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Orange? Like Effie's hair?" I say."A bit more muted," he says. "More like sunset. By Suzanne Collins
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(James) Anderson has a gift from the gods: he could swing an orange. By Geoffrey Boycott
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I really don't get this whole oranges thing. It's like, does he want to eat them or go out with them? By Hillary Depiano
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Anyone ever tell you that you look like an orange in that jumpsuit? Auntie Lenore? More like Auntie Clementine. By Kim Harrison
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Orange flavoring and vodka. They By Truman Capote
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Any color works if you push it to the extreme. By Massimo Vignelli
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Black is too morbid; red will set them on edge; pink is too juvenile; orange is freakish By Lauren Oliver
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Gray, the colour of forgetting. By Daniel Arenson
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With a little more tweaking, we could make orange juice in the orange without any packaging or processing. By Homaro Cantu
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If someone asked you what color the sky is, what would you say? By Shey Stahl
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I squeeze oranges every morning to make juice. By Utada Hikaru
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Color is the fruit of life. By Guillaume Apollinaire
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Green how I love you green. Green wind. Green boughs. The ship on the sea And the horse on the mountain. By Federico Garcia Lorca
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I try to fill the emptiness deep inside me with Cheetos, but I am still depressed. Only now my fingers are stained orange. I am blue. And I am orange. By Karen Salmansohn
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Green's a good color. By Michael Scott
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What color are your panties? By E.r. Pierce
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Let Your Color Out! By Lindy Lewis
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A stocky zombie with curly orange hair By Brandon Mull
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orange trail leading down to the kitchen and By Wendy Mass
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When two(cars) run an orange, the red leaks." MS By Sulin Young
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Over coffee and orange juice the embryonic suicide brightens visibly. By Sylvia Plath
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I don't know if I have a favorite color. By Kate Middleton
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Snagged a Tootsie Pop - then saw that it was orange, and traded that for a grape one. By J.r. Ward
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When I think of flavours, I think colour, so lemon should be yellow and orange is orange. By Dylan Lauren
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Any colour - so long as it's black. By Henry Ford
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The juice was delicious, with the fresh bite and lingering umami of freshly squeezed oranges. By Chloe Neill
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I've got a wallet, it's orange. In case I wanna buy a deer. That doesn't make any sense at all. By Mitch Hedberg
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Orange: Uh OhMario: Uh oh what?Orange ... Uh-Oh spaghettio's *LAUGH*Mario: Not Funny By Annoying Orange
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California is a great place to live if you're an orange. By Fred Allen
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Come over here and sit on my knee and finish your orange juice. By Sonny Liston
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I don't want to know what your favorite color isbut I do want to know what color you bleedwhen you're with me. By Shinji Moon
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I think they named the orange before the carrot. By Demetri Martin
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Purple and yellow are my colors. By Stewart Rahr
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The smell of oranges has always reminded me of funerals. By Lauren Oliver
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nocturnal purple. By Neil Gaiman
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Mixing in some rusty oranges is a warm way to update your place for fall. By Nate Berkus
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Olly-olly-oxen-free By Jay Asher
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I live in a grey world, rather like the silver screen world. But yellow stands out. By Jorge Luis Borges
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Mario the Magnificent is Orange! His eyes sparkle with eagerness as he winks at me. By Bill Blais
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In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange. By Jim Davis
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Ronald Regan doesn't dye his hair - he's just prematurely orange. By Gerald R. Ford
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To understand blue you must first understand yellow and orange By Vincent Van Gogh
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My passport's green. By Seamus Heaney
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Think pink but don't wear it By Karl Lagerfeld
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I always liked red. It's a picker-upper. By Nancy Reagan
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What a horrible thing yellow is. By Edgar Degas
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How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun. By Vincent Van Gogh
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May is green and pink and red By Richard L. Ratliff
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Black is the color By Alexandra Bracken
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Now she's lit by the warm orange spreading from the horizon as not-quite-day, becomes not-quite-night By David Levithan
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Brown, I say, deep brown. Like coffee without any milk. By David Levithan
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Oh, thought Blue. So this is what I can't have. By Maggie Stiefvater
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Favorite color: I hate colors. By Ian Shoales
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[I]t was the color of someone buying you an ice cream cone for no reason at all. By Lemony Snicket
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Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches. By Federico Garcia Lorca
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He says black, I say white and we do grey By Lazaro Hernandez
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When I haven't any blue I use red. By Pablo Picasso
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On the whole we have just as much orange left and it tastes far better, if we give a good deal of it away. By Margaret Warde
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I believe in pink. By Audrey Hepburn
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purple does something strange to me By Charles Bukowski
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Bonapartist democrat.""Grey shades of a quiet mouse colour. By Victor Hugo
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What Zidane can do with a football, Maradona could do with an orange. By Michel Patini
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People do give me a hard time about my hair because it's orange and it's big. By Carrot Top
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God doesn't make orange juice, God makes oranges. By Jesse Jackson
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The very pink of perfection. By Oliver Goldsmith
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Japanese used to have a color word, ao, that spanned both green and blue. By Guy Deutscher
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Sickly gray color, in which a handful of scraggly trees produce apples so sour that one only has to look at them to feel ill. Lousy Lane traverses the By Lemony Snicket
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I thought of Blue. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger. By Leah Raeder
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I don't wear orange or yellow on the red carpet because my skin kind of blends in with them. By Mark Indelicato
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What hair color do they put on the driver's licenses of bald men? By George Carlin
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But as I see it, the most corrupt art is the sentimental the art of orange blossoms which make pale women swoon. By Camille Pissarro
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What color would you use? By Jennifer Rush
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fraudulent blue ozone By Knut Hamsun
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Hollywood is a great place if you're an orange. By Fred Allen
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If the real world is orange juice, then art is like orange-juice concentrate. By Martin Mull
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My cup is yellowOr not, though not'sImpossibleIt's yellow By Aram Saroyan
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purple is my favorite color that isn't black, and By Jim Butcher
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If a boy gives a girl an orange her love for him will multiply. By Jandy Nelson
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I like to peel it and share it with friends. You can spread the love with an orange. By Gina Rodriguez
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What color is in a picture, enthusiasm is in life. By Vincent Van Gogh
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Any yellow, any blue, any red and a white are all I need. By Andrew Mcdermott
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True love is when you relish the orange she eats. By Tapan Ghosh
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You wear out a good wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause between an orange wife and a fosset-seller. By William Shakespeare
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A man is not an orange. You can't eat the fruit and throw the peel away. By Algernon Charles Swinburne
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All color is no color. By Kenneth Clark
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Champagne and orange juice is a great drink. The orange improves the champagne. The champagne definitely improves the orange. By Philip The Apostle
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Beige is the color of indecision. By Paula Scher
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Fruit ... it's just God showing off. "Look at all the colours I know!" By Dylan Moran
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An orange-and-purple suit so ugly it approached violence By James S.a. Corey
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Colour is a matter of personal opinion. By Tessa De Loo
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After I go out this door, I may only exist in the minds of all my acquaintances ... I may be an orange peel. By J.d. Salinger
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Light black. From pole to pole. By Samuel Beckett
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No colour comes after black. By Idries Shah
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I'm asking you not to be color blind, but to be color brave. By Mellody Hobson
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Whatever colors you have in your mind, I'll show them to you and you'll see them shine. By Bob Dylan
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The color of truth is grey. By Andre Gide
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Well, my favorite color I guess I would say yellow. By Fran Drescher
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Red goes with everything and red goes with nothing. By Chloe Thurlow
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