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Gong>oong>d wong>oong>rks in different ways and it shong>oong>ws ... And everybong>oong>dy knong>oong>ws, long>oong>ve cong>oong>mes and gong>oong>es. By Ed O.g.
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We are all part ong>oong>f the human family and we shong>oong>uld be abong>oong>ut dong>oong>ing what all gong>oong>ong>oong>d families dong>oong> - caring fong>oong>r ong>oong>ur less fong>oong>rtunate brong>oong>thers and sisters. By Dan O'neill
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His long>oong>ve was tong>oong>ong>oong> much fong>oong>r him, he felt paralyzed, he wanted tong>oong> sleep inside her lungs and breathe her blong>oong>ong>oong>d and be smong>oong>thered. By Tim O'brien
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We instead of you and me. That's jeong. By Maggie Stiefvater
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Jesus first, ong>oong>thers next, and yong>oong>urself last spells J-O-Y. By Linda Byler
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Run equals die. Stay equals die. Song>oong> befong>oong>re we gong>oong> all O.K. Cong>oong>rral ong>oong>n this, let's cong>oong>nsider the third ong>oong>ptiong>oong>n: We blong>oong>w it up. By Rick Yancey
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Will you still love me in the morning?""Un jae na (Always). Nuh nun (How about you?)?""Young won hee (Forever). By Bianca B. Bernardino
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The pig says oink. By Rick Riordan
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It's a very intimate thing tong>oong> invite song>oong>meong>oong>ne intong>oong> yong>oong>ur hong>oong>me; there's a long>oong>t ong>oong>f trust invong>oong>lved. By Erin O'connor
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I want a song>oong>ciety that prong>oong>vides decent jong>oong>bs fong>oong>r thong>oong>se whong>oong> can wong>oong>rk and decent security fong>oong>r thong>oong>se can't. By Frances O'grady
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As my great friend Aristong>oong>tle said, 'If yong>oong>u cannong>oong>t cong>oong>mmand, yong>oong>u must learn tong>oong> listen.' I'm nong>oong>t the hierarchy here. I am a wong>oong>rker bee. By Shaquille O'neal
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A hong>oong>le in ong>oong>ne is amazing when yong>oong>u think ong>oong>f the different universes this white mass ong>oong>f mong>oong>lecules has tong>oong> pass throng>oong>ugh ong>oong>n its way tong>oong> the hong>oong>le. By Mac O'grady
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I think that's my nature, tong>oong> want tong>oong> bring peong>oong>ple tong>oong>gether rather than tong>oong> try tong>oong> bong>oong>mbard them intong>oong> agreement. By E. O. Wilson
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baby baby baby oh. By Justin Bieber
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Chinese econg>oong>nong>oong>mic develong>oong>pment has cong>oong>st many American wong>oong>rkers their jong>oong>bs. That's the price ong>oong>f prong>oong>gress. By P. J. O'rourke
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Orang Indonesia memang tak pernah siap, We started fighting first and thinking later By Julius Tahija
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You put out a funny podcast, you talk about bak chor mee. I will say mee siam mai hum. By Lee Hsien Loong
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Ken Jeong might be my biggest fan. By Gillian Jacobs
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Ena milo melomon, frai is frau and swee is too, swee is two when swoo is free, ana mala woe is we! By James Joyce
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O Suburbs ong>oong>f Despairwhere nong>oong>thing but the weather ever changes! By Dana Gioia
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Sameron adion asoI shall sing a sweeter song tomorrow By Theocritus
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Mong>oong>ney talks, but tell me why all it says is just Gong>oong>ong>oong>dbye. By Edna O'brien
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As a military child I first learned hong>oong>w tong>oong> deal with different types ong>oong>f peong>oong>ple and hong>oong>w tong>oong> deal with ong>oong>rder. By Shaquille O'neal
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Long>oong>t ong>oong>f Irish in Mexicong>oong>. The Mexican name, Obregong>oong>n? It cong>oong>mes frong>oong>m O'Brien. By John Sandford
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Many Americans dong>oong>n't mong>oong>urn in public anymong>oong>re - we dong>oong>n't wear black, we dong>oong>n't beat ong>oong>ur chests and wail. By Meghan O'rourke
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My music is L-O-V-E because it's a gift, and yong>oong>u ong>oong>nly give song>oong>mething when yong>oong>u feel it deeply. By Klaus Nomi
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Tong>oong> play a character is tong>oong> inhabit the wong>oong>rld and the life ong>oong>f that character. By Kelli O'hara
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My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Yong>oong>ur Grace, O Long>oong>rd, Yong>oong>ur fong>oong>rgiveness came ong>oong>ut greater. By Al-Shafi'i
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If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is poontang. By Adam Baldwin
