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If you spend all your time arguing with people who are nuts, you'll be exhausted and the nuts will still be nuts. By Scott Adams
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Squirrel! I've told you not to share your cheek nuts with humans. They don't appreciate it as much as other squirrels! By Trevor H. Cooley
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I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Anthony By Kb Jacobs
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I'm Odd but I'm not nuts. By Dean Koontz
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I may be a nut, but I'm fastened to a good bolt, the Lord Jesus Christ. By Adrian Rogers
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The taxpayer group in every state is always - always referred to as nuts. By Grover Norquist
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When the going gets tough . . . you kick the going in the nuts! By John Box
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Since Mags seems to have no ill effects from the nuts, Peeta collects bunches of them and fries them by bouncing them off the force field. By Suzanne Collins
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I like my nuts," Mooner said. "I don't want them cut off. I'd be, like, nutless then. By Janet Evanovich
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If there was a god, I'd still have both nuts. By Lance Armstrong
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I am indeed completely nuts, but that doesn't mean I don't care about how I look. Sometimes, I admit, I will privilege appearance over comfort. By Russell Smith
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Maybe you'll show up at my back door with your nuts again. By Alice Clayton
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Hickory dickory dock my daddy's nuts from shellshock. By Dalton Trumbo
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I want to cut his nuts off. By Jesse Jackson
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Our baboon was going completely sky goddess - which is to say, nuts. By Rick Riordan
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Please sir, eat the nuts that are here for you. - Melamie Masters By Ray Palla
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Everyone in this world is nuts, the difference is some of them just really good at disguising it. By Rea Lidde
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If you were anyone else, your nuts would be taking a long vacation, and the destination would be out of your mouth By J.a. Saare
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Just to make sure the odd humanoid aberration doesn't get away, always pin it through the nuts. By Ilona Andrews
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Mellow nuts have the hardest rind. By Walter Scott
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My fans have designated themselves the, uh, 'Pine Nuts.' They're a nutty bunch. By Chris Pine
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You can't go wrong with some nuts. The key word is 'some.' Eat them one at a time, not by the handful. By Summer Sanders
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Nutters love murder. By Robert Galbraith
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I'm fucking nuts and its contagious, get outta here. By Santiago Rodriguez
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Make Me Crazy. Make me nuts! I don't care as long as you're here. With me. By Codi Gary
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And if we seem nutty to you and if we seem like an odd ball to you, just remember one thing. The mighty oak tree was once a nut just like me. By Glenn Turner
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I'm a little nuts. I'm a lot nuts. All I know is that in the midst of the madness of this world it's my therapy. The music touches my heartstrings. By Gordon Lightfoot
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Swimming in my Daddy's big nuts By Grand Puba
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In most conventional novels, God is not allowed to be nuts. Nor are nuts allowed to be God. By John Sladek
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You've been a thief of nuts. No wonder you turned into one." ~ Angelica Hopes, If I Could Tell You By Angelica Hopes
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He laughed. So you see, I'm not a nut. Not a real one, anyway. I haven't been a real nut in a long time. By Samuel R. Delany
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Must is a hard nut to crack, but it has a sweet kernel. By Charles Spurgeon
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I think everyone's mother is slightly nuts. By Penny Marshall
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Crazy. I went crazy. By Ally Carter
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Squirrel as in squirrel squirrel? By Rick Riordan
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SohelpmeGod if there weren't a hundred people staring at us, I would have his nuts in a vice. A steel one. With teeth. By Alessandra Torre
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a synonym for 'insane' is 'bananas By Brandon Scott Gorrell
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Everybody prefers to see a nut - they're more fascinating. By Penn Jillette
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Besides, back to the subject of you being nuts, all writers are nuts, didn't you know that? By Douglas Clegg
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But she's a nut, and nuts win. By Saul Bellow
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God often gives nuts to toothless people. - Matt Groening By Ann Brashares
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My father said I was perfectly suited for Washington because I've always worked around nuts. By Leon Panetta
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He's as nutty as a vegan T-bone. By David Sedaris
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Packer fans are nuts, man. By Ray Nitschke
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To take the nuts from the fire with the dogges foot.[To take the nuts from the fire with the dog's foot.] By George Herbert
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Thou art a peanut. By John Steinbeck
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My vagina smells like a set of nuts.""Awesome. By Debra Anastasia
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I am flagrantly nuts. I can say this because I am a doctor and I know about these things. By Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker
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Well, if ifs and nuts were candy and nuts, then we'd all have a Merry Christmas. (Serenity) By Kinley Macgregor
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I lived crazy really young. So now I don't need to go out and get nuts. By Channing Tatum
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Everybody acts like I'm nuts. I'm not nuts I just want to feel it all. By Fiona Apple
