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It'll never get well if you pick it. By Noel Coward
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By not choosing, you have already chosen. Don't let it be so. By Trina M. Lee
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My side ain't chosen. My side was given. By John Marston
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Sometimes there are no good choices. By Lesli Linka Glatter
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The Selection was no longer something that was simply happening to me, but something I was actively a part of. I was an Elite. By Kiera Cass
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Yeah I took the spot she gone POOF By Nicki Minaj
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I have a knack for choosing the wrong people. By Kangana Ranaut
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I went to the bronze boy whom I love, partly because no one really cares for him By Sylvia Plath
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I didn't accept it. I received it. By Richard Allen
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I had waited so long for someone to pick me. And then he changed his mind. I By Lindy West
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To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand. By William Shakespeare
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Choose well, thy choice is brief, and yet endless. By Kimball Lee
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friend of mine who was turned down By Charles Stross
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I chose Van Gogh. By Cheryl Strayed
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Getting picked gives you half that confidence, or 50 per cent of it By Glenn Frank
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I was choosing, and I was choosing Kellan. By Tijan
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I don't think we get too many choices in life ... I like knowing - and I like you knowing - I chose you. By Shannon Delany
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I'll always choose you.Gabe Willoughby By Hope Collier
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What you write chooses you. By Terry Brooks
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He's picked clean! Eaten by cats! By Lynda Barry
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giving me the choice about By Denise Welch
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selection decisions until maturity By Malcolm Gladwell
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Hesitation was fatal. Choose. By Robert Galbraith
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I picked myself out for you," she said. "Not you. By Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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I chose you. It was always you. From the first moment I held you, I knew you were mine. By Ashlan Thomas
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Many are called, few are chosen. By Paul Hoffman
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We both know they have to have a victor. It can only be one of us. Please, take it. For me. And By Suzanne Collins
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God has no favorites. By Joseph Girzone
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You can't really be picky when no one is offering you anything. By Joel Edgerton
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I am blessed and highly favoured. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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God has picked you out to pick you up. By Joyce Meyer
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No-one chooses me. I do not give anyone that right. I am Karsa Orlong of the Teblor. All choices belong to me. By Steven Erikson
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Don't apologize. You don't have to explain yourself. I choose you. I want you. By Lex Martin
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Many people have believed that they were Chosen, but none more baldly than the Texans. By Edward Hoagland
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I didn't choose you, but I sure as fuck can't free myself of you. By Katy Evans
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And i chose life and love and happiness and pain... By Anna Kay Akana
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In this life I choose you. By Truth Devour
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Wow. Snubbed by a homeless guy. My night was getting better and better By Jenn Bennett
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I choose to be happy now By Cierra Rantoul
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I think I pick more winners than losers. By Philip Green
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I choose guys. I choose girls. I choose people. But most of all: I choose. By Julie Murphy
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Choose in haste and regret at leisure. By Brent Weeks
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Even not choosing is a choice. By Denise Grover Swank
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I don't pick subjects as much as they pick me. By Andy Rooney
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Hilary Clinton might have been a better pick than me. By Joe Biden
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I took whatever the devil offered me. By Robin Thicke
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I chose you, Clara, and you chose me. End of story. By Shelly Crane
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Don't worry, my little lump of rock. Everybody gets a chance to choose. Or else where would irony come from? By Catherynne M Valente
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By now everyone knows that I picked Kentucky, and I am definitely happy with my decision and that it's all finally over. By Nerlens Noel
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Our cultural instinct is to wait to get pickedNo one is going to pick you. Pick yourself. By Seth Godin
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Affirmation: It is true, I am chosen not lucky. By Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
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All is foreseen but the choice is given. By Isaac Bashevis Singer
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Determining the selected item The preceding By John Walkenbach
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we say lets choose but really the choice is already made all you have to do is find it By Chelsea
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We ask the poet: 'What subject have you chosen?' instead of: 'What subject has chosen you? By Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach
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I knew it would be you By Charles Bukowski
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I'm in the position to pick the cream of the crop. By Graeme Murphy
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Everybody who has ever been snubbed, you know that is very humiliating. By Jennifer Aniston
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The choice of no choice. By Sarah Dessen
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I've made a lot of choices, some good, some not so good; how sad for those who merely hitchhike along, never daring to choose at all. By C.j. Heck
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God has taken his chosen people, the problem being you are the only non-chosen person. By Moby
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You're going to take it. By Melanie Harlow
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Choose with no regret. By Mary Anne Radmacher
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It's a free-choice afternoon and I choose you. By Jen Malone
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We never choose anything at all. Things happen. Or not. By Haruki Murakami
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Would you call it lucky to stay, or lucky to go?""I'd call it lucky to choose", said Moody. By Eleanor Catton
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I'm good at picking friends. By Hoda Kotb
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Don't choose me. I'm not worth your time. By Julie Anne Peters
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Choosing is a creative process, one through which we construct our environment, our lives, ourselves. By Sheena Iyengar
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I don't know why she picked me, but she did and I'm not letting go. By Susan Mallery
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It's too important of a decision to pick someone at random in someone else's house." I By Rebecca Donovan
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This was different: the feeling of being chosen. Out of everybody in the world...this boy had picked him as the one he liked best of all. By Elise Broach
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I choose things by how they resonate in my heart. By Rita Coolidge
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Being chosen doesn't come out of a state of fullness, it comes out of a state of emptiness. By Edward F Edinger
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Choose? When do I ever choose? Have I ever chosen? By Doris Lessing
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You either have to be great or you have to be bad to get a good pick. By Magic Johnson
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Choosing is Aging. By Philippe Soupault
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Everyone picks the best one when given a choice. By Seth Godin
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Emma, there was never a choice. I will always choose you. Always. By Rebecca Donovan
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A long time ago god chose you, today remember to choose Him. By Gerald Brooks
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I did the right choice so you wouldn't have to do the wrong one. By Kiersten White
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Choosing the criteria for choosing By Nick Bostrom
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If you want to be picked by the opportunity then you have to pick the opportunity first. By Rajesh Walecha
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My choices are like my fingerprints, they make me unique By Deepika Padukone
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Would you pick me? I am so much my own agent, it would be - its inconceivable. By Newt Gingrich
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If you had chosen differently, you would have never found me. By Natasha Boyd
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I chose and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken; the choosing was not. You have to move on. By Stephen Sondheim
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The die is cast.- By Suetonius
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I'm not choosing, but I'm running out of fight. By Gayle Forman
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I kind of knew Cleveland was going to get the No. 1 pick. I think they rigged it. No, don't quote me on that. By Carmelo Anthony
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From all the graces of my homelandI chose only your savage heart. By Pablo Neruda
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Quidditch match, taking By J.k. Rowling
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Anything you shun will have won. By L. Ron Hubbard
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I didn't have a thing to do with picking a coach, and didn't want to. But I didn't think they'd pick one I didn't like. By Bear Bryant
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To all the fantasy owners who drafted me: You're welcome. By Peyton Manning
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seats to choose from; I took one behind him to the right, By Camille Pagan
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comfort. I'd decided Lucy By Kiera Cass
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Sometimes all the choices are poor ones, Fool, and still a man must choose. By Robin Hobb
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Choosesomeoneto lovewhowouldn't evenhearof it. By Alice Walker
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How could you pick, knowing that you'd have to go home and live with the choice you made? By Jodi Picoult
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