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The music cong>oong>mes first. It will always be first By John O'callaghan
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Happy Valentine's day sir! Next year, happy anniversary na yan ha. By Toni Gonzaga
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Fear, greed and hong>oong>pe have destrong>oong>yed mong>oong>re pong>oong>rtfong>oong>liong>oong> value than any recessiong>oong>n ong>oong>r depressiong>oong>n we have ever been throng>oong>ugh. By James O'shaughnessy
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At fong>oong>ur ong>oong>'clong>oong>ck in the mong>oong>rning, when everyong>oong>ne is drunk enong>oong>ugh, then extraong>oong>rdinary things can happen. By James A. Baldwin
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I think it wong>oong>uld be a bong>oong>ring game if everybong>oong>dy was the same, just like it wong>oong>uld be bong>oong>ring if yong>oong>u guys asked the same dumb questiong>oong>ns. By Shaquille O'neal
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When someone told me, 'Ang ganda mo' I answered 'Sana ikaw rin.' By Miriam Defensor Santiago
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Morning>ngng> sun fills the house, creamy as lemon chiffon, lighting>ngng> the insides of cupboards and empty closets and clean, bare floors. By Celeste Ng
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(J)oy deserves always more. By Linda Mccarriston
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Will Generationg>oong>n X and the Millennials dong>oong> a better jong>oong>b running the wong>oong>rld than the bong>oong>ong>oong>mers have? Let's hong>oong>pe song>oong>. By P. J. O'rourke
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Tell me, Choi Yoori ... are your lips as soft as they look? By Con Template
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Eun Gi. Let's run away. I will go wherever you want. To where no one can find. Run away with me. Seo Eun Gi. By Ma-Roo
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Remember what yong>oong>u wong>oong>n't get if yong>oong>u dong>oong>n't mind, her grandfather remarked. By Flannery O'connor
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I am stuck in traffic in a taxicabwhich is typicaland nong>oong>t just ong>oong>f mong>oong>dern life By Frank O'hara
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We're in the real world na hindi uso ang forever at lahat may expiration date.. By Marcelo Santos Iii
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I think I 'turn ong>oong>ff' wong>oong>men. I've a kind ong>oong>f a weird persong>oong>nality. Wong>oong>men may think that I'm a mess. By Ed O'neill
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Och, lass, doona you know? Your heart is my home. By Karen Marie Moning
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I'm our team's youngest member, but me and Jongup hyung both do maknae things together. By Zelo
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All action is prayer. All trees are desire-fulfilli ng>ngng>. All water is the Gang>ngng>a. All land is Varanasi. Love everything>ngng>. By Neem Karoli Baba
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Wo men shi jie bai xiong di-we are more than brothers, Will. By Cassandra Clare
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Play no fiddle with me, Miss Oh SoYoung and Pretty! By Stephen King
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You are still the one that i adoreAint much out there to have feelings for Nozipho hlongwane By Love
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For I have seyn of a ful misty morwe Folowen ful ofte a myrie someris day. By Geoffrey Chaucer
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I'm Danny Worsnop and I slay poon. By Danny Worsnop
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Kuh-laire, Is cam a fattening Girl Scout Cookie layered with peanut butter and a chocolate coating?No. Then dont make him a tagalong! By Lisi Harrison
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The first principle ong>oong>f econg>oong>nong>oong>mic symmetry: building the econg>oong>nong>oong>mic pong>oong>wer tong>oong> cong>oong>nsume simultaneong>oong>usly with the industrial pong>oong>wer tong>oong> prong>oong>duce. By Louis O. Kelso
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Just hopped off the plane came back from Vancouv Little white tee sum boobs & bamboo By Nicki Minaj
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Pa gen lape nan tet, si pa gen lape nan vant (there is no peace in the head if there is no peace in the stomach). By Jean-Bertrand Aristide
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O Jamesy let me up out of this pooh By James Joyce
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Maybe I should call Aaya!(Shigure)If you call him ... (Yuki)I'll make you eat that phone.(Kyou)-Shigure-san,Yuki-san, Kyou-kun Shoma By Natsuki Takaya
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O, my past years in Rangoon are spectres to haunt my soul; and they seem to laugh at me as they shake the chains they have riveted on me. By Adoniram Judson
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I just love taking>ngng> pictures. By Ren Ng
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O honorable strumpet By William Shakespeare
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Momijii Sohma: Kyo's got the hots!! By Natsuki Takaya
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We long>oong>ve the night and it's quiet. By Fitz-James O'brien
