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shorn their heads By Joseph Smith Jr.
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Feather by feather the goose is plucked. By John Ray
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The razorous shoulder blades sawing under the pale skin. By Cormac Mccarthy
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Hee that comes of a hen must scrape. By George Herbert
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It's very liberating to cut your hair. By Pamela Anderson
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Plowboy, Dick, who sometimes came into our field to pluck blackberries from By Anna Sewell
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Never trust a guy who plucks his eyebrows. By Robert Pattinson
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Don't cut your nose off yourself. By Casey Stengel
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on. I'm getting cold.' Clutching the pluckers, I call her. 'Right, By Matt Rudd
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I cut my own hair. I got sick of barbers because they talk too much. And too much of their talk was about my hair coming out. By Robert Frost
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If I shave, I don't have a chin anymore. By Casey Abrams
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My eyebrows could do with a trim. By Arthur Smith
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A thorn can only be extracted if you know where it is. By Rabindranath Tagore
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Ground, impaled on the trunk of a tree that has been shaved down to the point of By James Patterson
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The art of plucking the goose without making it cry out has been developed to a high state of perfection at the hands of the war makers. By Frederic C. Howe
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When the honey's out of the comb, there's no putting it back. By Robert Jordan
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smeared a balm over the end of it. By Deborah Challinor
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Bury the hatchet, but leave the handle sticking out. By Garth Brooks
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I never wear pigtails, I wear plaits. By Emma Watson
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Don't cut off your nose yourself. By Casey Stengel
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I shave my head & shape my beard myself By Banky W.
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Never cut what you can untie By Joseph Joubert
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had a smattering of chest hair that looked By Dana Marton
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I made the first cut razor thin. A gentle kiss on virgin skin. By Madeleine Kuderick
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Free from passion and desire, you have stripped the thorns from the stem. By Gautama Buddha
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How the fuck do you keep your hair like that? I look like a hedgehog's been humping my skull. By James S.a. Corey
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Sever the edge between before and after. By Takuan Soho
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I know I'm going to shred the skin off your face and turn it into hair ribbons. By Alexandra Bracken
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To kill weeds, you must pull them up at the roots, By Stephen Kinzer
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A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots. By Pierce Brown
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I secretly want to shave my head. By Zendaya
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It was a bowl cut, the hairstyle for someone who doesn't grasp respectable haircuts but suddenly has to have one. By David S. Atkinson
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Where did you get your haircut, the pet shop? By Henny Youngman
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jaw. He examined his morning beard, pulling the loose skin this way By Ken Follett
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And with a great pull, I rip out the tongue of the Jackal. By Pierce Brown
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remove the speck from your By Anonymous
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Bend when you must. Pull when you must. Both are an offering. When you bend, be at peace; when you pull, do so gently. By Maureen Moss
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Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that By Rumi
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Slice and Dice, Slice and Dice By Michael Grant
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What is plucked will grow again, What is slain lives on, What is stolen will remainWhat is gone is gone. By Peter S. Beagle
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the wrinkled sleeve of the head By Henri Cole
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The scissors cut the long-grown hair; The razor scrapes the remnant fuzz. Small-jawed, weak-chinned, big-eyed, I stare At the forgotten boy I was. By John Updike
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If you have any shame, forbear to pluck the beard of a dead lion. By Martial
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Pruned my subconscious. Discovered new shoots. By Sally Jo Martine
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what would you call this haircut?"arthur. By George Harrison
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Push out a bayonet. If it strikes fat, push deeper. If it strikes iron, pull back for another day. By Robert Harris
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Simple, like uncarved wood. By Laozi
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Smooth out with wine the worries of a wrinkled brow. By Horace
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I have to shave you Angel. I love your curly bush but it's getting in my teeth. By Jordan Silver
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If the splitter of hairs has a sharp enough knife, the fact of life itself can be chopped into nothing. By Gore Vidal
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lift, not even for an instant, as she runs a comb through my By Veronica Roth
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Don't be sharp or flat; just be natural. By Willie Stargell