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I'm used to people thinking I'm nuts. And you know what? I kind of love it. By Kevin Spacey
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You are nuttier than a fruitcake, that's what you are! By L.t. Suzuki
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I'm a fastidious sort of fellow, fond of watermelon and buckbrush nuts. By Edward Abbey
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She's as nutty as squirrel poo. By J.k. Rowling
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I don't know which is more nutty. All this stuff I do outside of work, or the stuff I do all week. By Monica Ali
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My life is not nuts. I hardly ever watch television, I don't go out very much, so I don't really know what's going on. By Sophie Okonedo
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I can't do nuttin' for you manGo lean on shells answer manI can't do nuttin' for ya manYou jumped out of the jelly into a jam By Flava Flav
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New Yorkers stop me on the street all the time to say, 'You're terrific! You're the nuts!' By Elaine Stritch
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I have to crack a nut in order to enjoy it. By Donna Lynn Hope
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It's the nuts and bolts time of the year and we don't have enough nuts and bolts. By Darryl Sutter
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When I was losing, they called me nuts. When I was winning they called me eccentric. By Al Mcguire
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Families are like fudge - mostly sweet, with a few nuts. By Les Dawson
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And close at hand, the basket stood With nuts from brown October's wood. And close at hand, the basket stood With nuts from brown October's wood. By John Greenleaf Whittier
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Nuts, arms, stomachs -- they never hurt. All hurt is brain hurt. By John Green
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A fucking masochist and a sadist. Worst of the nuts to crack: the ones who didn't care what happened to themselves. By Eric Rickstad
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Talk to me when your nuts are so blue they look like something you can hang on a Christmas tree. By Amy Andrews
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Most people are really nuts and that's fascinating to me. By Johnny Depp
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How do you ask a woman to gargle your nuts? By Aries Spears
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I guess this proves there are as many nuts in the Academy as anywhere else. By Jack Nicholson
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Everyone looks at me as if I'm nuts. That puts a slow grin on my face. By Susan Ee
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Sometimes the peanut; sometimes the shell. By Anonymous
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People are like nuts. There are lots of different kinds and they're all nuts. By Johnny Moscato
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Guys I'm kind of nutty, but you have to understand that that's all just me being myself. By Darren Criss
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The ancient wisdom of the masters says that even a mighty oak was once a nut like you. By Mark Brown
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When I'm losing, they call me nuts. When I'm winning, they call me eccentric. By Al Mcguire
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It was a universal truth among males that anytime you saw a guy get it in the nuts, you experienced a shot of phantom pain in your own croquet set. By J.r. Ward
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Just me and my nuts, that's all I got in this world. By Ludacris
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started wondering if other people's families are as nutty as mine. Or is mine extra nutty? Like, chunky-peanut-butter nutty? By Publishers Lunch
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Crazier than a bag full of crazy? By Lisa Mantchev
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For women, eating just two handfuls of nuts a week may extend their lives as much as by jogging four hours a week. By Michael Greger
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Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground. By Henry David Thoreau
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She was thinking, I have a nut in my house. How do I get the nut out of my house? By Shelly Laurenston
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I guess she's just nuts,' he said. 'And if she's nuts, a guy's got to do nuts things. You don't think you could say the hell with her? By John Steinbeck
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So the owner of a monster head wants to meet on a path named Nut," I said. "That's appropriate. By Lisa Shearin
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The infinite possibilities. That's what used to do my nut in. By Damien Hirst
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You and nuts," he mused. "In your coffee, on your ice cream ... " He leaned in and added, "In your mouth. By Ella Frank
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Neferet, you're nuttier than squirrel turds. By P.c. Cast
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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. By James Goldsmith
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Never torque a man's nuts unless you are his mechanic!! By Neil Leckman
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What in the name of Zeus's testicles? By Darynda Jones
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I have a nut allergy. When I was at school the other children used to make me play Russian roulette but force-feeding me a packet of Revels. By Milton Jones
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bowls of cornflakes, By Maeve Binchy
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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, everybody loves them. But I thought this was interesting on the box, 'Konsult Kardiologist. By David Letterman
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The madness all over By Ernest Hemingway,
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Today's Oak tree are tomorrows Nut that stood his ground. By Roelof Beukes
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Q: How do you tell when there's an elephant in the pit?A: Peanut shells on the floor. By Bucky Sinister
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Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo coo ca choo By Kristin Chenoweth
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I broke open a boiled peanut and popped the nut in my mouth. By Alessandra Torre
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I love you as much as I love Nutella. By Troye Sivan
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