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I'm going to fing kill Google. By Steve Ballmer
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I'm just online too much. I drink too much. A lot of bad things. By Luke Temple
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Youre tale anoyeth al this compaignye.Swich talkyng is nat worth a boterflye, By Geoffrey Chaucer
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Break the chaings. By Pierce Brown
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Gilly Gilleshpee By Victoria Laurie
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The Spell's on You By Sheila Sweeny Higginson
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Om (AUM) is the truth of all truths, the light of all lights and the destroyer of all illusions. By Amit Ray
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Religiong>oong>n! O Diabong>oong>le! Fie, I am asham'd, hong>oong>wever that I seem, Tong>oong> think a wong>oong>rd ong>oong>f such simple song>oong>und, Of such great matter shong>oong>uld be made the grong>oong>und. By Christopher Marlowe
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Ut onimous sergimous. As one, we rise. By Julie Kagawa
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You said you want to became Hokage. I have become the Kazekage. If you are willing to bear the name Kage, you have to do what you must do. By Masashi Kishimoto
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The OGP is something that has brought the world community together. By Aruna Roy
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Online life is practice to make the rest of life better, but it is also a pleasure in itself. By Sherry Turkle
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Oh, I'm online all the time now. I'm not an outdoorsy type. By Kevin Smith
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Always zig when peong>oong>ple expect yong>oong>u tong>oong> zag. Cong>oong>nfong>oong>und them! By Soledad O'brien
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Chinese econg>oong>nong>oong>mic develong>oong>pment has cong>oong>st many American wong>oong>rkers their jong>oong>bs. That's the price ong>oong>f prong>oong>gress. By P. J. O'rourke
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For Gat with everything, everything. Cady By E. Lockhart
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Long as I can spell G-o-d I got somebody along. By Alice Walker
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Yet then frong>oong>m all my grief, O Long>oong>rd, Thy mercy set me free, Whilst in the cong>oong>nfidence ong>oong>f pray'r My song>oong>ul tong>oong>ong>oong>k hong>oong>ld ong>oong>n thee. By Joseph Addison
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Mong>oong>ney talks, but tell me why all it says is just Gong>oong>ong>oong>dbye. By Edna O'brien
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Om is that divine elixir that can clear away all the obstructions in our energy bodies. By Banani Ray
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A prig is a fellow who is always making you a present of his opinions. By George Eliot
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Never insult someone's OTP, if they kill you, it's your fault. By Dan Howell
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I is THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT! I is the BFG. What is your name? By Roald Dahl
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Death wants to gank me? Must me Tuesday. By Kresley Cole
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STG - his acronym for Simply Trust God. The idea By Stacy Hawkins Adams
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bookgn By Unknown
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Olly-olly-oxen-free By Jay Asher
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No doing without some ruing. By Sigrid Undset
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Suppong>oong>se yong>oong>u had a crong>oong>ss burning in a play ong>oong>r a mong>oong>vie ... Wong>oong>uld that be intimidating? By Sandra Day O'connor
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When I'm online, I'm alone in a room, tapping on a keyboard, staring at a cathode-ray tube. By Clifford Stoll
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This is for my G's, this is for my Hustlas. By Snoop Dogg
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Tong>oong> his mind, an ong>oong>ppong>oong>rtunity tong>oong> insult a successful ape cam frong>oong>m the hand ong>oong>f Prong>oong>vidence. By Flannery O'connor
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Elance or Upwork and you will soon find yourself on By Tim Saros
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We shall build on.On through the cynic By Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy
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The story and the characters of 'Girl Online' are mine. By Zoe Sugg
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I think I 'turn ong>oong>ff' wong>oong>men. I've a kind ong>oong>f a weird persong>oong>nality. Wong>oong>men may think that I'm a mess. By Ed O'neill
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Melissa officinalis By Ann Bellows
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I think it wong>oong>uld be a bong>oong>ring game if everybong>oong>dy was the same, just like it wong>oong>uld be bong>oong>ring if yong>oong>u guys asked the same dumb questiong>oong>ns. By Shaquille O'neal
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Sogeking... SHOOT THAT FLAG. By Eiichiro Oda
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1jtgwxn992862 By Shriya
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I never go online. The Internet stuff is bonkers. You must not look at it. By Steven Moffat
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If I'm a faggot spell it right, I got way more than two G's By Donald Glover
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I don't play online games...but I love a good mystery. By Felicity Snowden
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We shong>oong>uld try tong>oong> eliminate things that unnecessarily piss peong>oong>ple ong>oong>ff. By Michael O'leary
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AKG controls the heart of one of Ghana's most exciting new gold belts. By Scott Wright
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Keep buggering on.... By Winston Churchill
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Holy paranormal activity, Nightingale - to the Jag mobile. By Ben Aaronovitch
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Once I get outside my house in the morning, I'm on. By Sammy Davis Jr.
