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Phil Robson is a disturbingly good jazz guitar player! By Dave Liebman
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Thank you, God. Pete seems way uptight, but he doesn't seem like a hateful ass clown. Many thanks. Over and out. By Kim Holden
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You can take the boy out of Philly but not the Philly out of the boy. It shapes my world view. It was a great place to grow up. By Steve Capus
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Peter is an old friend. I'm heartbroken, but he's also a tough guy. I'm counting on him getting through this very difficult passage. By Tom Brokaw
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Peter, of the three of us, was our prince. He seemed so timeless. He had such elan and style. By Tom Brokaw
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I don't have many friends in Philadelphia. I sort of have one. I have the dog and someone else. By H. G. Bissinger
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No one will ever be as good as Phil Hartman. He was such an amazing genius, and may be the best sketch performer of all time. By Nick Swardson
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I guess the word to call me is my name, Pete. By Peter Dinklage
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Pete and Repeat are in a boat, Pete jumps out who's left in the boat? By Cm Punk
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Philly is a place where people love change as long as things stay the same for them. By Michael Nutter
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I'm proud to be from Philadelphia. By Sherman Hemsley
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Ptah? son of ptooey? What is he god of spitting? i asked By Rick Riordan
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i like peanut butter By Gio
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Phillipians 4:13 for Pete's sake! By Jan Karon
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new personality who dis By Unknown
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Peter Beard is one of those people I've known a long time. We have an affinity. We share certain values. By Terry Southern
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Perhaps you are making a cat's paw of me with Phillotson all this time. Upon my word it almost seems soto see you sitting up there so prim. By Thomas Hardy
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Phillip cleared his throat and got to his feet. I need some fresh air. All this postbattle rah-rah-we-lived sentimentality is a bit cloying. By Jennifer Estep
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Pete (Rose) doesn't run with celebrities and he can't stand the phonies. His big buddy in LA ain't Sinatra, it's a funny old groundskeeper. By Sparky Anderson
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You'll regret the day you ever messed with Philadelphia Collins and sons By Phil Collins
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Dr. Phil is hiding something. Otherwise, why wouldn't he use his last name? By Garry Shandling
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We support each other in the Coppola family. We love the idea of everyone getting his place in the sun. By Francis Ford Coppola
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Beep-beep, Richie, By Stephen King
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She had a date. With Phillip Banks. The Phillip Banks, of her many and varied fantasies. And this time, she hadn't even gotten him drunk first. By Anonymous
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There once lived a family that had three sons. The oldest one was called Ram, the middle one Goat, and the youngest brother was named Phillip. By Ace G. Pilkington
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Pa-rump, pa-rump, pa-rump. He's the Little Drummer Boy on speed. By Alex Adams
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He was clearly marked with the stamp of the Philistine. By Agatha Christie
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hospital johnny. By Mary Catherine Gebhard
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Sam, had a great time this weekend but the golf was lousey. By Dan Quayle
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Pirate Frank. Walks the Plank. By Dave Horowitz
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Is this the part where you tell me he'll come around?" "Hell, no." At least Phil Butler was an honest man. Five By S.e. Jakes
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The nearest I have ever seen to the great Willie Pep By Angelo Dundee
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My life began with Ronnie. By Nancy Reagan
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Ava DuVernay is my personal Phil Jackson. She's a perfect coach. By Omar Dorsey
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Philip says to fear me. Do you have any idea how afraid I am of him? By Linnea Sinclair
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WE ALL KNEW LIL PAT was a junky. His girlfriend, Angie, one-upped him by being a junky and a whore. By Bill Hillmann
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An oddly paired duo, Pete, a computer "junkie" and By Margaret Pearce
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Philip is the only person in the Bible who was called an evangelist, and he was a deacon! By Billy Graham
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My name is Michael Pennington, and I am not a comic character. By Johnny Vegas
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Peter Grant,' I said. 'Recent arrival, slacker and man of very little fame. By Ben Aaronovitch
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Peter will have a place in this brotherhood forever. By Tom Brokaw
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Pigpen was and is now forever one of the Grateful Dead. By Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan
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Primordya forever! By Aida Jacobs
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What the fuck?" That was me. Pete's not an f-word kinda guy. Me? My current record is eighty-two F-bombs in under a minute. By Adrienne Wilder
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Philly is a city made up of many neighborhoods - more than a hundred, in fact - and the citizens can be very territorial. By Richard Montanari
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Phil and Hannah had decided that Christian guilt was better than bad math By Rhoda Janzen
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I love you Philadelphia. I want to thank you for accepting me, and letting me be me and make this my home forever. By Allen Iverson
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Andy? Really, who gives a shit? By Jennifer Lopez
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Pa smiled an inward smile. He always took delight in the pure souls of the earth, wherever they shone. By Peter Heller
