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It's okay to write something offensive now and then. It lets you know if anyone actually reads your posts. By Stanley Victor Paskavich
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I didn't just invent saying offensive things. By Eminem
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No one should be offended - that's not my style. By Jesse Eisenberg
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I'm very depressed how in this country you can be told "That's offensive" as though those two words constitute an argument. By Christopher Hitchens
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There was nothing more offensive than a man blessed with looks where he should have been given courtesy. By C.d. Reiss
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Remember that being offended is not the same thing as being right. By Dave Barry
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Being inoffensive, and being offended, are now the twin addictions of the culture. By Martin Amis
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You haven't offended me at all. You've made me think. That's all. By Alexander Mccall Smith
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There is no right not to be offended. By Mick Hume
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People misinterpret what I say all the time: They think I'm being offensive, when really, I'm only being opinionated. By Taylor Momsen
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Political correctness is bad. By Ted Cruz
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A small unkindness is a great offence. By Hannah More
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No offence is so heinous as unorthodoxy of behaviour. By Aldous Huxley
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The simple fact is, offense is taken, not given, By Ricky Gervais
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I'm fascinated by offensive subject matter. Always have been. It is very natural to me, as any teach I've ever had growing up could attest. By Anthony Jeselnik
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Blessed is he who will not be offended By Neal A. Maxwell
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there's a time and place for taking offence. By Mark Lawrence
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It's hard to say anything that offends me. But you're welcome to try your best. By Michelle Madow
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sound reasoning always gives offence. Julien's By Stendhal
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Good grief, we're getting offended by everything these days! People can't say anything without offending somebody. By Hillary Clinton
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This book contains a lot of "bad" words. So if you are easily offended, go fuck yourself. By Oliver Markus
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Being offended has replaced baseball as our greatest national pastime. By Kim Hunt Harris
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Being offended is part of being in the real world. By Courtney Love
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Labels applied to people of any race are inherently offensive. By Edward Brooke
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Should I be offended or not? Hell, I was a woman, so I was going to go with offended By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Life is offensive and refuses to apologise By Michael Leunig
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with offense - a high- bosomed matron opposite emitted By Beatrice Forbes-Robertson Hale
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Getting offended is a great way to avoid answering questions that make you sound dumb. By Tucker Max
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Are you seeking to be offended? By Asa Don Brown
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I like offending people, because I think people who get offended should be offended. By Linus Torvalds
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It is useless to fight fire with fire. When you're offended, it is instinctive to want to fight back in anger. By Auliq Ice
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If you are not offending people who ought to be offended, you're doing something wrong. By Noam Chomsky
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Gentleness corrects whatever is offensive in our manner. By Hugh Blair
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How much an ill word may empoison liking! By William Shakespeare
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People who wish to be offended will always find some occasion for taking offense. By John Wesley
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The best defense is not to offend. By Chuck Norris
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Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right. By Ricky Gervais
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If you're sensitive, you will have a hard time with me. By Bill Parcells
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Being of no party,I shall offend all parties By George Gordon Byron
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If I were very offensive, do you suppose they would go away now? By Naomi Novik
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Why is it that whenever anyone says something offensive, they always add 'no offense' after it? By Michelle Hodkin
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I couldn't afford to be offended. By Zadie Smith
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There are always gonna be people that are gonna be offended about something. This will never end. By Greg Gutfeld
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Whoever is ignorant is vulgar. By Miguel De Cervantes
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The last thing we wanted to do was offend you.""The last thing you wanted was for me to take offense. By Sloane Crosley
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I am offended only by certain sorts of wallpaper By Thomas Pynchon
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I don't want to offend people. By Isaac Mizrahi
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Never start a sentence with the words 'No offense. By Gretchen Rubin
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I'm not politically correct. By Kary Mullis
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Coming from The Disney Channel, anything I do is going to offend somehow, somewhere, somehow. By Brenda Song
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I don't aim to offend. By Billy Connolly
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Only the oppressed, the weak, and the fools get offended. By Den Sjo
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I apologize if anybody was offended by anything I said. By Jerome Corsi
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It ought to be an offense to be excruciating and unfunny in circumstances where your audience is almost morally obliged to enthuse. By Christopher Hitchens
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People trying to force their agenda on my by deciding how I'm permitted to speak is offensive. By Steven Brust
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I needn't be offended every time I have to look at you By Naomi Novik
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Every one has something in his nature which, if he were to express it openly, would of necessity give offence. By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar. By Samuel Griswold Goodrich
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None is offended but by himselfe. By George Herbert
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There's something about you that smells a little of a Christian priest. I find it offensive. By Osamu Dazai
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You are aggressive", says the emotional abusive. By Mark Brightlife
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What is exhilarating in bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of giving offense. By Charles Baudelaire
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People have every right to be offended but that doesn't mean they get to take away your right to offend. By Mark Leiren-Young
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My God! This is a revolution! We have to offend someone! By John Adams
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Avoiding offense means that we don't accept each other as equals. By Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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I'm very sorry if I offended anybody. I'd like to put it in the past now. What's done is done. I regret it. By Prince Harry
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If ever we find the truth to be offensive, then we must be prepared to change what is true. By Duane Hewitt
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You're too sensitive', says the disrespectful shithead. By Robin Sacredfire
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I'm an aggressive person. By Jack Abramoff
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I'm offended by things and take pathetic little stands against them. By Tom Stoppard
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There are two ways to react to criticism and the wrong one is to be offended. By Benjamin Kane Ethridge
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Getting offended is the bait of Satan for the believer. By David Mcgee
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Those who are offended by something are most often those who deserve to be offended by it. By Derek R. Audette
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dangerously polite. By Agatha Christie
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Blessed is he or she who avoids being offended. By Marvin J. Ashton
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Everything that's said against me offends me, whether it's true or not. By Nick Cave
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Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. By Harriet Nelson
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annoying attractive By Dahlia Adler
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I like to provoke. I'm very French. By Carine Roitfeld
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When there is no offense I make no defense. By Charles Grandison Finney
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Hi. I haven't insulted you yet, have I? By Tucker Max
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That was the most offensive thing I've ever seen in 20 years of teaching - and that includes an elementary school production of hair. By Jane Lynch
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If the truth offends you, you are probably on the wrong side of it. Lakesha M Ruise By Lakesha Ruise
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We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it. By Abraham Lincoln
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But I'll admit that he's kind of offensively delicious" "Like salt and vinegar potato chips" "Exactly By Chloe Neill
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I'm offended every time I see George Bush on TV! By Courtney Love
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I am very sorry if I have caused any offence. It was a poor choice of costume. By Prince Harry
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Our offensive philosophy is to simply find a way to get the ball into the hands of our team's best player. By Kelvin Sampson
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I hate it when people use phrases like 'no offense' right after they say the crappiest things to you. By Stephanie Tromly
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I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone. By Peter Steele
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We don't deliberately set out to offend. Unless we feel it's justified. By Graham Chapman
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Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the the ones I keep to myself. By Patsy Cline
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If being me offends you, maybe I'm not the problem. By Tsem Tulku
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Appropriate is boring By Marie Sexton
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To be frank, I find religion rather offensive. By Terry Pratchett
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In so far as we interact with people each day from dawn to dusk, we shall surely be offended by people and we shall surely offend people By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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It's okay, my penis is not offended in the least that it just made you throw up By Tara Sivec
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Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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I'm not an abrasive person. I do speak my mind, but my goal is never to offend. I don't intentionally want to strike a chord. By Trevor Noah
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I hate political correctness. By Dan Jenkins
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