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Going on means going far, going far means returning. By Laozi
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O to the M to the G! By H.j. Bellus
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There would never be room for an onigiri in a fruits basket. By Natsuki Takaya
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The name was supposed to be 'Googol,' which is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. It was before the Google spellchecker existed. By Sergey Brin
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A hong>oong>le in ong>oong>ne is amazing when yong>oong>u think ong>oong>f the different universes this white mass ong>oong>f mong>oong>lecules has tong>oong> pass throng>oong>ugh ong>oong>n its way tong>oong> the hong>oong>le. By Mac O'grady
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A Gong>oong>d yong>oong>u understong>oong>ong>oong>d wong>oong>uld be less than yong>oong>urself. By Flannery O'connor
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For Gogol Ganguli- The man who gave you his name, from the man who gave you your name. By Jhumpa Lahiri
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The next horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. The future of online is offline. By Cyriac Roeding
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We are all part ong>oong>f the human family and we shong>oong>uld be abong>oong>ut dong>oong>ing what all gong>oong>ong>oong>d families dong>oong> - caring fong>oong>r ong>oong>ur less fong>oong>rtunate brong>oong>thers and sisters. By Dan O'neill
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(Team Mystic #1) By Clarence Lefort
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Nanny Ogg looked under her bed in case there was a man there. Well, you never knew your luck. By Terry Pratchett
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Gans and Savigny controversy; he took Savigny, he took Gans, read By Victor Hugo
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The midge's wing beats to and fro A thousand times ere one can utter O. By Coventry Patmore
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Om is that eternal music which can smooth away all the creases of negativity in our Karmic database. By Banani Ray
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Keep On Keeping On with God By Terry Hueffed
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thog no girly-orc, thog manly-orc who just happens to like figure skating! By Rich Burlew
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off. We'll find another way. By Kristi Avalon
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Boogey boogey boogey By Groucho Marx
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The ong>oong>nly way, I think, tong>oong> learn tong>oong> write shong>oong>rt stong>oong>ries is tong>oong> write them, and then try tong>oong> discong>oong>ver what yong>oong>u have dong>oong>ne. By Flannery O'connor
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Zindagi migzara (life goes on) By Khaled Hosseini
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a liter ong>oong>f white gas a day per three peong>oong>ple seems tong>oong> be abong>oong>ut right. By Allen O'bannon
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Though ye loue not to bye the pyg in the poke,Yet snatche ye at the poke, that the pyg is in,Not for the poke, but the pyg good chepe to wyn. By John Heywood
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Finally, I can get on with someone By Steven Morrissey
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My nickname is Nuke. By Rau'shee Warren
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Tried to put shame in my game to make a name,I'mma put it on a bullet ... put it in your brain. By Rakim
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KBO - Winston Churchill - Keep Buggering On. By Bob Crew
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Hey Yog, what time is it? You mean right now? By Mickey Mantle
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Go on caring for me. By Franz Kafka
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G - God'sR - RedemptionA - AtC - Christ'sE - Expense By Paul Silway
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Death wants to gank me. Must be Tuesday. By Kresley Cole
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I missed you every day, Becs. By Jay Mclean
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I love online gambling. By Nicky Hilton
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We are searching for Go. By Doug Bentley
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My name is Catbug. What's yours? By Breehn Burns
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Your attempt at GQ has, tragically, ended in douche-bag. - Anna, Seers of Light By Jennifer Delucy
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Long>oong>t ong>oong>f Irish in Mexicong>oong>. The Mexican name, Obregong>oong>n? It cong>oong>mes frong>oong>m O'Brien. By John Sandford
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I was on in two ... then again on four ... By Brian Weiss
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Yong>oong>u're dong>oong>ing great,' she said. 'Yong>oong>u're in Birmingham .' Sculliong>oong>n wanted tong>oong> say this was a cong>oong>ntradictiong>oong>n in terms but he cong>oong>uldn't speak. By Andrew O'hagan
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There are a hundred pathways to Om. Unfortunately, I sometimes think someone left a rake lying across a lot of them. By Terry Pratchett
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hi my name is gail xxxx #swag By Kali Rameres
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Ove is the sort of man who checks the status of all things by giving them a good kick. He By Fredrik Backman
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The first principle ong>oong>f econg>oong>nong>oong>mic symmetry: building the econg>oong>nong>oong>mic pong>oong>wer tong>oong> cong>oong>nsume simultaneong>oong>usly with the industrial pong>oong>wer tong>oong> prong>oong>duce. By Louis O. Kelso
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Offside killed my team. They are not God. They made a mistake and I understand. I don't want three points, I just want 'sorry.' By Luiz Felipe Scolari
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Everyong>oong>ne shong>oong>uld ong>oong>wn a piece ong>oong>f the wealth-prong>oong>ducing capital ong>oong>f this cong>oong>untry, but nong>oong>t everyong>oong>ne can be a manager. Or shong>oong>uld be. By Louis O. Kelso
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Does he have a nickname?' Diana went on remorselessly. 'I mean, 'gaiphage' is so long. Can we call him phage? Or maybe just 'G'? By Michael Grant
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Only Live Like You (OLLY) By Jeroen Saey
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12xxmrem987487 By Shriya
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Then on! then on! where duty leads,My course be onward still. By Reginald Heber
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In the name of Justice!!! Ultra-secret forbidden Ogi technique: Star of Ogi!!! By Keiichi Arawi
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I think Koenigsegg is Swedish for: Oh no, my head has just exploded! By Jeremy Clarkson
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