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Paul. She hadn't just watched him die. She had taken in his death like a hummingbird drawing nectar. By Karin Slaughter
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Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips! I don't know him. By Breehn Burns
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I laughed. 'It's a cellar Phil, calling it your recording studio does not make that sentence any less creepy. By Alison Davis
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Lew? Not that I don't appreciate it, but it By Nora Roberts
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Know what I like about you?" Phil rumbled in my ear."Based on recent experience, I'd say my arse comes pretty high on the list". By J.l. Merrow
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Before Pat could speak, the kid By Jess Walter
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Philip got out of God's way. He remembered that what makes the gospel offensive isn't who it keeps out, but who it lets in. By Rachel Held Evans
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If I see Danny Hillis quoted as an expert on MPP one more time, I'm going to puke. By Larry Ellison
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The dog lives here, Pete. You're just visiting. By Marge Schott
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She loved him, the way the she should love Julian: Uncle Arthur would have called it philia, friendship love. By Cassandra Clare
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The stiff-backed prig, with his dandified airs and West End swagger. By William Makepeace Thackeray
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Patrick used to be popular, until Sam bought him some good music. By Stephen Chbosky
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But he had saved her. That was irrefutable. Maybe it didn't really matter why he'd come to Phillip's party, only that he had, and he had saved her. By Julia Quinn
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your uncle Geoffrey. By Catherine Coulter
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BOB PROCTOR If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand. By Rhonda Byrne
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For Peter's smile is a most contagious thing. By Brom
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Peter has the biggest mouth, so it goes to be a mouth contest. By Josh Silver
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What the hell is wrong with your pixie? - Gavin By Elizabeth May
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I just thought it was better to be Pete Best than Linda McCartney By Justine Frischmann
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I assume he is the one unfortunate enough to be called Ptolemus. By Victoria Aveyard
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Jake, a homosexual cop buried so deep in the closet he didn't know where to look for himself. By Josh Lanyon
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Uncle Monty tell By Lemony Snicket
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He looked like a young Crusader on a tomb. That was Phyllis's first impression of Allan Harrington. By Margaret Widdemer
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-Fiona, this is my mate, Frank Begbie. Or Franco. Or Beggars. Or the Beggar Boy. Or the Generalissmo. Or Psychotic Bullying Prick. By Irvine Welsh
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Phil Rudd from AC/DC was someone I really liked a lot ... Not because I was dazzled by his playing ability - he was just a rock, y'know? By Tommy Lee
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My name is Louie, but they call me Tony! By King Louie
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I can't remember what Michael Praed looks like. I'm too young! By Jonas Armstrong
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Pam: Claude, the mouthwateringly beautiful asshole? By Charlaine Harris
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Pax? That's his name? It means 'peace,' you know." Peter knew that - lots of people had told him. "But By Sara Pennypacker
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Snoop Scorsese, that's my director name. By Snoop Dogg
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What's his name? By Anthony Marra
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Love trumped principle. Paola tossed out these things By Donna Leon
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Mercer!" Charlie By Kym Brunner
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When I'm all alone and I'm by myself, little Peter keeps me company. By Red Peters
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Philly gave me my ambition and drive to get more. It's a reminder to stay on top of my game. That's not a place I want to go back to. By Meek Mill
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Casey Lomonaco, KPA CTP, May/June 2010 By Adrienne Hovey
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Parker Haas, crying Omaha, and his sleepless Rose. By Charlie Huston
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I'm always Peter Pan in my heart By Michael Jackson
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Peter's a lucky man except in one respect, he doesn't seem to know how lucky he is. By Louise Penny
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What about me, Peter?" "You can cook. You can clean. You can be waiting here for me when I get home. I'd think that would be enough." "Well, it's not! By Barbara Delinsky
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You wouldn't know him if I told you the name. HIPPIAS: But I know right now he's an ignoramus. By Plato
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I'm Fred Mathews By Carolyn Keene
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Because she's Peter's girl By Jenny Han
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That is - your friend?" "Philtatos," Achilles replied, sharply. Most beloved. By Madeline Miller
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Does he have a nickname?' Diana went on remorselessly. 'I mean, 'gaiphage' is so long. Can we call him phage? Or maybe just 'G'? By Michael Grant
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Peter Kaplan was a partner, a mentor, and a friend. By Jared Kushner
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I think that Phil Kaufman is one of the best directors that I have come across. By Clive Owen
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Hazel Grace, I love it when you talk medical to me. By John Green
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John. I would ask you what you are doing, but I fear you would actually tell me. By David Wong
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Jack. He'd never give us a phone, or a window. "Ma takes my thumbs and squeezes them. "We are people in a book, and he wont let anybody else read it. By Emma Donoghue
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