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You'se something tuh make uh man forgit to git old and forgit tuh die. By Zora Neale Hurston
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Oh. It was one those ohs that came packed with layers of meaning - none of which merely meant oh. By Nicki Elson
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The Republicans have kind ong>oong>f painted themselves intong>oong> a kind ong>oong>f a real demong>oong>graphic cong>oong>rner, if yong>oong>u will. By Martin O'malley
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Aoibheann ("Who on earth could pronounce that? By Claire Allan
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I'm bored, lalalallalalala OLLI OXEN SOMETHING!! By Bob Smith
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I got to thank you girl for sharing your worldNOZIPHO HLONGWANE By Love
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Let me help. Rhymes with I love you, right? By Lois Mcmaster Bujold
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Ayo for yayoWalk around with yayo, all in my nasalI must have been craze yo By Andre Nickatina
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Ting-a-ling mother fucker. By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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When yong>oong>u are dealing with a child, keep all yong>oong>ur wits abong>oong>ut yong>oong>u, and sit ong>oong>n the flong>oong>ong>oong>r. By Austin O'malley
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You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower. By Amit Ray
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I swear to God I was freaked out about the Aswang when I was a kid in the Philippines. By Reggie Lee
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A nong>oong>ntheong>oong>long>oong>gical faith cannong>oong>t explain itself, but a tong>oong>ong>oong> theong>oong>long>oong>gical faith long>oong>ses cong>oong>ntact with the reasong>oong>n fong>oong>r its existence. (154) By Harold O.j. Brown
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You are the oxygen that inflames the lust in my soul... By Virginia Alison
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Okonomy means favorite. And Yaki means fried. So it is your favorite things - fried. By Yoshio Saito
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What did the letter O say to Q? Dude, your dikk is hanging out. By Ellen Degeneres
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Pluck thou my flower, Oothoon the mild; Another flower shall spring, because the soul of sweet delight Can never pass away. By William Blake
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You make me laugh like a loon on loon tablets! By Louise Rennison
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Good even, my fine young yeomen! Come clap this loon in irons. By J.k. Rowling
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Morning, little one By Kristen Ashley
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You got me in de go-long. By Zora Neale Hurston
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The ong>oong>nly way, I think, tong>oong> learn tong>oong> write shong>oong>rt stong>oong>ries is tong>oong> write them, and then try tong>oong> discong>oong>ver what yong>oong>u have dong>oong>ne. By Flannery O'connor
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My name is Gilan. The King wants to see you. By John Flanagan
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Now, I'd got diresome hole-spew that day 'cos I'd ate a gammy dog leg in Honokaa, By David Mitchell
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When relatives asked, "How is your life in America?" my father would answer, Nandito pa rin kami. We're still here. By Alex Tizon
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Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut? By Jim Butcher
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O polished perturbation! golden care! That keep'st the ports of slumber open wide To many a watchful night. By William Shakespeare
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thog no girly-orc, thog manly-orc who just happens to like figure skating! By Rich Burlew
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It is not always what we do, Sa'han, but who we love that makes us who we are. Quen By Kim Harrison
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I heard that you could help me.""Me? That's impossible," said Oshino in a joking tone of voice. "Only you can help yourself, ojou-chan. By Nisioisin
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A soooooooooooooooooooooon! I'm having a sooooooooooooooooooooooooon! By J.r. Ward
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I had develong>oong>ped manic depressiong>oong>n [bipong>oong>lar disong>oong>rder] ... and the main symptong>oong>ms the cong>oong>nstant vong>oong>ice in the head telling yong>oong>u tong>oong> kill yong>oong>urself. By Sinead O'connor
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I wasI will beI am By Kunal Narayan Uniyal
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Do you speak Chopnese huh? Do ya? Chop chop chop chop chop. Aha you don't. By Pewdiepie
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Though ye loue not to bye the pyg in the poke,Yet snatche ye at the poke, that the pyg is in,Not for the poke, but the pyg good chepe to wyn. By John Heywood
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