Andre Gide
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We have to reserve the right to bomb the niggers. By David Lloyd
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I don't think of myself as a Negro. I'm a Southerner. I just like the Southern way of life. By Julian Bond
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Body and soul, Black America reveals the extreme questions of contemporary life, questions of freedom and identity: How can I be who I am? By June Jordan
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it was worth half-cent to kill a "nigger", and a half-cent to bury one. By Frederick Douglass
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If I allow the fact that I am a Negro to checkmate my will to do, now, I will inevitably form the habit of being defeated. By Paul Williams
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If the Negro is not careful he will drink in all the poison of modern civilization and die from the effects of it. By Marcus Garvey
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As a black man, I have to respect myself and have nice things. As a man in general. By Snoop Dogg
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Get this jiggaboo away from me! By Shawn Wayans
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I don't feel that America has a black dude right now. I'm that dude. By Tone Bell
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To be Negro in America is to hope against hope. By Martin Luther King Jr.
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When I say the n-word, black people are clear that I'm on their side. And it's not disingenuous - I am on black people's side, clearly. By Neal Brennan
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In death the negro became a human being. Only then was he the white man's equal. On By Colson Whitehead
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I was born to give the white man hell, and I will give him hell from the cradle to the grave, By Khalid Abdul Muhammad
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The Negro was invented in America. By John Oliver Killens
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I am not an enemy of the Negro. We want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have. By Nathan Bedford Forrest
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Mother... fucker... By V.e Schwab
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American Negro must remake his past in order to make his future. By Arturo Alfonso Schomburg
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We black men seem the sole oasis of simple faith and reverence in a dusty desert of dollars and smartness. By W.e.b. Du Bois
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When I need bread, I grab the toaster and stick niggas for they crumbs. By Akinyele
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Close beside my knowledge lies my black ignorance. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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One of the greatest tasks of my life has been to teach the colored man he can be anything. By Oscar Micheaux
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I'll kill him, I'll kill that motherfucker, By Lucian Bane
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He musta thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it? By Quentin Tarantino
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The Great White Male is rap's Grand Inquisitor, its idiot questioner, its Alien Other no less than Reds were for McCarthy. By David Foster Wallace
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You must begin to define yourself. You must begin to define your Black heritage. By H. Rap Brown
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Inferior thinking and writing will make a name for a man among inferior people, who in all ages and countries, are the majority. By John Lancaster Spalding
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At some point I was a Happy African Feminist Who Does Not Hate Men and Who Likes to Wear Lip Gloss and High Heels for Herself and Not For Men. By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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For above all, in behalf of an ailing world which sorely needs our defiance, may we, as Negroes or women, never accept the notion of - our place. By Lorraine Hansberry
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A 'black' man who draws a 'black' person with big lips is called observant. A 'white' man who does the same is called a racist. By Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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I say the word N-U-C-L-E-R the same way that George W. Bush says it. By Gillian Jacobs
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If the white man wants to hold on to it, let him do so; but the Negro, so far as he is able, should develop and carry out a program of his own. By Carter G. Woodson
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You've got another problem. Like most white trash, you're disrespectful to your betters and proud of your stupidity and ignorance. By James Lee Burke
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White people, you did not get a receipt for niggas, you can not return us! By Katt Williams
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The corniest movie ever made about the white man's need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt. By Armond White
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The White man pays Reverend Martin Luther King so that Martin Luther King can keep the Negro defenseless. By Malcolm X
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The only white man you can trust is a dead white man. By Robert Mugabe
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The less I talk about being black, the better. By Idris Elba
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Charlie Manx laughed, the big, hoarse hee-haw of a country shithead who has just heard a joke involving a kike, a nigger, and a feminist. By Joe Hill
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White man makes guns? No problem. Black rapper says "gun"? Congressional hearing. By Chris Rock
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To be black and an intellectual in America is to live in a box. On the box is a label, not of my own choosing. By Stephen Carter
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If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position, By Geraldine Ferraro
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A racist is a man who believes in history, genetics, and his eyes! By Tom Anderson
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When I pitched headforemost into the world I landed in the crib of Negroism. By Zora Neale Hurston
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Racism is America's greatest disease, racism is a disease of the white man. By Albert Einstein
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I've got a friend whose nickname is "Shagger". You might think that's pretty cool. She doesn't like it. By Jimmy Carr
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The Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs. By Kelly Miller
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In honest truth, a name given to a man is no better than a skin given to him; what is not natively his own falls off and comes to nothing. By Walter Savage Landor
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The time for running has come to an end. You tell them white folk in Mississippi that all the scared niggers are dead! By Stokely Carmichael
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Despite of it all, the Negro remains ... cool, strong, imperturbable, and cheerful. By Frederick Douglass
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I am an educated black woman in a time when educated black people will be called upon to risk everything for the rights of black people everywhere. By Allan Dare Pearce
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I'm a black man that is proud to be black, and I want to help the black community, but I love all mankind. By Common
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No sane black man really wants integration! No sane white man really wants integration! By Malcolm X
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The American white relegates the black to the rank of shoeshine boy; and he concludes from this that the black is good for nothing but shining shoes. By George Bernard Shaw
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In this age, the man who dares to think for himself and to act independently does a service to his race. By John Stuart Mill
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It is not against the law to be a nincompoop. If so, I would have a rap sheet as long as my arm. By Sue Ann Jaffarian
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Let the voice be the voice of the voiceless and let it come from the world of rap music to keep the stereotype and the peace at the same time. By Chuck D
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