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No barber shaves so close but another finds worke. By George Herbert
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The good Husbandman may pluck His rose & gather in His lily. By Samuel Rutherford
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I've never had my brows done - I tweeze them myself. I used to watch my mom pluck her brows, that's how I learned. By Emmy Rossum
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I wanted to ruffle this man's pretty feathers. Then I wanted to pluck them out and make a fancy headband. By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
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You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. By Cheryl Strayed
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Oh, the testosterone. You could have cut it with a cafeteria spoon. By Lilith Saintcrow
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I've tried to have a regular haircut, but it just pops back up again, so this is the way it's going to be. By Rod Stewart
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Someone's magic was cleaving. By Susan Dennard
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Pluck my heartFrom my fleshAnd eat it..... By Robert Cormier
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I like Dr.Ducks Ax Wax ... By Joe Beck
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What is that hair? So yesterday. By Carly Fiorina
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The barberry berry sticks on the small hedge,cold slits the same crease in the finger,the same thorn hurts. The leaf repeats the lesson. By Robert Lowell
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You can't play hockey with a bald spot, so I'm hanging up the skates. By Joe Sakic
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You never cut it. By Kristen Ashley
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From an evil dog be glad of a handful of hairs. By Alexander Pushkin
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I hate having my hair cut so I try not to. By Leona Lewis
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in each shave lies a philosophy. By Haruki Murakami
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The world's all razors, that cut you no matter what you do. By Ann Aguirre
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Do not remove the kinks from your hairremove them from your brain. By Marcus Garvey
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The method preferred by most balding men for making themselves look silly is called the comb over. By Dave Barry
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Don't overpluck your eyebrows. A make-up artist told me this once, and I've always remembered it. By Lily Cole
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Rip yourself open. Sew yourself shut. By Chuck Palahniuk
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You'd be surprised what I can do with a butter knife. By S.l. Wallace
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There's no getting blood out of a turnip. By Frederick Marryat
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If you were mine, I'd make you pierce it, just because, By S.e. Jakes
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Creep, clobber, squawk. Repeat. By Elizabeth Kolbert
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I cry because I don't have the upper-arm strength to flatiron my hair. I By Helen Ellis
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Love pull your sore ribs in. I will pull your tangles out. By Sara Quin
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A moustache to a man is the same as a fringe is to a woman. When you've got it, you want to grow it out; when you've grown it out, you want to cut it. By Billy Childish
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Sure I'm cut but not for the sake of vanity ... By Dean Karnazes
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It's important for me to have strong hair in case someone pulls it and tries to rip it all out. By Troy Polamalu
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You drop my name again, I'll hunt you down and cut off everything that protrudes from your body. You get me? By Kristen Ashley
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Comb your immaturity if you want to grow. By Kishore Bansal
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The Mach3 - leaving hundreds of millions of people to a more painful daily battle with stubble.19 By James C. Collins
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Fresh curls spring from the baldest brow. There is nothing inorganic. By Henry David Thoreau
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A pin has a head, but has no hair By Christina Rossetti
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The cut worm forgives the plow By William Blake
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One could not pluck a flower without troubling a star. By Loren Eiseley
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The Brazilian bikini wax is torture. To show a little appreciation, you could trim your nose hair. And your nut sack. By Kathryn Hahn
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A face that looked like it had been whittled out of driftwood. By Chelsea Cain
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A good picture, any picture, has to be bristling with razor blades. By Pablo Picasso
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I went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, combed my hair. If I could only comb that face, I thought, but I can't. By Charles Bukowski
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I don't pull, I just receive. By Lenny Kravitz
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Of a pigs taile you can never make a good shaft.[Of a pig's tail you can never make a good shaft.] By George Herbert
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I don't like the way my hair looks, so we're going to do the whole show over. By Greg Gutfeld
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Make it like a sunflower. By Steve Jobs
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If I make a move, like raise my eyebrows, some critic says I'm doing Nicholson. What am I supposed to do, cut off my eyebrows? By Christian Slater
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Today one may pluck out one's very heart and not find it. By Franz Kafka
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