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Good photos have come when I least controlled the situation. By Gueorgui Pinkhassov
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Photos should suggest a word(s) and vice versa. They should be equal and interchangeable. By John Baldessari
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You don't take pictures, the good ones happen to you. By Ernst Haas
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As for a picture, if it isn't worth a thousand words, the hell with it. By Ad Reinhardt
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A picture should be looked at - not talked about. By Elliott Erwitt
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A photograph gives us the naked truth,which has to be clothed by the imagination. By Francis Meadow Sutcliffe
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Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph By Andre Kertesz
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Photographs ... are the most curious indicators of reality. By Erica Jong
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Things just enter reality through photographs. By Thomas Demand
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Like people, a picture has a skeleton, muscles and skin. By Paul Klee
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Pictures are not incidental frills to a text; they are essences of our distinctive way of knowing. By Stephen Jay Gould
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Just give me a thousand words and you may make your own pictures. By Erica Goros
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I have looked at so many photographs, I can not see them anymore. By Michael Heizer
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My pictures are not that interesting, nor the subject matter. They are simply a collection of facts; my book is more like a collection of Ready-mades. By Edward Ruscha
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If a picture is good, it tells many different stories. By Josef Koudelka
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Through pictures, we can imagine and visualize the reflection of the beauties which our eyes can't see. By Debasish Mridha
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A photograph is not merely a substitute for a glance. It is a sharpened vision. It is the revelation of new and important facts. By Sid Grossman
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Which is my best picture? The one I will do tomorrow. By Imogen Cunningham
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I can't say what makes a picture. I can't say. It's mysterious. By Harry Callahan
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A photograph is worth a thousand words, provided it is accompanied by only ten words. By Edward Steichen
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photographs at my grandmother's house - her By Rysa Walker
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Life is a picture to be taken. By Ben Tolosa
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To me, pictures are like blintzes - ya gotta get 'em while they're hot. By Weegee
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A picture is worth a thousand texts. By Melissa De La Cruz
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A picture is worth 10K words - but only those to describe the picture. Hardly any sets of 10K words can be adequately described with pictures. By Alan Perlis
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I am interested in being in pictures that I would like to see. By Burt Lancaster
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I like form and shape and strength in pictures. By Herb Ritts
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A picture is like a prayer. By Harry Callahan
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We do not make photographs with our cameras. We make them with our minds, with our hearts, with our ideas. By Arnold Newman
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I try with my pictures to raise a question, to provoke a debate, so that we can discuss problems together and come up with solutions. By Sebastiao Salgado
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You don't take a photograph, you make it. By Ansel Adams
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Photographs open doors into the past, but they also alloq a look into the future By Sally Mann
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Come on. We gotta let this baby go and get some pictures. By M. Leighton
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Everyone takes pictures, so you need to have your own opinion. By Rene Burri
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Photographs trade simultaneously on the prestige of art and the magic of the real. By Susan Sontag
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A word is worth a thousand pictures. By Elie Wiesel
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I strive for individual pictures that will burn in people's memories. By Steve Mccurry
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I don't take good pictures 'cause I have the kind of beauty that moves. By Ani Difranco
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A photo is always a kind of lie. Truth is only present for a matter of a fraction of a second. By Rineke Dijkstra
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Most photographs, to me, are description, but they lack insight. By Duane Michals
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A picture does a great job, but it's not nearly like being there. By Neil Armstrong
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use one or both of your pictures By Phil White
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A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever. By Raghu Rai
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You just have to live and life will give you pictures. By Henri Cartier-Bresson
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Facts cling to photographs like dust. By Andy Grundberg
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I try to make pictures I would want to see. By John Lasseter
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What can be proved by a photograph, can never be by a word. By T.a
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The camera photographs what's there. By Jack Nicholson
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Pictures can live in one's memory. That's why they are important. By Jesse Jackson
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When I make a picture, I make love. By Alfred Stieglitz
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Pictures of the corners of life that no one else saw. By Victoria Dahl
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Photographs can reveal something to us, and they can also conceal things. By Errol Morris
