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You with the tentacles, you're nicked! By Paul Cornell
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Before you go anywhere, Mr. Football Player," Nita said, "I want to know exactly what your intentions are toward my Blue. By Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Zip zop wop boopity bop. By Bill Cosby
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I swear whatever pheromones Quinn Sullivan secreted were the equivalent of Janie-cat-nip. By Penny Reid
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Though ye loue not to bye the pyg in the poke,Yet snatche ye at the poke, that the pyg is in,Not for the poke, but the pyg good chepe to wyn. By John Heywood
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Oo, you are so sharp you'll cut yourself one of these days By Terry Pratchett
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Too much slap, not enough tickle. By C.d. Reiss
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I'm not biting my fingernails. I'm biting my knuckles. I finished the fingernails months ago. By Joseph L. Mankiewicz
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Shut up, Nick. (Talon)'Shut up, Nick, heel, sit, fetch.' Love you too, Celt. (Nick) By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I aint trippen never slicking or slacking on my pimping By Wiz Khalifa
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Love, n.I'm not going to even try. By David Levithan
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The secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe; you must only show the first two cracks. By Manolo Blahnik
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Take that, you scum-sucking snipes. Eat your words and your cruelty. May you drown in it and die. (Nick) By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Oi, stop looking at my nethers. Be a gentleman, look away. When a gal's in a predicament you should 'elp 'er out By James Minter
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The last place my fingers need to be is anywhere near your mouth. You've already proven you're a biter.~Drake By Jennifer Turner
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Ningauble shrugged. You're a hero. You should know. By Fritz Leiber
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You remind me of a little fuzzy kitten, all claws and no bite. By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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I ain't going to kiss ye, poppet. Just keep still like a good little lad. By Bey Deckard
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Sisters of the Nigrizia By Abraham Verghese
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Another one of your quippy japes? By Jasper Fforde
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I believe that we are all, openly or secretly, struggling against one or another kind of nihilism. By Ellen Willis
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N-O-W-A-C-K.""No C.""Oh. Okay. N-O-W-A-C. By Marshall Thornton
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Nuzleaf Grass/Dark By Acer Guides
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I dont take pictures with Niggas By Michael Jordan
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I bite my fingernails. That's probably not a good thing. By Joanna Noelle Levesque
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nihari, a rich beef curry, By Nabeel Qureshi
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Alas! the slippery nature of tender youth. By Claudius Claudianus
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I hate nickels; they're quarter impersonators. By Gary Gulman
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Baby, you remind me of my big toe. Why? Because sooner or later I just know I'm ginna bang you on the table. By Vi Keeland
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Enough is enough. I'm a champion. Look at me, I'm a champion. I am not a nugget. By Owen Hart
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Pull,my fingerplease. By E. E. Cummings
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Say my shoe game nuts so I call em cashews Every other city it's another Nicki tattoo By Nicki Minaj
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Check that - I've found the end. Nick, please be kind enough to withdraw your head to a reasonable distance from my hindquarters.'-Ajay By Mark Frost
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Man to man, my eye Kipps snorted. It was like seeing two schoolgirls squabbling over a scented pencil. You should have heard the squeals. By Jonathon Stroud
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Sound of snipping growing softer outside the window, Leo By Patrick Carman
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Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only,' finished Lupin. By J.k. Rowling
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Clean your Finger, before you point at my Spots. By Benjamin Franklin
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I am a nihilist because I still believe in truth ... By Ray Brassier
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I eat "NOs" for breakfast. By Jeff Henderson
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Trying to hit Phil Niekro is like trying to eat jello with chopsticks. Sometimes you get a piece but most of the time you get hungry. By Bobby Murcer
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Penetrates your iris, tenderest of sphincters, By Neal Stephenson
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Everybody's someone else's niggerI know you are so am II wasn't born with enough middle fingersI don't need to chose a side By Marilyn Manson
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My middle finger twitched, but I kept it under wraps and with its brothers and sisters. We By Mariana Zapata
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If I weren't out of my mind at this second, I would've sworn he nuzzled my temple. By Piper Shelly
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Then let's quit yappin' and let's get slappin', By James Dashner
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If Nick is darkness with a kernel of light inside him, I am light with the matching kernel of darkness. It's what makes us so perfect for one another. By Jessica Clare
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the merry green eyes and a roguish dimple By C.s. Harris
