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Any noseMay ravage with impunity a rose. By Robert Browning
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lagophthalmos - a By John Connolly
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You put umph in triumph By Sarah Kennedy
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Ptah? son of ptooey? What is he god of spitting? i asked By Rick Riordan
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I smell varmint poontang. And the only good varmint poontang is dead varmint poontang, I think. By Bill Murray
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Ankh-Morpork, the melting pot of the world, which occasionally runs foul of lumps that don't melt. By Terry Pratchett
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A squalid phantasmagoria of breath By F Scott Fitzgerald
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Hermann Buhl with K2. First By James M. Tabor
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Plunderous is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit. By Bradley Chicho
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Pluto's pauldrons," Reyna cursed. By Rick Riordan
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occasional puke puddle. By James Patterson
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S called a lute," said Caleb, through a mouthful of walrus."Whut?""IT'S CALLED A LUTE, HAMISH!""Aye, I used to loot! By Terry Pratchett
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A Puritan is someone who is desperately afraid that, somewhere, someone might be having a good time. By H.l. Mencken
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Tell me what it is, or prepare to eat harpoon. By Lemony Snicket
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No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillionShine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear, Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion. By Gerard Manley Hopkins
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The universe is permeated with the odor of turpentine! By Peter Tork
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Peeta bakes. I hunt. Haymitch drinks until the liquor runs out. By Suzanne Collins
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Food of Acheron. (Grave.)[Lat., Pabulum Acheruntis.] By Plautus
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Maktub" (It is written.) By Paulo Coelho
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wup-wup-wup" - Pil and Popo By H.r. Willaston
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Your storm, Thlayli-rah. Use it. By Richard Adams
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Papilio stomachus: fragile creatures, vulnerable to forst and betrayal. By Laini Taylor
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. By Veronica Roth
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Fenugreek, Tuesday's spice, when the air is green like mosses after rain. By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Purple lilies Dante blew To a larger bubble with his prophet breath. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Hyacinth. Please forgive me. By Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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Bacchus, that first from out the purple grapeCrush'd the sweet poison of misused wine. By John Milton
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Crush the infamous thing! By Voltaire
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Solution: Winchester. By Jim Butcher
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Post tot naufragia portus, which translates as "After so many shipwrecks, a haven. By Belinda Jones
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The black hardrubber bathtub stopper at the Parker house. By Robert Lowell
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The bitter dregs of Fortune's cup to drain. By Homer
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Purgatory is where you unwrite the book of your life story By Chuck Palahniuk
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Fratricide in a single fit of pique, project the garden now. By David Mitchell
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There are dark, hard, cherty silt-stones from some deep ocean trench full of rapidly accumulating Pennsylvanian guck. By John Mcphee
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porcini-asparagus By James Patterson
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That sounds like bulshytt! By Neal Stephenson
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I didn't feel so bad about the myrrh, because I've never been quite certain what it is. By Hugh Laurie
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To pile Pelion upon Olympus.[Lat., Pelion imposuisse Olympo.] By Horace
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How do you explain plastic to a medieval forest bard? By Jefferson Smith
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What's in that pipe that he's smoking? By Arlo Guthrie
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piece of Turkey carpet By J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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Sir Pherozeshah had seemed to me like the Himalaya, the Lokamanya like the ocean. But Gokhale was as the Ganges. By Mahatma Gandhi
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I am the Walrus... By John Lennon
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I like a good pompadour. By Brian Setzer
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Come, my faux juggernaut, my nefarious loins! Slather every protuberance with arid zeal! By Cassandra Clare
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Wer rastet, rostet - what rests, rusts. By Manil Suri
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Life! What Inscrutable Card Shall Ye Throw Next Upon the Soft Felt of Our Days? By Colson Whitehead
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Seek on high bare trailsSky-reflecting violets...Mountain-top jewels By Basho Matsuo
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wankers snorting By Mark Edwards
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I'm not a phsyco I just like phsycotic things By Gerard Way
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hydra of revolution, By Leo Tolstoy