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I sometimes like the pictures photographers take of me. By Sidney Poitier
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I often try to photograph things about a person that are not visible. By Duane Michals
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Photographs capture only the moments; but since every moment is very important in human life, every photo is also very important! By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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To me, pictures are about memory. By Joe Mcnally
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My photographs recall the memories of the human race. By John Coplans
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My pictures are my eyes. I photograph what I see - and what I want to see. By Mario Testino
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I just love to take pictures. By Cecilia Roth
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a picture is worth a thousand words. By Belle Ami
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Pictures are wasted unless the motive power which impelled you to action is strong and stirring. By Berenice Abbott
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Photographed images do not seem to be statements about the world so much as pieces of it, miniatures of reality that anyone can make or acquire By Susan Sontag
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I have a vision of life, and I try to find equivalents for it in the form of photographs. By Alfred Stieglitz
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Authenticity is too big a subject to just toss in with the question about the photographs! By Rachel Kushner
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Poetic and speculative photographs can result if one works carefully and accurately, yet letting chance relationships have full play. By Frederick Sommer
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No picture necessary. I'd recognize you, see you, anywhere. I could fill my life with you. By Mary Ann Rivers
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I'm just interested in what makes a photograph. By Mary Ellen Mark
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A photograph is an invitation to look - and to look at looking. By John Paul Caponigro
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I'm often asked: Did you get what you wanted? But how should I know what I wanted? A photo is an encounter, a surprise. By Marc Riboud
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A picture can tell a thousand words,but a few words can change it's story. By Sebastyne Young
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Photographs are believed more than words; thus they can be used persuasively to show people who have never taken the trouble to look what is there. By Eliot Porter
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However much [photographs] may lie, they do so with the raw materials of truth. By Wright Morris
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If you want to show a picture, just show it - don't spend too much time arranging it. By Peter Eisenman
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We don't take pictures with cameras, we take them with our hearts and minds. By Arnold Newman
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A picture may say a thousand words, but a word can say what only a word can say. By Vishesh Sharma
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Photographs furnish evidence. Something we hear about, but doubt, seems proven when we're shown a photograph of it. By Susan Sontag
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All things are photographable. By Garry Winogrand
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One picture will have to be enough.Just likeone daywill have to beenough. By Lisa Schroeder
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One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures. By George W. Bush
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Cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures. By Michael Lesy
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The old Internet rallying cry: pics or it didn't happen. By Mira Grant
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not as pretty as in the pictures. By Lauren Oliver
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The photograph, after all, is just a photograph. Words will determine its meaning and status. By Wright Morris
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A picture ought to be looked at the same way you look at a radiator. By Jasper Johns
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An image is better than one thousand words By Confucius
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How do you photograph data? By Rick Smolan
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Photographs are detonators. They explode in us. We are the gaze as well as the gazed-at. The observer and the observed. By Edmundo Desnoes
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I'm not particular. I don't have favourite pictures. By William Eggleston
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These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you. By Cassandra Clare
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A photograph is a souvenir of life! By Deborah Smith
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My pictures are airbrushed. By Cindy Margolis
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My best Pictures are the ones I don't understand. By Roger Ballen
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A picture is never anything but its own plural description. By Roland Barthes
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Pictures help you to form the mental mold. By Robert Collier
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There are no reasons for my photographs, nor any rules; all depends on the mood of the moment. By Jeanloup Sieff
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Emotion or feeling is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that is is just a trick. By Christopher Anderson
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Photographs, it seems to me, are both moments in time and bits of memory. By Craig Lancaster
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It is no more easy to make a good picture than it is to find a diamond or a pearl. It means trouble and you risk your life for it. By Vincent Van Gogh
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The only objective truth that photographs offer is the assertion that somebody or something ... was somewhere and took a picture. By Allan Sekula
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If you get one photograph that's good from a trip, that's plenty. By Todd Hido
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