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Nowhere? I don't know where that is By Jorge Silva Rodighiero
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You Go Where You Place Your Energy By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
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I like most any place if I have Internet access. By Tao Lin
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Laundromats ... like a waiting room for people who didn't go anywhere By Ken Bruen
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My main place is in Switzerland, but I live on a plane, really. By Christopher Lambert
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somewhere not exactly close, but in Max's house By Kristen Ashley
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Between nowhere in particular and somewhere less than distinct. By Kate Griffin
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Down in the park with a friend called Five. By Charles Stross
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There.I'm not exactly sure where there is, but by the way he says it, I know it's not a place you'd want to be. By Gayle Forman
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My Becca's home. By Jay Mclean
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But where do you go to get away from what's always there? By J.d. Robb
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A place for everything, everything in its place. By Benjamin Franklin
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The place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking. By Mooji
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In yourself right now is all the place you've got. By Flannery O'connor
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Everywhere you can find sick people! By Deyth Banger
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Home is wherever I'm with you By Anonymous
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In the kitchen, the machine By Nicholas Sparks
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The theatre, which is my most comfortable place, unfortunately it's very hard to make a living in. By Kevin Conroy
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A place like the meadow in the song I sang to Rue as she died. Where Peeta's child could be safe. By Suzanne Collins
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Place means nothing to me. I can be at home anywhere. By Jonas Mekas
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Home is where my mom is. By Brittany Murphy
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Here, there, and everywhere-an opinionated riddle. By Mary Downing Hahn
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There really is no place like the one you find between the pages of a book. The only place that comes close is in the arms of the person you love. By Emma Hart
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the front door of our apartment, By James Patterson
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Seattle, Washington. By Sarah Mayberry
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Somewhere where people aren't so mad would be nice, but I don't know if there is anywhere like that. By Elliott Smith
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in the closet to grab a Sunday school By Tina Fey
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Tell me where do whores go? By George R R Martin
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Down Where the Drunkards Roll." "How By Ian Rankin
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At the end of every road you meet yourself. By S. N. Behrman
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I always like to find those little mom-and-pop sandwich places, or diners. Those are my favorite kind of places. By Billy Gardell
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I look for places like me: big, hollow, forgotten by most everyone. By Jodi Picoult
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There are places where it is easy to see, places of illumination, where one moves into illumined states of attention. By Frederick Lenz
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Place is the greatest thing, as it contains all things. By Thales
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A place is an area within an environment that has been altered in such a way to make the general environment more conspicuous. By Carl Andre
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I've got to have a place where I can find peace of mind. By Princess Diana
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Wherever you're coaching or playing right now is the Big Time By Chip Kelly
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Where have you been all of your life? By Brian Spellman
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The places where water comes together with other water. Those places stand out in my mind like holy places. By Raymond Carver
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in a still, delicious room, with the summer morning sunshine By Frances Hodgson Burnett
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What is home but a place where you are truly known? By Justin Cronin
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The Rue du Coq d'Or, Paris, seven in the morning. By George Orwell
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Museums, I love museums. By Tony Randall
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Location pertains to feelings - feelings are bound up in place. By Eudora Welty
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I met the man of my dreams at a gym, and then we got married in Vegas - because we're classy. When you meet at a gym, where else do you get married? By Megan Hilty
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The place where you continually return for love and acceptance - that's home. By Richelle E. Goodrich
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There's a mass of places, really, where the idea started. By Siobhan Davies
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My home is not a place, it is people. By Lois Mcmaster Bujold
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Home. I have no idea what that word really means. By Katie Mcgarry
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The public library is where place and possibility meet. By Stuart Dybek
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Heaven - the treasury of everlasting life. By William Shakespeare
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I have plenty of places to go, but no place to be. By Nick Flynn
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Home is wherever my books are. By Mary Beth Hall
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What is one ever doing anywhere? By Christopher Isherwood
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You have to pick the places you don't walk away from. By Joan Didion
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I have a place that I get to go to in the Bahamas. It's the only place that guarantees total anonymity and freedom. By Johnny Depp
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standing in the doorway of the kitchen. By Jodi Picoult
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At the back of my life's horizon, where the dreamings of past lives crowd. By D.h. Lawrence
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The ultimate is finding a place where you have no inhibitions, nothing to hide, where you can learn with one another. By Jennifer Aniston
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our cabin in the woods in Clare. By Nora Roberts
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Go somewhere people only dream of in their most wildest imagination. By Steven Cuoco
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In a field. With the moon.And the dark. And the dirt.With your mouth. And just one word:god god god. By Daphne Gottlieb
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the den, drinking beer and arguing over By Bernadette Y. Connor
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In solitude, when we are least alone. By Lord Byron
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Where else do you want to be kissed? By Lee Nichols
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As a wise man once said: Wherever you go, there you are. By Mike Brady
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My house. It's kind of eccentric. It's two decades worth of accumulated personal projects. Yeah, it is pretty dense in my house. By Douglas Coupland
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Neighborhood grocery stores, coal yards, gas stations, cheap taverns, big old rundown houses, a few churches with blank embarrassed faces. By Ross Macdonald
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Where can you scream? It's a serious question: where can you go in society and scream? By R.d. Laing
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Noisy. Quiet places are the noisiest. By Heidi Ayarbe
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Turns out, not where, but who you're with that really matters. By Dave Matthews Band
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When I write, I imagine places more than people. By Paula Hawkins
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My practice is "nowhere", my opinion is here. By Henry David Thoreau
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In St. Petersburg, the most abstract and intentional city on the entire globe. (Cities and be intentional or unintentional. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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The greatest place you can be is in a person's thoughts and prayers. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best have gone to their eternal rest. By Edgar Allan Poe
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in Staten Island. It By James Patterson
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Wherever people go to find peace - that's what I find in the ocean. By Willow Aster
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My home is not a place; it's people. By Rae Carson
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In this house, speaking and thinking By David Baldacci
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Sacred space in whichTo distil, like amber,The best of your love. By Scott Hastie
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Anywhere everywhere! Anything anyhow! just dance! By Rajneesh
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To a terrible place which men's ears may not hear of, nor their eyes see it. By Sophocles
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in a dinner at our house that weekend. By Dario Ciriello
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People belong wherever they feel good. It can be a lot of different places. For a lot of different reasons. By Robyn Carr
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In what country is there a place for people like me? By Andrew Ryan
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in the sweltering attic, and By Elin Hilderbrand
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Party at in my mind, you're place sucks By Brooke Bida
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There are always places to go, By Emma Cline
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There are not many places that I find it more agreeable to revisit, when I am in an idle mood, than some places to which I have never been. By Charles Dickens
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Toronto Sydney New Delhi By Jennifer Weiner
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Home's the most excellent place of all. By Neil Diamond
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benediction. Below the window, on one of the bastioned By Anthony Doerr
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In every place where man is ignorant and despairing, in every place where woman is sold for bread, wherever the child suffers for lack By Victor Hugo
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Where ever you are at a secific time is where you are suposed to be! By Malachi Z. York
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Where are you supposed to go when you no longer feel welcome in the places you turned to because you didn't feel welcome anywhere else? By Laura Jane Grace
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in her pocket for By Guido Henkel
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into my back pocket. By Helen Klein Ross
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I like places where you can dance to crazy music, like Bedlam or Eastern Bloc in the East Village. By Nicola Formichetti
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