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Cruddy Mouthbreather By Holly Black
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A plant similar to sorrel. The leaf can be chewed up and applied By Erin Hunter
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The fire of love is the best purifier. By Debasish Mridha
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Who is this repulsive dwarf? By Kim Hunter
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Anon out of the earth a fabric huge Rose, like an exhalation. By John Milton
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I put a Phrygian cap on the old dictionary. By Victor Hugo
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Then came the pak-pak-pak of DeVontay's rifle. By Scott Nicholson
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Moscow ... how many strains are fusing in that one sound, for Russian hearts! what store of riches it imparts! By Alexander Pushkin
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It's time to P-A-R-T-Why? Because I gotta! By Jim Carrey
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Silenus or Nymphs and By C.s. Lewis
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primicerius? He was young, it was By Donna Woolfolk Cross
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Purify, Purify. Purify thy sacred soul. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Austere perseverance, hash and continuous ... rarely fails of its purpose, for its silent power grows irresistible greater with time. By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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Thirst, for who in the time of innocence would have drunk without being athirst? Nay, sir, it was drinking; for privatio praesupponit habitum. By Francois Rabelais
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They say pu$$y and paper is poetry power and pistols. By Tupac Shakur
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Heady rivuletsUnlike the swollen riverWill crack and blacken By Martha Robach
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Sathya, Dharma, Shanghai and prema are the hall-marks of a purified heart, a heart where God is enshrined and is manifest. By Sathya Sai Baba
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Myrrh (Arabic, "bitter") was used for the healing of wounds and bruises. Myrrh was also a symbol of self-sacrifice. [329] By Marianna Bartold
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river, small green flames, red flames, white flames, pursuing, By Joseph Conrad
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passacaglia by the old master Buxtehude. By Hermann Hesse
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coltish-looking, By H.w. Brands
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All powerful money gives birth and beauty.[Lat., Et genus et formam regina pecunia donat.] By Horace
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I feel just like a purple Pikmin. By Reggie Fils-Aime
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The loamy perfumeOf ferns, rain, earth, flees beforeMister poopie pants By Josh Lerman
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What see you in the horizon's bruised smearThat cannot be blotted outBy your raised hand? By Steven Erikson
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An unedified palate is the irrepressible cloven foot of the upstart. The By Thomas Hardy
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My petal. Westminster's toy had tea issues. Thank Biffy and Lyall. Toodle pip. A. By Gail Carriger
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What hempen homespuns have we swaggering here ... By William Shakespeare
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Morozova's stag. Rusalye. The firebird. Legends come to life before my eyes, just to die in front of me. By Leigh Bardugo
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Rhine. The river that, somewhere out there, has broken free. By Lauren Destefano
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What river can flood over the mountains of your love? By Sorin Cerin
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Krasivaya. It means beautiful, but with strength. Unique. By Ruta Sepetys
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Martyred plants from their shrouds. Their mouths By Rumi
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A pard-like spirit, beautiful and swift. By Percy Bysshe Shelley
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The Infusion of a China plant sweetened with the pith of an Indian Cane. By Joseph Addison
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It was like washing down a bucket of peyote with a vatful of absinthe. By Warren Ellis
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The Federal Department of Odds and Ends: sweepus underum carpetae. By Shaun Tan
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Good strong thick stupefying incense-smoke! By Robert Browning
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... Pfiffikus, whose vulgarity made Rosa Hubermann look like a wordsmith and a saint. By Markus Zusak
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And what can still delight an inert stone except to become, once more, the bed of a raging torrent? By Julien Gracq
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Wings of PURIFICATION By L.j.smith
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Sloth is all passions the most powerful. By Samuel Beckett
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Walmart suddenly smells like a prosti-tot pageant. By Fanny Merkin
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We had sweated the labor, the pilgramige. Now we wanted the blessing. By Ted Hughes
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Easy there, Smurfette. By Larissa Ione
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winter plumbnot plumb By Geof Huth
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Elsewhere called the Strom Thurmond Maneuver.) Pujols of course blamed Beli for everything. Sat in the office of the rector and By Junot Diaz
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We have a no puke rule. The purpose is performance, not puking. By Jeff Galloway
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