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The Niobe of nations! there she stands. By Lord Byron
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This is Nimrod, because of whose vile plan the world no longer speaks a single tongue. By Dante Alighieri
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Tomorrow I have to break Clipper's heart. Really bust it open. - Tea By Jamie Scallion
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I love black people, but I hate niggers. By Chris Rock
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You'd think I was shoving bamboo splinters under your nails. (Alice from Twilight) By Stephenie Meyer
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Don't worry, I don't bite. Ha ha. By Tamara Summers
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Just hopped off the plane came back from Vancouv Little white tee sum boobs & bamboo By Nicki Minaj
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Well, don't look at me because I'm not breaking a nail for some damsel in distress By Heather Couch
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You gotta be really careful what you bite off. Don't bite off more than you can chew. It's a dangerous world. By Ozzy Osbourne
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Oh my gosh,Nick. You're not wearing a shirt! This must be one of those exciting days ending in Y. By Sarah Rees Brennan
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Byte or Get Bitten By Kevin Dean
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When I'm out the country, niggas call me Neeki. Hi, how are you? Yes, it's nice to meet me. By Nicki Minaj
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What the ever-loving knuckle fuck? By Kristen Callihan
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I never go back on my word! That's my nindo, my ninja way! By Masashi Kishimoto
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I bite the skin on the side of my fingernails. By Sienna Miller
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Niggards are oftentimes neat. By Herman Melville
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You look as if you have bitten into a turd. By Norman Spinrad
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I... I think I broke his jaw. And bit his finger off.""You bit his finger?""I bit his finger off. By Derek Landy
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Pop ya kickstand little mama I'm the Nickster. I'll pop you then I'll pop your little sister. By Nicki Minaj
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Christopher Robin ... just said it had an "x."' 'It isn't their necks I mind,' said Piglet earnestly. 'It's their teeth. By A.a. Milne
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Pigpen's on the move. By Katie Mcgarry
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Did you just say 'nerd'?""Not a 'nerd' - node.""Oh. By Raymond Benson
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Aww, come on. I don't bite...hard. By Aprilynne Pike
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And if you a G you a G-G-G. My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki. By Nicki Minaj
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I Don't sparkle ........I Bite !!! By Amy Mah
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I just bonked a werewulf on the noggin. Jeez. By Lili St. Crow
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A man perfect to the finger tips. By Horace
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It's Survival of Them Who's Best at Nicking Things, girl! By Catherynne M Valente
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Noctis ... this is a little embarrassing, but ... your male anatomy is bothering me. By Dahlia L. Summers
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What early tongue so sweet saluteth me? By William Shakespeare
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Now, young man. That's no small thing, By Jim Butcher
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My husband says I look like a Q-tip. By Dolly Parton
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I'm missing a knuckle, it's crushed inside my hand at the moment. By Trish Stratus
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Potential grabs my inner thighYeah, that's how close we are ... By Casey Renee Kiser
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That kiss was really nice you know before you ... bit me, but it was still nice. By Laurell K. Hamilton
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purple tongue, and that the whitish hair that By Isabel Allende
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And let me touch those curving claws of yellow ivory; and grasp the tail that like a monstrous asp coils round your heavy velvet paws. By Oscar Wilde
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it's like kissing a boy, finally, a boy By David Levithan
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What're you still doing up? You know all good little ninjas should be in bed, visions of homicidal sugarplums dancing in their heads. By Rob Thurman
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Aint nuttin' but a peanut. By Ronnie Coleman
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I winked at my own littleness, as people do at their own faults. By Jonathan Swift
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Owr brave little shank! By James Dashner
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You look like you deep fry your hands before you bite your fingernails. By Anthony Jeselnik
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Of a little thing a little displeaseth. By George Herbert
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Neferet, you're nuttier than squirrel turds. By P.c. Cast
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I personally don't live a nihilistic life, I don't have any use for it. By Tommy Lee Jones
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Don't touch my dick, don't touch my knife. By Anthony Bourdain
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You're not going to bite me with your fangs, are you? By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Nigger-eyeBerries cast darkHooks --Black sweet blood mouthfuls,Shadows. By Sylvia Plath
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on my rump and pushed me By Annie Nicholas
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Mind your fingers though. She bites. By Ellen Potter
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